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So basically I just crave good meaty thinky discussion of TV, from people who care about narrative and character and FEELS. And the thing is – where does one get that, outside of dreamwidth? There must be places, but occasional isolated snippets on facebook and the comments section of the AV Club just Do Not Cut It.

1. All the Feels about Doctor Who. So much potential in Capaldi, and Clara is so wonderful now that she’s being treated seriously as a character, and so much potential in Danny Pink (and his status as a soldier and all of the self-loathing, lack-of-self-awareness Issues that this doctor has). And the way they dealt with the Doctor’s age managed to be very meta without tipping into the expected misogyny against the fanbase was a nice surprise.

This season has seen pretty much the best concept ever, even if execution was slack (Time Heist) and one of the all-time good episodes (Listen). But then... this Kill the Moon thing. I don't even know. Deeply conflicted, too many feels, head spinning, cannot sort through them, except that I am sure that at the end there I want to stand up and cheer for Clara. Where are all the crunchy Dr. Who reaction posts? Who’s got some?

2. Similarly All the Feels about Transparent. It’s really quite extraordinary, and the thing that makes it truly amazing is that it’s not just a drama about early transition or a show to educate people about trans folks. It’s way more twisty and interesting than that, and Maura manages to be the calm (and slyly hilarious) center of her fascinatingly screwed-up family. All the reactions I’ve seen to it outside the fandom space are all social-justice-y and “yaay for representation” and “yaay for centering the experience of a trans person” and that’s all good and necessary and stuff, but it’s a boring take on a captivating show. How much more eager would people be to watch this if promotion of it was less “Here, a show about a marginalized person, take your medicine and watch it” and more “This is a surreal and thinky and screamingly funny show about a tight-knit family that is severely dysfunctional in entertaining ways”?

3. Am re-watching Gilmore Girls like every other human being on the planet, apparently, because yaay Netflix. Conclusion: I am now significantly closer in age to Lorelai than Rory, and reacting to their stories accordingly. This is terrifying.
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Adam Lambert- Bad news: strained his voice. Good news: still pretty. And so is Tommy.

Dr. Who- Bad news: still sucks. Good news: my sister and I have been shouting "Not vampires! Fish from space!" at each other at fairly random intervals. That line was seriously 'planes crash/clowns kill' levels of awesome right there.

Life- Bad news: So unemployed. So broke. Good news: The Boy is visiting! And Cirque du Soleil is coming to town! SPARKLY!

Glee- Bad news: did in fact take a significant writing-quality nosedive after the first 13 episodes, for reasons already better diagnosed by everybody else. Good news: )

tl;dr- KURT!!!!!!
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I've spent something like 12 hours in the car over the past four days, which explains all the tl;dr.

First, recs: )

I just reccd gen and femslash. Hold me.

I didn't feel the need to say anything about Whispers )

But, while we're rambling about the women in Whispers... )

Sometimes I really like writing Not!Fic like that. It's a whole lot easier than actual fic.
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I kind of adore character meta that comes from different ways of organizing/categorizing characters, by whatever psychological classification you use. I could eat that type of meta up with a spoon.

Take, for example, Harry Potter Hogwarts houses - Torchwood, Dr Who, SPN, SGA, SG1 )

Or Myers-Briggs, for instance )

But I just read another categorization framework I found interesting )

So let's apply it to Jack and Daniel )

Why I find this interesting: )

Jesus, I will SHUT UP now.
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I am so freakin sad about the cancellation of SGA. I mean, I will miss those characters! But then again, SGA is pretty much the epitome of a "fic is better than the show" fandom, and I almost like SGA better the less of it I watch, so, you know...

Vid stuff, from VVC con reports I've seen )
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I stopped watching Dr. Who after the first episode of the second season, because I missed Christopher Eccleston, and his loss allowed me to get distracted by other shiny. I finally got around to picking it back up.

(I picked it back up because I am procrastinating watching the last three seasons of SG1. I *really* don't want to watch past SG1 season 7. There is a meta post coming about why, I think)

Thoughts on Dr. Who )

Was that all? Yeah, I think as of mid-season 3, that was all.
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Freakishly enough, despite wasting five solid hours today on way too much driving and poor planning and people who don't keep appointments (grrr) I was able to knock out my whole to-do list by 7:00 and watch some TV.

I am thinking about starting a blog series entitled 'sexism at the Home Depot.' )

So I finally got to finish that Stargate movie! )

Doctor Who and Captain Jack )

Just finished "The Fifth Head of Cerberus" for the third time. I am Gene Wolfe's bitch. The man is a genius and I want to fall down at his feet and intone "I'm not worthy." More than that, I want to watch him in some kind of gladiator-pit to-the-death brain-match against Umberto Eco. With Thomas Pynchon coaching. And Jorge Luis Borges judging. Okay, shutting up now.


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