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I left fandom for a couple months (because of my AMAZING SUMMER JOB OMG) so of course I missed Space Girl by [personal profile] charmax until now. It is, of course, an amazing vid. It's basically the entire history of televised science fiction as seen through the lens of female characters, with all the kitch and tropes and awesomeness and awe that suggests. Amazing.

Speaking of which.

On Friday, this happened for the last time.

in which I am sentimental, also tl;dr )

Everyone -- EVEYONE -- who feels even the smallest fraction of what I do about this needs to go watch To Touch the Face of God by [livejournal.com profile] destina, and good luck to the Atlantis crew for their safe return home.
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Because I would be remiss if I didn't pass it on, The Periodic Table of Storytelling. There should totally be some kind of random-element-generator prompt meme, Y/N?

Via [personal profile] cofax7, the Guardian is doing some kind of SF thing.

Calvin & Hobbes futurefic gets me right where I live. Have Hobbes and Bacon part one and two.

Aliens, zombies, and plauges, oh my )

And the life update )
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If you read George RR Martin's Game of Thrones, or if you watched the first episode of the miniseries, or if you have even contemplated doing either one, [personal profile] hth's meta is absolutely non-optional required reading. It's long but articulate and amazing, and includes an explanation of the consistent ethical stance and worldview of the series, meta on the characters of Drogo, Daenerys, and Cersei, the society of Westeros vs. the Dothraki, issues of institutionalized rape and consent, and (obviously), That Scene.

It's really really good.
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Linkspam appreciates George R R Martin )

Borgias, which you should watch )

Question for fandom at large: You will soon be providing me massive amounts of kinky intense conflicted unbearably loyal fucked up Cesare/Michelotto porn, right? I can't be the only one wanting this.
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So Muskrat Jamboree was awesome. I know it was days ago now, but I'm so busy I can hardly cope and haven't even done the post-con round of friending (hopefully tonight). But. It was great meeting you all! I shall try to look you up! I was surprised by how many people I recognized from BP last year, and even from Wincon before that. The slash-con-going world is pretty small, and people are so fantasically nice even to someone who is basically a lurker. I love it.

The vidshow was fantastic, especially the Harry Potter vid We're Marching On, which made the con collectively bawl like babies.

Gender issues in fic panel was also excellent. Recs should hopefully be here, including a couple trans fic recs from me.

AO3 has subscriptions now! Thank God. With fandom splintering off lj this last few years, I've been having a harder and harder time getting to know people and finding fic. Anyway, I haven't written in ages and my WIP list is basically a fond and wistful dream, but I am a lemming:

I'm at faviconDragoJustine and fandoms you may possibly see someday if I ever write again (damn law school) are Inception, Adam Lambert, and SG1!

For the record, I shall be in DC this summer and have a place to sublet in NYC. Just... putting that out into the fanosphere.
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So I'm looking for someplace to live in DC over the summer, and it's tough. The problem, basically, is that a commute of longer than 45 minutes seems completely inhumane to me. Plus, it seems inconceivable to live someplace that doesn't have, with a roughly five-block radius, a subway stop, at least three different kinds of restaurants (at least one 24-hour delivery), two bars, a drugstore, and a basic grocery store (also 24 hours). And this is a bare minimum, you understand, much less than where I'm living now. Plus, I keep looking at possible addresses in google maps satellite view, and it turns out that seeing expanses of parking lots now makes me a little bit sick to my stomach.

I have reached the somewhat distressing conclusion: I can never, ever, move away from New York. In less than nine months, this city has ruined me. I mean, this is DC I'm trying to move to, it's not like I'm going back to Texas or something. But still. Parking lots everywhere. That's just... terrible.


Mar. 22nd, 2011 09:44 pm
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Watch this. No, really, watch it. )
(Yes, right, "Justine is a sucker for a counter-tenor," I know, I know, what else is new. But the video editing is awesome too!)
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I have not been around. I miss you all. Will be at Muskrat Jamboree in two weeks, if anyone else on my flist will be? Limited participation in fandom due to serious and mounting procrastiation problem and associated guilt.

San Francisco )

Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Live CD just hit today (and you can listen online). I feel a little ridiculous about being the sort of fangirl who pays $17 for a CD of songs I not only already have, but already purchased, but apparently that is the type of fangirl I am. I just desperately needed a good sound quality copy of 20th Century Boy, because my favorite current artist covering my favorite song from one of my favorite movies (because it's his favorite song from his favorite movie too)? That is the stuff fangirl flail is made of.

