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Only 8 more days till I go home for Christmas!

Successful days of writing: 15

[livejournal.com profile] technosage  is hosting an Any-fandom Porn-paragraph-a-thon which has had tons of awesome stuff written in it already. I porned, completely failing the whole "paragraph" idea:
Heroes, Adam/Peter, walls
RPS, JDM/Jensen, daddykink

The party was exactly as I expected it to be, which is to say hellish. )
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I love Fandom. )

This post, about the differences in style between fanfic and original fic, is incredibly insightful. It comes from someone who is clearly willing to treat fanfic, e-published fic, and romance novels all as published writing worthy of serious analysis, which keeps me from going into defensive mode, and her eventual conclusions are just freakishly spot-on. Heh. We in fanfic "wallow in characters." I kind of love the phrasing of that.

In which I rant about Heroes. Spoilery for aired eps. )

In short, no matter how much Volume 2 sucked, I am still fannish about this show because I think if they pruned some deadwood (and yes, I am uncomfortable about calling most of our COCs deadwood, but the fact is that they are and that is the fault of the writers) and now that all the people we care about actually have a chance of MEETING and INTERACTING and moving in some recognizably FORWARD direction, I still think there could be a fantastic Volume 3.

Oh please.
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Just when I was starting to really enjoy this temp job, David told me that I was the smartest and most efficient temp they've had in years but their schedule just hit a lull and he doesn't think they'll have enough to keep me busy so they're probably letting me go.

Dammit. All I want is a JOB!

Tim Kring, the creator of Heroes, did an interview. And may I just say that this is the most honest, forthright, sensible, pragmatic, and humble I think I've ever heard anyone in that sort of position be? He tried to do a second season. He made some decisions that didn't work, though I can completely see why they seemed like good ideas at the time. He has listened to the reactions without defensiveness, analyzed the criticism, rethought his approach, and is willing to say "I screwed up. Volume 2 wasn't that good. I understand why, and I know how to make it better. Please stick with me," without blustering or getting mad at the fans or insisting nobody appreciates his vision.

*blows love and kisses*

I am now, suddenly, looking forward to Heroes again. It had started to seem like a chore, and now I'm so eager to see Volume 3! (Now if only Journeyman would stop seeming like a chore. I WANT to like it!)

So this picture is really really hot. Do you think it might be time I threw in the towel and stopped insisting "I only like Jeffrey Dean Morgan for his VOICE"? Or, for that matter, that I admitted that stubble is apparently not a complete and total turnoff for me anymore? Or admitted, in the interest of honesty, that there are quite a LOT of men over 40 who I find smoking hot? (Mark Harmon, here's lookin' at you). Man, I am so deprived and so obsessed recently that everything I thought I knew about my "type" has just gone out the window. I'm gonna call it... broadening my horizons. Yeah.

*goes to drool over JDM*

Random: I know that customer service is a slowly dying phenomenon in the modern world. I am of a young generation, so for the most part, I am okay with that. I don't even remember a day when you didn't pump your own gas. I am resigned to schlepping all my own luggage, even at nice hotels. But... when did groceries stores stop having people bag your groceries for you? I have had to do my own for the last three weeks. I am not even asking for help out to the car, just somebody to put them in a bag. Cause whenever I do it, I forget to double-bag the cans and I end up squishing my bagels.

Yes, I know. This is the world's smallest violin playing my sad, sad song.
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I have been mainlining TV like you wouldn't believe. Abandoned House, cause I'm not actually fannish about it and can always go back later. Deadwood and Slings and Arrows are on the backburner for shows that are still ongoing.

Chuck )

Journeyman 1 and 2 )

Heroes 1 and 2 )

And, due to [livejournal.com profile] trollprincess rambling, Wentworth Miller picspams on my flist, and Ctrl-Alt-Del's parody, I'm watching season one of Prison Break )

Dude. That was a LOT of TV to watch in like two days. Guilt now. But! It's good that I'm all caught up now. That means I can head off to Vegas, and when I get back there will be Supernatural waiting for me! It's like, Christmas and every birthday I've ever had all wrapped up in one. Seriously, I have NEVER been this excited for a Season premier. Literally never. *squees to the point of hysteria*


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