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Jan. 2nd, 2010 07:50 pm
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Happy palindrome day, all!

The writing round up (because all the cool kids are doing it):
lj-cut is very disappointed with my output )

In lieu of any kind of decade-in-review, I present to you this fantabulous chart.
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I won't do a list, since virtually everything on the fic index was written this year. I'd only done one full-length story before 2008.

Flee the navel-gazing! )
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Stayed up till 5 in the morning to get only about 2k more of Yuletide written. To be fair, [ profile] bdblack was distracting me in a sort of MASSIVE way. Still, have 4k to go. Send help.

Anybody who sees me on chat tonight is perfectly welcome to tell me, "Dammit, woman, write!" Also, you are heartily encouraged to say, "Ooh, copy and paste at me! I'll correct your typos and say helpful things!" Or perhaps that only happens in my fantasies.

[ profile] bdblack sent me cookies! A huge bag of cookies, more cookies than I can eat in a month, cookies made from three kinds of chocolate! Also a card praying for the Flying Spaghetti Monster to watch over me and protect me in his noodly appendage.

I think I'll keep him.

Look, it's a TV meme! )

Huh. You know, that's not nearly as many as I expected.
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Oh my God, Canadian politics is fucking fascinating. Seriously, the current crisis is a beautiful, beautiful thing for the political gawkers among us. It turns out that the PM of our neighbor to the north has been a brilliant, scheming, manipulative, beautifully Machiavellian tool for a really long time now. Why did nobody inform me I should be paying attention? *glees*

SGA: On the one hand, the writers sure do suck balls, don't they? On the other hand, they ship Bill Nye/Kaylee. I can't hate them, just for the awesomeness of that.

Chuck: When did this become the Weekly Adam Baldwin Feeds the Slashers Hour? Because I really approve.

Pushing Daisies: I want to find whoever wrote the "fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to stress baking" conversation and kiss them. How is this show so wonderful?

Reason to love Rachel Maddow #3,754: She has a cell phone ring tone on her site titled infrastructure porn. *hands* I am so hot for that woman.

An open letter to the SG1 fanfic community:

Dear writers,

The Air Force does not court-marshal anyone. Ever. For any reason, even sleeping with people of the same sex directly under their command. They also do not court-marital people, though I admit that's a pretty funny image and possibly more appropriate to the crime. And let's not even get started on what the plural is of that word you keep trying and failing to spell.


[ profile] wyomingnot asked my why there isn't more Daniel/Jon chan in SG1 fandom. The answer, of course, is that [ profile] synecdochic has pretty much carved out the entire niche of clone!Jack fic, such that trying to write him at all feels like stepping on her toes. But it's planted in my head, and now Daniel and Jon have taken up residence and won't shut up. Daniel is pretty regularly making beer runs for Jon, and they have these hilarious, wildly tipsy conversations about the horrors of high school a second time. Jon has taken up with the marching band, so you can imagine how amused Daniel is by that. Daniel thinks it's wonderful- like he has Jack back, back the way it was before year five when Jack pushed him away and he still doesn't know why, back when it seemed like they genuinely... had something. But poor Jon. The cracks are starting to show. I don't know how much longer he can go on like this.

Of course, all this is happening in my head, not on paper, and I will lose all the best bits if I try to write it down. But they won't shut up.

I'm back!

Dec. 1st, 2008 02:54 pm
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So, I'm home. I will NOT be catching up on the flist, because, five days! So if there is anything I should see, please do point me at it.

cut for road trip babblings )

Final mini-nano update: 17,000 words this November. I wrote 16 days of the 24 days I was at home, so that's kind of a sucky record. I made that 15,000 conservative goal (that's what an average of 500 words a day works out to), but totally missed the 20k or 25k I really wanted. But I'm really happy with what I wrote. The news to me is that I suck at writing what I SET OUT to write- I had three specific things I wanted to work on, and those are still untouched. Hmm. Now the trick is to keep up regular writing, because it makes me happy. *nod*
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So. My life exploded and I've been pretty frustrated at the amount of stuff I don't have time to do- but the majority of the problem is a huge project that needs to be finished by the 31st. I figure that is perfect timing for me to make a mini-nano commitment, right? And just when I thought [ profile] mini_nanowrimo was dead forever, [ profile] maygra posted saying it was definetely on this year. Yaay! Commitment of 500 words/day, with a personal goal of 20k (hush, don't criticize my math), which is 9k more than I've ever written in a month (hush, I am not prolific like all you astonishing people). Not written on a single project, because I'm incapable of that, but I'll do my best to concentrate on three big projects that stalled and I really want to finish.