Have a fic rec: I love slave fic. I can't help it. I love it- I love the ones that are modern day AU and the ones that are pseudo-historical. I love the crazy-BDSM-institutions ones and the sex slavery ones and the regular old not-sex-specific slavery ones. I love the ones with angsty morally tormented owners and the ones with oblivious owners. I love the ones that are contractual and voluntary and the ones that are outright non-con and the ones that are sappy slow-build falling-in-love dealing-with-the-dubcon ones. So I give you Patience, a Steady Hand, by Helenish. It's the best kind of pseudo-historical, cheerfully anachronistic but detailed and immersive, and it's got the most amazing slow build and fascinating characters and a happy ending that made me sniffly.
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My roommate just posted an incredibly passive-agressive sheet of paper on the fridge labeled "Clean Kitchen Rules." My anger at this is entirely disproportionate because I am just so sick of living with her, so I'm choosing to soothe myself by hunting through my history and posting more recs. Oh, and oogling Tommy Joe. (Deep breaths, Justine. Deep breaths)

First, just one for White Collar (not because there isn't great stuff there, but I've seen very few that strike me as different): Never Leave A Trace by [personal profile] sam_storyteller, which is an absolutely haunting bit of magical realism. It's meaty and fascinating and powerful and certainly different enough to satisfy me.

Sherlock and Inception )
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So, Johnny Weir finally came out, eh? (And the internet gets so predictably sarcastic)

I adore [personal profile] watersword forever for showing me this (and also every other clip of him singing on YouTube). Joseph Gordon-Levitt, people: my new fannish boyfriend. ADORABLE. OMG. CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH.

Year round-up )

Yuletide recs )

Babbling about movies, just for my own keeping-track purposes )
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Yuletide reveal! Am woefully behind on posting- just want to thank [livejournal.com profile] philomytha for my fantastic Vorkosigan fic Secrets and Lies. I was assigned Mythbusters for [personal profile] toft which was terrifying because she's written most of the best Mythbusters fic out there.

Like Bottled Lightning
3400 words
Gen, G
Set during the pilots.

Jamie isn't good at the cameras and isn't quite sure how this thing works, but he believes in complementary talents and he can improve. )
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ETA: Yes, right, servers alive again, my meltdown over. It's the exams talking, pardon me.
Aaaack! I need to upload for Yuletide because I will be so incredibly, insanely busy tomorrow, and while my story isn't quite polished and finished I know if I take the time to polish and finish tomorrow after my torts exam I'll be trying to upload at 11pm and the servers will die and I won't be able to so I need to upload tonight except the servers are dead NOW and I have to sleep and I don't have time to upload tomorrow morning because torts exam and aaaah!

AO3, I love you so dearly. It's not your fault; Yuletide could kill any servers.

Oh god, it's Christmas in like FIVE DAYS. How awesome is that? I am SO EXCITED.
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Christmas! I got fantastic cards from [personal profile] sid and [personal profile] stultiloquentia and [personal profile] jenrose, and [personal profile] erda, who sent me a magnet, and [personal profile] squirelawrence, whose card is Classy, and [personal profile] hilarytamar, who I forgot to thank like a week ago.

I love this time of year! Thank you everybody!

School: The semester went astonishingly well. The exams... not so much. My procrastination is still a Problem (I'm doing it right now, in fact). It's all my own fault, and I will do better in Spring.

New York: Ooops, that got long )

Fail in the News: I love Sady Doyle.

Narnia: I don't have much to say about the movie (this is a lie: I have a MILLION things to say about the movie, but they're all very predictable and I said them all to [personal profile] watersword in person). Sure, much of the movie Did It Wrong, and having Caspian aged up so dramatically changes things, but. But they got Reepicheep right, and that's all I cared about.

But I did manage to find two of my old fic recs for [personal profile] watersword- the one about the magician's book, and the one that is so much more than just a threesome. (And if you ever feel the need for Problem Of Susan fic- and who doesn't?- I reccd four of those over at crack_van too)

Misc Fannish Other: Inception, mostly )
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For reasons I can't go into now, I need steampunk. I'm not remotely familiar with the genre, except for a vague impression of clockwork and velvet, and I need to know more! Does anybody have recs in any fandom, or short-length original stuff (or, for that matter, things I should watch)? Please?

