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Dec. 1st, 2008 02:54 pm
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So, I'm home. I will NOT be catching up on the flist, because, five days! So if there is anything I should see, please do point me at it.

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Final mini-nano update: 17,000 words this November. I wrote 16 days of the 24 days I was at home, so that's kind of a sucky record. I made that 15,000 conservative goal (that's what an average of 500 words a day works out to), but totally missed the 20k or 25k I really wanted. But I'm really happy with what I wrote. The news to me is that I suck at writing what I SET OUT to write- I had three specific things I wanted to work on, and those are still untouched. Hmm. Now the trick is to keep up regular writing, because it makes me happy. *nod*


Nov. 25th, 2008 10:52 am
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Bye everybody! I am off to the wilds of the the midwest and Great Lakes, to see [livejournal.com profile] wyomingnot, [livejournal.com profile] als_wonderland, and [livejournal.com profile] bd_black. And, you know, Chicago. I REALLY want to see Chicago.

Here, have a SGA rec to tide you over. Have you ever complained about how the show has handled Rodney's character growth inconsistently? That they forget just how much he's grown and changed since 48 Hours? That they don't seem to realize how John's plans are often bad plans, and sometimes John is in the wrong (And Teyla knows it)? Do you, like me, kink hard on amnesia?

Read Rewind, Reboot, Restore. Right now.

Okay. Bye. If I don't come back, tell my family I loved them. I shall probably Twit at you all- DragoJustine. I can't believe I was sucked into the Twitter vortex.
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I-10 was closed right outside Las Cruces, all the way to the Arizona border, apparently because of high winds. For fully four miles up to the closure, both shoulders were lined by semis. A solid unbroken line of them, all stopped and just sitting there, with no drivers visible.

It looked like the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse.

New Mexico sure doesn't look like it's at it's best, economically, does it? I mean, stuff is run-down, boarded up, rusted out... the outskirts of Las Cruces look a lot like a hotter, dustier version of the worst Rust Belt horror stories I've heard. I sure as hell would not want to be trying to get a job there.

Indiana Jones was a thoroughly awful movie, for reasons of story structure (why KGB instead of Nazis? Why aliens instead of God?), character motivation (when did we stop caring about putting it in a museum, or about keeping it out of the hands of the bad guys, and start caring about returning it to the aliens? And why wasn't Miriam as awesome as we know she is?), predictability (what, you think that's Indy's son? No!), suspension of disbelief problems (the waterfalls? Really?), and just general idiocy (oh god, the FRIDGE OF DOOM). Which sucks because it had the potential to be a VERY VERY good movie ([livejournal.com profile] miriad came up with one beautiful plot for Indy 4- her husband and I came up with another). But in the end, Shea whats-his-name was good and Harrison Ford was FANTASTIC and the fight scenes were Indy fight scenes, even if they were about five hours long and had the quality of parody, so... *shrug*

I had fun.
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Treasure Island audiobook in the car. Most entertaning.

[livejournal.com profile] amara_m is always saying disparaging things about El Paso. Amara, love, you are COMPLETELY right.
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Arrived safe and, you know, no less sound than before. Very little in the way of internet- Mariott with no wireless (huh?) and I can't make the actual physical jack work *headdesk* Feeling generally unconnected and deprived. Deprived of fic, deprived of tv, deprived of flist. Due to logistical barriers, will be a solid week before I have actually MOVED IN anywhere (which I thought I was doing, you know, today) so that makes it worse.

Note: In the three days I was gone, not one person emailed me. Or commented. Or called. Not one.

Going to go be sad now.

road trip log day 3 )
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*Colorado plateau is a hell of a thing. How can land be so flat 6000 feet up?

*Finally, some mountains that aren't mucking about.

*It's far more tiring than I thought to fight these gusty cross winds all the time.

*The thing about interstate truck stop towns is that they're so damn huge for their population. This town I'm in now MIGHT have a population of 200, but between the Flying J and its parking lot, two other gas stations and their parking lots, the truck wash and its parking lot, the diner and its parking lot, the mega-uber-super Wall*Mart and its parking lot (all lots sizes for trucks), the damn thing's the size of Rhode Island. Must be 2 acres of pavement for every permanent resident.