-The "In the Beginning" AU, SPN gen (maybe minor pairings, but no incest)
-The SG1 Daniel amnesia fic
-Maybe an undisclosed CWRPS crack thing. Maybe. Or maybe SGA instead. Still debating.

I don't know how much I'll post, but I really don't want to spam y'alls flists. So I'll be making a filter, and here is your chance to express a preference.

[Poll #1285552]

ETA: I have YET to post a poll without embarrassing typos, because I keep forgetting they can't be edited. And I do, in fact, rely on editing to keep from looking like an idiot. *facepalm*
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Random writing babble )

There was no point to that other that to mock myself a little.

That said, I will not get this done before the next SPN episode. Plus, I wrote this first part as the AU setup, and now I think I'll have to revise it heavily to fit with Dean's POV and the much starker, sparser tone of the rest of the story. So... here. Have a spoilery 4x03 SPN WIP snippet (gen and this legitimately comes with no warnings yet).

May 1973 )
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You totally don't have to read the navel-gazing; just skip to the poll!

Writing navel gazing: about titles )

Anyway, I find myself curious about other people, so this is the part where I bat my eyelashes and beg you all prettily to take my polls. Please?

[Poll #1264463]

[Poll #1264464]

And anything you want to tell me in comments, of course!
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*Just watched "Birthright" (7x10) for the first time. My "I love Teal'c, but just cannot eroticize him" problem, it is GONE. That man looks like an utterly amazing kisser. Christopher Judge's lips + Jolene Blalock's lips = hot beyond the telling of it.

*Every time I watch SG1, I am stunned anew by how sexy Michael Shanks is, and by Jack and Daniel's fantastic comic timing and subtle eye-contact/eyebrow plays off each other.

*[ profile] jd_junkie wrote me "Jack and Daniel watch Wormhole X-treme together." And lo, it is adorable.

*There is a very good discussion on writing smut going on here. I disagree on one point, but not drastically. The real thing to come out of this, though, was my realization that I really WANT to write het porn, and have just been stopped by The Terminology Problem. If anybody has solutions to The Terminology Problem, I would love to hear them. *sigh*

*I am continuing to delay my [ profile] spn_nostalgia commitment. Apparently, I am not as good at being polyfannish as I thought. FAIL. The more I try to write Sam/Dean, the more Jack/Daniel bunnies assault me. I have come up with FIVE I could write right now, in just the last hour, while getting not even a paragraph of Sam/Dean done with.
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I've spent something like 12 hours in the car over the past four days, which explains all the tl;dr.

First, recs: )

I just reccd gen and femslash. Hold me.

I didn't feel the need to say anything about Whispers )

But, while we're rambling about the women in Whispers... )

Sometimes I really like writing Not!Fic like that. It's a whole lot easier than actual fic.
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I kind of adore character meta that comes from different ways of organizing/categorizing characters, by whatever psychological classification you use. I could eat that type of meta up with a spoon.

Take, for example, Harry Potter Hogwarts houses - Torchwood, Dr Who, SPN, SGA, SG1 )

Or Myers-Briggs, for instance )

But I just read another categorization framework I found interesting )

So let's apply it to Jack and Daniel )

Why I find this interesting: )

Jesus, I will SHUT UP now.
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Beware the tl;dr and the navel-gazing.

Between Five First Kisses and Second Chances, I broke my angst. )

That won't happen, because I have [ profile] spn_nostalgia due in three days (I have barely THOUGHT about it. I am feeling so guilty over that- it will suck so much) and crossovers that I promised for the Fandom-free-for-all and the Pushing Daisies thing I want to keep coming and the SGA crack I said I would do. Then I will have to go to my serious WIP list and actually pick something and finish it, because my planning brain and my editing brain are both so much more developed than my writing brain and I am trying to change that.

But re-reading Five First Kisses and Second Chances made me think about my own writing )

And isn't that always the way, with learning to write? )

Then I say to myself, "Self, they have been doing this for much longer than you. Plus, you have always over-intellectualized everything anyway, so relax."
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I just had a long phone conversation with C wherein we discussed the things the Stargate franchise does with clones and androids and AU-versions and Alternate-timeline-versions and doubling in general. All of which boil down to 'I love this franchise!' and also to me being completely thematically obsessed with Jack's clone.

Quick! When you imagine Jack and Daniel (let's go with a Jack and Daniel who are not sleeping together, or at least not yet) having a fight- a huge, vicious, knock-down-drag-out fight over something *between* "Need" and "Menace" (that is, not counting either of those), what is it? I mean, what utterly terrible thing did they do/say to each other in an episode, or in a missing scene, or what would one of them have been horribly offended by, in that four-season span?

