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In which it is all hilarytamar's fault )

Catalysis for Dummies is the cutest John/Rodney AU in quite a while.

And a Kings rec, the first NC-17 Jack/David I have liked yet: All Tomorrow's Parties

Awesome linkage:

A Mathematical Limerick. I am fairly sure this wins the internet. (It works, as far as I can tell. I won't admit how tough it was to remember how to deal with that)

Now this is a man who understands procrastination: Part one, two, three, four, and five.

Random: From now on, I shall endeavor to keep Certera's Law in mind when selecting my online reading material. (Like I wasn't already)
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So I was going to get all these, or at least the first four, written and posted before the second episode Jossed me all to hell... but then medical issues intervened and I didn't. So, the great conundrum of fanfic: Finish the pre-Jossed fic or not? All of which is to say, no spoilers for anything but the pilot, and I think I'll finish the rest of them no matter how far astray the show goes.

Five ways Jack falls in love

Part 2: The readiness is all

Not a WIP, stands alone. PG and Jack/David. 1500 words. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] hilarytamar!

David sits on the patio, golden and sleepy-eyed under the slanting sun. It's a shocking difference from how he carried himself in this palace less than two weeks ago; he sits like this grand panorama, the brilliant green lawn leading out to the sea, is as much home to him as his mother's front porch. )

Part 1
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Like I said last night: Jack is such a problem in this show. How does he get from where he is to where we know he needs to end up? Also, this is me loving how the second confrontation on the front lines was made into the real Goliath confrontation, when something without agency and without power (man standing in front of the tank) is turned into a heavily symbolic choice.

It's strangely freeing, knowing this will be Jossed all to hell next week.

Five ways Jack falls in love

Part 1: Though this be madness
Not a WIP, stands alone. G and gen (this part, more or less, I guess) and 1100 words, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] synecdochic, whose meta posts you all oughta read.

The first time Jack sees David after his stunt, David takes his arm and drags him away towards the family section of the palace, to the room where Jack sent him to change his clothes that first day. )

Part 2
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Don't get me wrong: I loved that pilot utterly beyond all reason. Even if the show goes on to plumb new depths of heretofore unseen suckiness, I will still burn that pilot to DVD and cherish it forever.

Spoilery, obviously, but you all should have watched this by now! )


Mar. 17th, 2009 02:49 pm
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1. Thank you so much to the gremlin who nominated Second Chances and Hell of a Sight for the Stargate Fan Awards. It seems there are a lot of fan award sites in this fandom, none of which I knew about (because they all seem to happen off-lj). Thank you!

2. The premiere of Kings is beautiful. Transcendental, I swear. If you didn't watch it, go watch it. This is Slings&Arrows beautiful. The good seasons of West Wing beautiful. Deadwood season 1 beautiful. Rome season 1 beautiful. It might be too good to spawn a fandom, but you should watch it. Just saying.

3. Speaking of, Ian McShane is on the Daily Show tonight talking about it. Ian McShane is fucking brilliant. He also makes me swear compulsively whenever I think about him, which is a drawback, but.

4. Abigail Nussbaum meditates on the future of serialized television. Thought-provoking.

5. Happy Paddy's day! I use my Priestly icon solely because it is the greenest icon I have. Everybody kiss an Irish lass today.
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The news coverage of CPAC was so fun to watch over these last few days )

Another thank you to everybody who sent birthday wishes!

Those of you who are having some of the same problems I am these days might want to read Seven Tried and True Ways to Stifle Your Creativity.

Why I would not have greenlit Dollhouse does the best job I have seen of dissecting exactly why Dollhouse is so very very disappointing. Those of you who know me know that I hate disliking something without being able to articulate why, so. This is why.

And for those of you who, like me, are watching Dollhouse in the vain hopes that it will improve, or who, also like me, watched Merlin and hoped forlornly that the Next Big Fandom would be something with a little less cheese and a lot more weight, I feel the need to remind you that NBC's new show, Kings, premieres on March 15th.

It's a re-working of the story of David, as in "David and Goliath," as in "David and Jonathan." It stars Ian McShane, so right there you know at least one character will fucking rock, and I saw the first twenty minutes of it at Comic-con, so I can tell you that the look of it, visually, is just phenomenal. No cheesy campy CGI dragons here- this is a pseudo-modern AU setting with utterly gorgeous outdoors location shoots and lush sets and beautiful camera work and the whole thing is just nice to look at in a way that goes well beyond the (admittedly in some cases very pretty) pretty people. And it has the advantage of both being a story that I would watch even if there were no slash potential at all- because the story of David is a good story and the potential for action plus political intrigue plus intense emotional portrayals of psychologically fascinating people plus really interesting worldbuilding is enough to make me sit up and pay attention- but also having slash potential out the wazoo- because, you know David and Jonathan.

I know I cannot wave my wand and make this the Next Big Fandom, especially given the crappy job NBC is doing promoting it, but I would if I could, and I'm begging you all to check it out.


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