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life )

So TV with spaceships is terribly lacking these days, and I am left with Glee. Ah, Glee. )

In that vein, have two great (though very different) Kurt gen fics.
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Does anyone know any fangirls in Manhattan? I'd just like to get dinner and/or watch something fannish with somebody. I don't even know who to ask who might know local people- I've done such a bad job paying attention to actual geographic locations of people I talk to online.

(Hell, I'll go one better: does anybody know a fangirl in Manhattan who wants to see Adam Lambert, Staten Island on Tuesday, but is too broke to go? I will totally shell out for two scalped tickets if there's anybody like that. I'm not above paying for someone to squee with.)
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Babbling about music )

*cough* Sometimes I get babbly. Sorry?

And this part is kind of angsty and whiny )

So not feeling so good. Which is why I haven't posted so much, or done much fannish stuff, or written that smoking hot Adam/Tommy porn I've been meaning to.

And this babble ended up being about gender presentation, somehow? And hair. )
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Oh my god you guys. My life sucks and I want to cry.

I am computerless )

So that Daniel/Jack/Paul fic I promised? Not coming. The moebius fic? Not coming. The Kings fic? Not coming.

On the plus side, I just picked up the next Bujold book, and let me tell you, it looks hilarious. The back says, "You might thing that an obstetrician on a planet forbidden to women would be underemployed..." The cover art is the most horrible lurid SF pulp looking thing I've seen in a long time. I am reading this on pure faith in Bujold, because it looks like badfic of the highest calibre. Then again, that might be what I need, given that I am stranded utterly alone in a strange city with no computer and no money. But after Cetaganda Bujold pretty much owns me, so.
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1. My favorite reviewer, Abigail Nussbaum, does a (as always) brilliant and articulate post-mortem of the utter train wreck that was Battlestar Galactica (Wait. How unpopular is this fannish opinion? Am I going to be shunned now?)

2. This is a really beautiful specimen of humanity. (Also, my love of black and white pictures of beautiful people seems to be getting worse, not better.)

3. I am not even sure if I really consider myself a member of SPN fandom anymore, but the con reports coming out of LA make me ridiculously happy. It's not even that our boys are so doing it, it's how much they absolutely love feeding the fangirls. "Jared and I had our own wrap party last night... That's why I'm having a hard time moving around this morning." *dies* They are so good to us!

4. I had a horrible allergic reaction to something today. The skin of my face is completely covered in hives. I'm all bright red and blotchy and bubbly and scaly. The skin on my eyelids has the same texture as a particularly unpleasant lizard. I'm bumpy and peely and itchy from my hairline to my jaw. I have no idea what triggered it or what to do, so I am mostly sitting around slathering my face with plain, unscented Cetaphil and trying (failing) not to pick at it. I am, as you can imagine, extraordinarily attractive.

The Time Traveler's Wife: The rare usage of the bad book review icon! )
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On being told to smile by Random Guy )

Hello, I am an INTJ, and I just want people to do three things: make rational sense, say what they mean, and leave me alone.

Oh God, I'm a horrible person.

Uh, the other thing was going to be a little essay on McCain's "Senator Obama doesn't understand the difference between strategy and tactics," and what the difference is between strategy and tactics, and how McCain doesn't actually seem to be able to tell them apart, and how Obama's calm insistence on the Surge as a tactic in service of strategic priorities he thinks need to be re-examined in the face of McCain's repeated squawking of "The Surge is a strategy and it worked!" is basically everything I need to know about their relative critical-thinking capacities and which one I want as president.

Except I think everyone on my flist both 1. understands the concepts involved and 2. agrees with me. So, hell with that. Instead, have linkage:

A fascinating description of the bailout negotiations, if you like the sausage-making perspective (Washington Post)

A good article on "strategy and tactics" as it relates to campaign style (The Atlantic)


Feb. 12th, 2008 05:53 pm
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I fell asleep last night at nine. Whenever I work boring god-awful temp jobs like this, I tend to start sleeping for like ten hours a day and just can't stay awake in the evenings. Awful job -> depressive funk -> oversleeping -> doing even less of what I want to be doing -> being in even more of a funk. Telemarketing job = the instigator of the worst vicious cycle ever. I have GOT to quit this gig.

*deep breath* three and a half weeks, just three and a half weeks...

When I came in to work today... )
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So from Wednesday to Saturday was the huge global meeting thing that S at work has been planning obsessively for a month. Two hundred sales reps plus twenty managers of various sorts at the Fairmont in Santa Monica for four days. I didn't think I was going to have anything to do with it, only to have it sprung on me on Tuesday that I was actually going to be spending the rest of the week helping out there (and then sprung on me on Thursday that I was going to be there at 6:45 am on Saturday as well).

This is not altogether a bad thing- it was a change of pace, and involved lots of free food, and anyway overtime money is good. But it means that I'm working directly for S- not only that, but directly for an over-stressed, strung-tight-as-a-wire S.

I'm saving up money to put a hit out on him. )

And this whole bitch should probably go under a TMI-cut )

On the plus side, we had pizza, I enjoyed their company, the Due South pilot was fantastically fun and I shall ramble about it once I've finished the season. Also, I finished a book and a movie Saturday, both of which were good. More later.


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