ETA: Right, a reminder: Christmas cards!
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The Christmas wishlist meme- an explanation )

My list:

1. Send me a card! And let me send you one. I adore them.
2. Upload your favorite Christmas song for me. I prefer religious Christmas music (I'm a weird atheist with an emotional attachment), but I'll try anything.
3. Tell me about New York! I know some of you live near the city, and I know more of you must have experience here. What are your places? Best kept-secrets? Jogging routes, Sunday brunch spots, favorite subway busker, that not-in-the-guidebooks thing you take visitors to, that one event you go to every year, that one blog you read for local stuff? Alternatively: your favorite memory of New York, or just something you love about it. Tell me something!
4. I would love graphics for any fic I've written. People who get cover graphics for their fic are so special.
5. Speaking of graphics, I still dream of a journal header with some combination of the Enterprise, Serenity, a viper, a puddlejumper, the TARDIS, an SG-1 Stargate, and the Metallicar (because I seem to have a modes-of-transportation fetish).
6. Gift certificates for restaurants. I mean, just stuff like Subway- I like eating things I don't make.
7. I have no professional clothes, and this is soon to be a problem. Gift certificates, or advice. I know roughly what I need (a couple simple suits, some kind of sufficiently dressy shoes that aren't pumps, lots of basic blouses that I don't hate, a new good leather belt...) but I have no idea really where to get them for any kind of price I can afford. Is there a secret?
8. A wish for fandom at large: Keep writing SG1 and SGA. I know they're both off the air now, I know it'll die out eventually, just... not yet?
9. And lastly, for Christmas I want to get As on my exams. Somebody see to that, please. *g*

My address is in this filtered post. Or just drop a comment and I'll get it to you, if you want.
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I just put up the Christmas wish list and realized that it's been too long since I've updated my card list.

Poll #5193 Card list!
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 6

Who are you, and what is your mailing address?

And what's do you celebrate?

Hanukkah for me (send it fast!)
0 (0.0%)

I'm a Christian / I don't object to the cultural presumption of Christianity
3 (50.0%)

I reject your god! (But I want a shiny card anyway)
3 (50.0%)

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Adam does an encore in Amsterdam. There is nothing about that video that does not fill me with glee forever. Oh Adam.

My life right now is so astonishingly perfect and full of fun and and awesome things and wonderful people and love that I am not really quite sure how to take it all in. I expect finals will smack me around good, given that I'm a full week behind on all my classwork, but. I am trying to think of how life could be better right now, and I can't think of anything that doesn't involve a winning lotto ticket.


Nov. 18th, 2010 09:46 pm
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I missed the deadline to sign up for Muskrat Jamboree. AND I missed the deadline to sign up for SGA_santa. AND I had to skip the jdficathon months ago. Dammit, I WILL do Yuletide. It's been the highlight of my entire year for three years in a row now, and I will NOT let law school take that away from me.


Dear Yuletide Santa )

Thank you again, Yuletide writer!
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In the past 24 hours, I have:

Slept for four hours
Skipped four classes
Spent an hour trying to decide what to offer for Yuletide (still haven't actually signed up)
Listened to Tightrope thirty-seven times on loop (Janelle Monae: Hot, or hottest?)
Watched nearly the whole season of Dancing with the Stars (Jennifer Grey: Foxy, or foxiest?)
Eaten two giant bags of mini peanut butter cups
Scrubbed my bathroom top to bottom
Knitted six inches of scarf
Read 150 pages
And, finally, researched and written a ten page memo. Which is due tonight. Which I've known about for two weeks.

I have utterly lost the ability to prioritize. This is BAD.
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*Stitch and bitch lovely, very soothing, enjoyable.

*Weekend as a whole, in fact, wonderful beyond my expectations.

*I just broke out the winter sweaters and discovered I have moths. DAMMIT. I have almost no clothes that fit, and absolutely no professionally-appropriate clothes (which is about to become a hugely expensive problem in my life). I really cannot afford this.

*Because I am utterly in love with my new city, Wired's What a hundred million 311 calls reveal about New York. Because I am the sort of dork that finds urban planning fascinating.

*Law school workload has just pushed me past "frantic and terrified" and into the realm of cheerful "who gives a shit." I mean, I obviously won't get everything done, so... fine.


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