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[personal profile] watersword is deeply awesome and I adore her. She comes with pretty cool friends, too.

Happy Halloween! If you haven't already seen it, go watch Zombie Jamboree. Also, fic where Adam is a zombie, and fic where Tommy is a vampire. They are both excellent, because [personal profile] blue_soaring is one of the best Adam/Tommy authors out there.

I continue in my struggle to figure out how to stop procrastinating and actually get my work done. Signs are not good. But I absolutely love my life right now, so that's okay.

On a less happy note: Okay, now Glee is just FUCKING with me. So much potential for awesome, so much fail in execution! The only good thing to come out of that is the fact that I've now heard Anthony Head singing Sweet Transvestite. Dynamite. (I had known he played the role, but I knew that back before I had seen any Buffy, so I didn't care)
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[livejournal.com profile] help_haiti! Go here to snag a $25 Nordstrom gift card on the cheap, or here to bid on my beta services.


A very brief moment of pissiness in my life: Sarah Connor Chronicles just created a transgender character only to kill her off within the hour to further Sarah's personal development. Grrr. Then, just to make that even better, I had to go a brief round of conversation with C- you know how it goes, when you go four or five dialog exchanges and they keep saying "he" and you keep saying "she" and hoping the other person catches on? Until you finally actually say something? And then they say "He is a he and I'm going to call him that!"

And then, in this case, I say "I don't want to have this argument," and give a little moment of silent thanks that I can, you know, decide not to have the argument and move on.

Oh, Sarah Connor Chronicles, up until the middle of this season you so clearly loved me and wanted me to be happy- do better?
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The lj big bosses are being stupid again. Raise your hand if surprised. Full rundown, with linakage, at [livejournal.com profile] synecdochic's here.

This time? Removing the "unspecified" gender option and making gender mandatory at signup. I'm going to assume I don't need to go on at length about the at least three reasons this is really fucking annoying at best, discriminatory and marginalizing at worst? Right, good.

Please consider doing some or all of the following:
1. Changing your gender to "unspecified"
2. Sending feedback (sample here)
3. Signal-boosting

ETA: Dude, that was fast. This change will not go live.

In happier news, everybody with even the slightest affection for Christmas music needs to watch this embed under cut )
I have an itty-bitty crush on the dreidel guy.
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Fail #1: Amazon Rank. (Thought #1: Never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence. Thought number 2: The particular implementation of the "adult content" policy is ridiculous beyond words, but why are so few people complaining about the fact that they have such a policy at all? #3: If you do have an adult content screening system, the way to do it is to remove those items at the search level, not to fuck with your underlying database, especially not a database that has such a huge impact. That's just... *hunts for words* bad stewardship. #4: Man, they had better bend over backwards figuring out how this happened and reversing this policy and apologizing to authors and readers and EVERYONE and just kissing ass and begging for their reputation back)

Fail #2: Spent all day fixing my electrical system and freaking out because I thought I would have to pay $100 for a repair guy which I could not afford. Dodged that bullet, but my complete and total money panic is getting old.

Win #1: Dad called my uncle and had him deliver me an easter basket this morning. Swear to god, an easter basket. With a bunny. No joke. *glow*

Win #2: Paul Davis! I rec this fic/meta thing to make up for the Davis fic that I have failed to write for a week straight now because of all the various technical failures in my life. Oh, and also: John Sheppard plays Lube/not lube (post plus comment fic)

Win #3: I am name-squatting at Dreamwidth, not yet using. Decisions about journal importing and such to be made when I actually have a computer again. No, that's a lie. When I have an actual computer again I will watch a shitload of TV, spent a solid day playing Rome: Total War or Civ 4 or something, and then try again to write some fic. Then I'll think about it.
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In which our heroine whines )

It is truly astonishing that the Great Fail of '09 is still going on. I haven't said anything for a variety of reasons (I'm a clueless white girl; I don't personally know anybody so I'd be just another voice going "me too"; I'm just damn well embarrassed on the part of the SFF establishment at this point; yadda). But, seriously. So, a bullety of links and things that I would think would be so obvious as to be utterly non-controversial:

1. Outing people is bad.
2. Pseudonymous != anonymous (REALLY. When pseudonyms are stable and long-lasting and serve as a person's unique identifier in a community, and when community standards demand that a person take responsibility for things said and done under that pseudonym, that is not anonymity by any reasonable definition)
3. Before this became the Great Outing Soap Opera, let's not forget that there sure was a lot of fail on the race and cultural appropriation front. [livejournal.com profile] deepad's Reappropriating my man remains my favorite post from this phase of the Fail.
4. Elizabeth Bear's behavior (especially this post) is like a master class in How To Fuck Up An Apology. (Wait, you apologized because you wanted to seem non-racist, rather than actually being one, but if anyone implies that you were actually in the wrong rather than showering you with cookies, screw them? And it seemed like a good idea to you to admit this on your lj?)
5. [livejournal.com profile] cofax7's post On the Sudden Onset of Pantslessness is probably the post I most needed to read here. By which I mean it's the one that made me feel the urge to get defensive, which, in discussions like this, is a pretty good sign that you (meaning me) need to think hard. I link to it in that spirit.
6. That said, after watching all this unfold, I will never again say "I just don't have an embarrassment squick."


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