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My roommate just posted an incredibly passive-agressive sheet of paper on the fridge labeled "Clean Kitchen Rules." My anger at this is entirely disproportionate because I am just so sick of living with her, so I'm choosing to soothe myself by hunting through my history and posting more recs. Oh, and oogling Tommy Joe. (Deep breaths, Justine. Deep breaths)

First, just one for White Collar (not because there isn't great stuff there, but I've seen very few that strike me as different): Never Leave A Trace by [personal profile] sam_storyteller, which is an absolutely haunting bit of magical realism. It's meaty and fascinating and powerful and certainly different enough to satisfy me.

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Christmas! I got fantastic cards from [personal profile] sid and [personal profile] stultiloquentia and [personal profile] jenrose, and [personal profile] erda, who sent me a magnet, and [personal profile] squirelawrence, whose card is Classy, and [personal profile] hilarytamar, who I forgot to thank like a week ago.

I love this time of year! Thank you everybody!

School: The semester went astonishingly well. The exams... not so much. My procrastination is still a Problem (I'm doing it right now, in fact). It's all my own fault, and I will do better in Spring.

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Fail in the News: I love Sady Doyle.

Narnia: I don't have much to say about the movie (this is a lie: I have a MILLION things to say about the movie, but they're all very predictable and I said them all to [personal profile] watersword in person). Sure, much of the movie Did It Wrong, and having Caspian aged up so dramatically changes things, but. But they got Reepicheep right, and that's all I cared about.

But I did manage to find two of my old fic recs for [personal profile] watersword- the one about the magician's book, and the one that is so much more than just a threesome. (And if you ever feel the need for Problem Of Susan fic- and who doesn't?- I reccd four of those over at crack_van too)

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Can anybody succinctly spoil the new White Collar for me? Please?

(Every once in a while I do this utterly irrational thing where there's a fork in the road for a show and I so desperately want them to go one way and not the other that I just cannot cope with watching until I know.)

ETA: I am rescued! Thank you! And, uh, spoilers in comments. Obviously.
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I am a little disappointed at the uneven quality of the SGA Big Bang fics. Anybody have recs?

On the other hand, the Jack/Daniel cliche-a-thon over at jackdanielpromptfic has produced some beauties.

White Collar: I have been banging the drum on Matthew Bomer's ridiculous hotness since Chuck. He lands right smack in my tall, slim-hipped, luxuriant-haired sweet-spot. Plus, the rat pack vibe and costuming for him (that they seem to be pulling back from, alas) fill me with joy. Seeing that man from behind in the slim pants and cinched-in vest? Yeah, he's just shaped nice. Plus, of course, the dynamic between Neal and Peter is perfect, and Peter's slightly befuddled, exasperated, straight-man play off Neal is both entertaining and actually interesting.

That said, they haven't managed to get enough past procedural fluff to make me really attach, and (and this is my real point) I still haven't forgiven them for disappearing the lesbian non-white agent after her cracking good show in the pilot. Just vanished her, without a word, to replace her with a straight white woman who would swoon appropriately over our hero. The fuck? To be honest, I don't see myself ever forgiving them for that, and it makes me much angrier than it would have if the show was all straight and whitewashed from the start. I know pilots are odd and changes happen when shows get picked up, but that's just... egregious in its obviousness, you know?

TMI: The female reproductive system is definitive disproof of intelligent design.
TMI pt 2: Why is it that right when an orgasm would be most helpful- ie, when you're all cramped up- is when it's hardest to make happen?

So, back when I posted sexy pictures it used to get a good response. I just found a new source for them, so let's go! This one with more women than my normal pic-dump )


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