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Fannish round-up

Pushing Daisies: This show is made of a sparkling black-humor gemstone in a 24-carat genius-plated absurdity setting and hung on a necklace of shiny.

Dexter: This season of Dexter is FREAKING ME THE FUCK OUT. )

Chuck: I will not believe for one minute that Adam Baldwin doesn't know damn well what he's doing )

SGA: SGA fills me flailing, wild, flappy-handed, dolphin-pitched squee. )

Supernatural: Wherein I catch up on like three episodes. )

Do I have anything to say about SPN that everybody on my flist hasn't already said? *thinks* No? Okay, then. OMG SPOILER ALERT: The boys are pretty! Yaay pretty boys!

Yuletide: I got my assignment, and it's like it was custom-tailored for me. SERIOUSLY. Something I never would have written on my own impetus, but the minute I saw the details I was all "OMG I WANT TO WRITE THIS SO BADLY IT WILL BE AWESOME!" I'm torrenting the fandom now, and I have, you know, a season to watch and RESEARCH to do and NOTES to take. *cracks knuckles*

Life round-up
Short version: Lonely, depressed, broke, not wanting to talk about it. I think major changes need to be made, but I don't know what they are yet and I think I am going to be skating through Christmas on my savings. Just... it all seems pretty insurmountable. That's all.
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Oh GOD. My life EXPLODED. I wanted to do so much writing and I can't and I wanted to do so much reading and I've had no time and I kind of HATE being this busy. I sort of fell into bed Saturday night, then got up and watched like four straight hours of TV today, because I am FRIED.

A big fat new season TV roundup )

So my TV lineup right now looks like: Wildly fannish about SGA and SPN. Likes Chuck, Pushing Daisies, and Dexter. Giving Sanctuary a chance. Watching Eureka every once in a while, when I have time. Sounds crazy, but the vast majority of those are short seasons and/or early seasons, and will be over by December (early January, in the case of Atlantis. Only Supernatural will go to spring).

SPN 4x03, in which my sentence structure deteriorates to Palin-esque levels from pure joy )

I may or may not have spent 45 minutes assembling a timeline for the 4x03 AU fic of Doom. There is NO WAY I would have time to write that and get it betad before next Thursday... but is there anybody who COULD beta it on Wednesday, if I do get it written?
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Only 15 more days till I go home for Christmas!

Successful days of writing: 9

Random: I really, really, really want to play "Girls with Guitars" on Guitar Hero. I LOVE that song.

So I wrote a SPN/Chuck little crossover sentence and then I couldn't stop thinking about the idea. Then (unrelatedly) [livejournal.com profile] rei_c did a crossover drabble that is very good.

These two shows crossover better than ANYTHING I can think of that I'm following right now, because they actually both were canonically at Stanford at the same time. )

I really, really want there to be a way to work a Sam/Dean/Casey/Chuck orgy into this plot. But there isn't.

Oh man. That's a hell of a lot of plot for something I said I couldn't write because I had no plot for it. Would anyone read it, anyway?
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Successful days in the "write a little bit every day" post-Thanksgiving-sloth resolution: 2

(I figure if I reach 26, that is, every day until I leave for Christmas, I'll buy myself a little present.)

Oh My GOD I just watched Chuck episode 10 )
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Drabble meme! I requested a drabble from [livejournal.com profile] littlewings04 and she said she's working on them, so I guess I'll post this. I want to do some writing.

Meme: The first fifteen people to comment on this post get to request a drabble from you. In return, they have to post this meme in their journal. Post all fandoms you’re willing to write for.

Fandoms: Supernatural, Heroes, House, HP... aw, let's call it Chuck, Journeyman, and Pushing Daisies too (yaay for new shows!)

TV babblings- maybe a little spoilery for Chuck and Pushing Daisies )

TV babblings- spoilery for last week's SPN )

On Dumbledore being gay: )
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I have been mainlining TV like you wouldn't believe. Abandoned House, cause I'm not actually fannish about it and can always go back later. Deadwood and Slings and Arrows are on the backburner for shows that are still ongoing.

Chuck )

Journeyman 1 and 2 )

Heroes 1 and 2 )

And, due to [livejournal.com profile] trollprincess rambling, Wentworth Miller picspams on my flist, and Ctrl-Alt-Del's parody, I'm watching season one of Prison Break )

Dude. That was a LOT of TV to watch in like two days. Guilt now. But! It's good that I'm all caught up now. That means I can head off to Vegas, and when I get back there will be Supernatural waiting for me! It's like, Christmas and every birthday I've ever had all wrapped up in one. Seriously, I have NEVER been this excited for a Season premier. Literally never. *squees to the point of hysteria*


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