Why, yes, I am trying to write something here. I have 4/5 of a vaguely "five things" inspired Jack/Daniel thing, and I need help.

Speaking of which, does anyone want to do a super-fast run-through of what I have? Character death warning, 3700 words.
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Remember when the family business was saving people and hunting things? When they had to find Dad? When Sam had these dreams that sometimes came true? When a job was a simple salt'n'burn and hell was just a curse word? Don't you miss that?

Prompt claiming is open for [profile] spn_nostalgia . Get back that uncomplicated Season 1 squee, just in time for the new season! Posting will be staggered from August 1st till Season 4 premier-eve. So. Go! Claim! Write!

My two awesome prompts haven't been claimed yet (it seems that I can't tell you what they are. Pity). I am going to have prompt-performance-anxiety if no one wants them...

I claimed one, because I just looked back over the last two months of this journal and realized there was NO SPN AT ALL. I am stunned people aren't defriending me left and right. And I miss my boys.

There's one prompt I really want to write, but the prompter wanted gen, and I'm completely incapable of writing gen fic about Sam and Dean. I can do it about John. And I can write SGA gen (I even did it once!). I think I could write SG1 gen, if for some insane reason I *wanted* to. Torchwood gen... dear god. Is such a thing even possible? I mean, maybe the crack where Jack runs into some alien substance that completely neuters him, zaps his sex drive into nothing- except even that wouldn't be gen, because there would have to be adorably frustrated Ianto and nearly pornographic cuddling...

(I just realized I wrote over 10,000 words in June. The most I've ever writen in a month before was 7k last December. And I really want to keep writing this much- it's getting faster and easier all the time. Holy shit.)
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Five Items in John Sheppard's Will, (comments 3-5) over at [profile] sg1_five_things . I'll probably archive it here in a bit- anybody know what the accepted polite waiting period for that is, anyway?

babbling about that fic, read the fic first (and you don't have to read this at all) )

SG1 rec: Say Rather Farewell by [personal profile] teand , a PG-13 Jack/Daniel with a great team vibe, fantastic Vala voice (*snerk*), and an ending for all of them that is awful and bittersweet and triumphant and glorious all at once.

Remember to bid on my leet beta skills at [profile] livelongnmarry .
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Live Long and Marry!

Pimping [ profile] livelongnmarry , a fandom charity auction to raise money for the fight against the California initiative which will legally destroy existing same-sex marriages and ban any further ones. I have no money to give these days, so instead I'm offering beta services for sale very cheap. Bidding begins on July 1st. You don't want to miss it!

Stephen Colbert takes on McCain's repeated, idiotic use of the word "transcendental." All. The. Time. Seriously, for about the last month I have wanted to shake the man and say "Senator, I do not think that word means what you think it means." Stephen, ILU.

The following is navel-gazing, feel free to ignore.

That Ronon fic )

I want SO BADLY to talk about the Daniel amnesia fic )
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Obviously, I am going to become one of those writers who will shove their WIPs at anybody who doesn't run away fast enough. I really really miss being in school, when I used to AIM with friends constantly and we would draft papers together and copy-paste paragraphs to each other and talk about our writing endlessly. I don't know anybody like that in fandom now.

These are the things I'm actively writing (as in, they're in my head ALL THE TIME and I'm pretty confident they'll get finished) )

And these are the ones I've started but am not working on right this minute and may or may not happen. )
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Only 2 more days till I go home for Christmas!

Successful days of writing: 20

I was procrastinating my [profile] spn_holidays  story so badly, because it just wasn't working for me. But I wrote 1k words yesterday, and it suddenly for the first time feels like it might, possibly, maybe, be good. Yeah! Right now I'm somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3 done, but it's not a nice even "half done"- instead, it's this wild patchwork of bits that I think are polished and good, and bits that could probably stand a lot of revision, and bits that consist of "(there needs to be a scene here)"

The thing is, I'm all worried and some bits seem way too weirdly emotionally ambiguous (even though that's what I was trying for anyway) and some bits are probably annoying pretentious and I have all sorts of wibbles like that.  This is my first actual fic ever, and on top of that it's an exchange thing, and I just CAN'T post it without getting some kind of feedback. On the other hand, it's due soon and I know I'm going to be scrambling right up to the last minute on it and there's no way I can actually FINISH it in time to send it to a beta...

I know it's ridiculous to ask somebody to look over something so ridiculously half-formed, not to mention on a short time-frame, but I'm wibbling and worried and... would anybody? Currently 5,500 words, with some wincest (Rish) but no other warnings.


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