*Painted desert and petrified forest- beautiful and well worth a lengthy visit. I am becoming quite a connoisseur of desert scapes, you can trust my judgment on this.

*What is up with all the pretty freeways? All these underpasses and exchanges all painted up in geometric patterns in bright orange and blue southwest color palettes. It's a bit odd.

*Why is it that when the Winchesters get a cheap motel in the middle of nowhere, it's always funky and themed and horrifically overdecorated, but when I get a cheap motel in the middle of nowhere, it's just ugly?

*However, this god-awful Motel 6-clone does have one thing up on the spectacular canyon lodge: fitted bottom sheets. This makes ALL the difference in the WORLD. Forget your heated pool or 200 TV channels or whatever else you're advertising- I want to see "Fitted bottom sheets!" on those huge billboards. I'd ask at the office before deciding to stay someplace if I didn't think that would make me sound insane. I can't be the only one who feels this way.
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*Starting at the coast and driving NE for three hours is better than any seven chapters of geography textbooks for internalizing the concept of "rainshadow"

*Rest stops in the middle of the desert are WINDY

*Can you imagine covering all this distance on Route 66, at 55 mph with tons of little towns with stop signs and everything?

*They sure don't let you forget about Historic Route 66! now do they?

*Gas station on 66 selling gas at... wait for it... $4.99. Sign by the register:
We have sunk a lot of money into this business. It costs a fortune to operate in the middle of nowhere. You have the choice to purchase from us or not. But please do not complain to our employees about prices. PS. Next gas 50 miles.

Snarky buggers.

Saturday evening, at the grand canyon:

*Colorado plateau very high. I expected it to be hot, without taking that 7000 feet of elevation into account. Huge drifts of snow. Forgot that outside the So-Cal Weather Free Zone, it's still very early spring.

*More forest- I mean, genuine alpine forest- than I expected.

*God, this country is HUGE.

*Reached first observation point just 30 minutes before sunset. Perfect timing- slanting light, glowing pink and gold canyon walls, dusky depths, whole nine yards. Gorgeous.

*Lodge is RIGHT on the rim- just three steps outside my door. Nice.

*Arizona doesn't observe daylight savings time, and so is not one our ahead (except the Navajo reservation, which is). Will not reveal how long I spent trying to figure out why my cell couldn't detect the time zone and I couldn't change it manually. V. Embarrassing. Convinced they do it just to confuse tourists.

*Haven't really seen stars since the summer before I moved out of mom and dad's- not proper ones, anyway. Tonight might just be the best stars I'll ever get. When you travel, you expect the food and accents and geography and such to change- but it startles me a bit to realize I'm far enough away from home for the stars themselves to change. Not a lot- North Star just about 15 degrees or so too low, but enough that it's not where I look for it. Just enough to make you feel small and far from home.
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Spent all day yesterday packing up and watching New Who (HOW MUCH do I love Christopher Eccleston now?). Then off to [livejournal.com profile] miriad's, where we ate pizza, she loaned me many books and baked REALLY good cookies, and then showed me the first part of the original Stargate movie (because I WILL end up in some variety of SG fandom. It's become completely inevitable).

Oh my lord, James Spader. James Spader is SO ADORABLE and SO DORKY and SO CUTE and SO SO SO HOT. I just... *flappy hands* No words.

And now- the minute I unhook my computer and load it in the car- I am ROADTRIPPING. Which I have been craving for months now. I have my room at the Grand Canyon all reserved and everything. *excited*

Right now my future is a distinctly hazy and frightening place, and when that happens, I want to TRAVEL so so so badly. Because when you're traveling, future and planning and money and boyfriend- none of it exists. There's just you, traveling. Total freedom, newness, wings under your feet, yadda yadda. What I need right now.

I shall have no internet until Monday earliest. Farewell, sweet flist. Goodbye, cruel world. I don't hate you, I promise *hugs and kisses*
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The trip to Vegas was exactly what I was hoping for. )


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