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[personal profile] watersword is deeply awesome and I adore her. She comes with pretty cool friends, too.

Happy Halloween! If you haven't already seen it, go watch Zombie Jamboree. Also, fic where Adam is a zombie, and fic where Tommy is a vampire. They are both excellent, because [personal profile] blue_soaring is one of the best Adam/Tommy authors out there.

I continue in my struggle to figure out how to stop procrastinating and actually get my work done. Signs are not good. But I absolutely love my life right now, so that's okay.

On a less happy note: Okay, now Glee is just FUCKING with me. So much potential for awesome, so much fail in execution! The only good thing to come out of that is the fact that I've now heard Anthony Head singing Sweet Transvestite. Dynamite. (I had known he played the role, but I knew that back before I had seen any Buffy, so I didn't care)
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I hereby retract, take back, and humbly apologize for every bad, condescending, critical, or less-than-glowing thing I have ever said, written, or thought about Glee.
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life )

So TV with spaceships is terribly lacking these days, and I am left with Glee. Ah, Glee. )

In that vein, have two great (though very different) Kurt gen fics.
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I cannot get over how much I love him.

Question: why is there no crossover fic where Adam guest-stars on Glee? It seems SO OBVIOUS. Is it because Chris is young enough that Adam/Chris would be slightly skeevy? Because I can look past that, I so totally can.
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Adam Lambert- Bad news: strained his voice. Good news: still pretty. And so is Tommy.

Dr. Who- Bad news: still sucks. Good news: my sister and I have been shouting "Not vampires! Fish from space!" at each other at fairly random intervals. That line was seriously 'planes crash/clowns kill' levels of awesome right there.

Life- Bad news: So unemployed. So broke. Good news: The Boy is visiting! And Cirque du Soleil is coming to town! SPARKLY!

Glee- Bad news: did in fact take a significant writing-quality nosedive after the first 13 episodes, for reasons already better diagnosed by everybody else. Good news: )

tl;dr- KURT!!!!!!


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