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I LOVED that.

Everything about Coulson worked for me- the Tahiti jokes, setting up a mystery with him, letting Skye interrogate Ward. All good. It does read a lot like they've been reading Coulson fanfic, yes. (Except that in the fanfic Hawkeye would have found out he was back in the land of the living and would be refusing to leave his side.)

Fitz-Simmons has a lot of potential. Sure, they're no McKay-Zelenka, but they'll have a way more prominent role than the McKay-Zelenka dynamic did (the wonder of that relationship, honestly, existed more in the fanon than in the show). And yeah, they feel pretty Torchwood-y, but I'm okay with that.

I am totally on board with the criticism of the handling of Mike, and I do hope he's a recurring.

I mostly loved it as much as I did, I think, because it gave me the sense of a thing that has been missing from my TV (I mean, from presently-airing shows) for a while- since SGA went off air, actually. It's a currently airing SF show that gave me the sense of a big expansive universe full of possibilities, with a core team of characters who I think I could get really attached to and want to just hang out with. I just haven't found one of those since SGA, so I'm really excited.

P.S. [personal profile] giandujakiss on Skye.
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I hereby retract, take back, and humbly apologize for every bad, condescending, critical, or less-than-glowing thing I have ever said, written, or thought about Glee.
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life )

So TV with spaceships is terribly lacking these days, and I am left with Glee. Ah, Glee. )

In that vein, have two great (though very different) Kurt gen fics.
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Many many many awesome fangirls ([personal profile] sherrold! [personal profile] seperis! [personal profile] boggit!), two drinks, three hours standing and waiting, many ridiculous pairs of shoes and truly awesome costumes, one tube of body glitter, and an absolutely unquantifiable amount of squee later, I am finally almost coming down from my Adam high. (Honestly, I've barely had time to breathe since Tuesday- meeting with Grandparents and working and selling the car and how did I get so busy anyway? But I've floated through all of it on a little cloud of "OMG THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!")

Anyway! This is not a full concert report. The abbreviated bullets: )
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Basically the only possible response to this is Oh, Adam. Baby, never change.

(Also slay-me cute: Adam messing around during a sound check)

Between that and finally reading Zombies Ate Your Idols (I giggled like a maniac from start to finish. Which, okay, I do not do bandom. But after literally years of having people pimp it at me, and seeing picspams and even reading the occasional fic? This is the first thing to ever make me think that I might kind of adore Gerard and Frank. I, uh, might be downloading discography now.) I am going to be grinning like a loon all day.
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Adam Lambert- Bad news: strained his voice. Good news: still pretty. And so is Tommy.

Dr. Who- Bad news: still sucks. Good news: my sister and I have been shouting "Not vampires! Fish from space!" at each other at fairly random intervals. That line was seriously 'planes crash/clowns kill' levels of awesome right there.

Life- Bad news: So unemployed. So broke. Good news: The Boy is visiting! And Cirque du Soleil is coming to town! SPARKLY!

Glee- Bad news: did in fact take a significant writing-quality nosedive after the first 13 episodes, for reasons already better diagnosed by everybody else. Good news: )

tl;dr- KURT!!!!!!
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Four Three squees make a post.

* I have concert tickets!

* I have an apartment in NY! It's official! I will not be living homeless on the streets! I have a way-subsidized two-bedroom on the ground floor of a well-maintained building with a view of a dingy little courtyard, a nice kitchen, laundry on-site, and an as-yet mysterious roommate named K. Oh my god, you guys, this is really going to happen.

* The photos coming out of Adam's IIHY video shoot are making me grin like a maniac. He's wearing the KISS boots! And looking freakily sexy! And rocking out! With Tommy! And that's just the band half, not even counting the dancers.

* ETA: Got rumored, God dammit. False. The track with Brian May and Justin Hawkins is pretty awesome, though...

Adam is doing a collab on Meat Loaf's new album. This makes me flail spastically. You guys, if we get a meatloaf-trademark theatrical, bombastic, eight-minute long rock anthem with crazy piano and tempo changes and Adam going all vocal gymnastics on its ass? I will die happy. Oh my GOD.

I just outed myself as a Meat Loaf fangirl, didn't I? Yes. My name is dragojustine and I love Bat out of Hell.
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Oh my God, Canadian politics is fucking fascinating. Seriously, the current crisis is a beautiful, beautiful thing for the political gawkers among us. It turns out that the PM of our neighbor to the north has been a brilliant, scheming, manipulative, beautifully Machiavellian tool for a really long time now. Why did nobody inform me I should be paying attention? *glees*

SGA: On the one hand, the writers sure do suck balls, don't they? On the other hand, they ship Bill Nye/Kaylee. I can't hate them, just for the awesomeness of that.

Chuck: When did this become the Weekly Adam Baldwin Feeds the Slashers Hour? Because I really approve.

Pushing Daisies: I want to find whoever wrote the "fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to stress baking" conversation and kiss them. How is this show so wonderful?

Reason to love Rachel Maddow #3,754: She has a cell phone ring tone on her site titled infrastructure porn. *hands* I am so hot for that woman.

An open letter to the SG1 fanfic community:

Dear writers,

The Air Force does not court-marshal anyone. Ever. For any reason, even sleeping with people of the same sex directly under their command. They also do not court-marital people, though I admit that's a pretty funny image and possibly more appropriate to the crime. And let's not even get started on what the plural is of that word you keep trying and failing to spell.


[livejournal.com profile] wyomingnot asked my why there isn't more Daniel/Jon chan in SG1 fandom. The answer, of course, is that [livejournal.com profile] synecdochic has pretty much carved out the entire niche of clone!Jack fic, such that trying to write him at all feels like stepping on her toes. But it's planted in my head, and now Daniel and Jon have taken up residence and won't shut up. Daniel is pretty regularly making beer runs for Jon, and they have these hilarious, wildly tipsy conversations about the horrors of high school a second time. Jon has taken up with the marching band, so you can imagine how amused Daniel is by that. Daniel thinks it's wonderful- like he has Jack back, back the way it was before year five when Jack pushed him away and he still doesn't know why, back when it seemed like they genuinely... had something. But poor Jon. The cracks are starting to show. I don't know how much longer he can go on like this.

Of course, all this is happening in my head, not on paper, and I will lose all the best bits if I try to write it down. But they won't shut up.
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Fannish round-up

Pushing Daisies: This show is made of a sparkling black-humor gemstone in a 24-carat genius-plated absurdity setting and hung on a necklace of shiny.

Dexter: This season of Dexter is FREAKING ME THE FUCK OUT. )

Chuck: I will not believe for one minute that Adam Baldwin doesn't know damn well what he's doing )

SGA: SGA fills me flailing, wild, flappy-handed, dolphin-pitched squee. )

Supernatural: Wherein I catch up on like three episodes. )

Do I have anything to say about SPN that everybody on my flist hasn't already said? *thinks* No? Okay, then. OMG SPOILER ALERT: The boys are pretty! Yaay pretty boys!

Yuletide: I got my assignment, and it's like it was custom-tailored for me. SERIOUSLY. Something I never would have written on my own impetus, but the minute I saw the details I was all "OMG I WANT TO WRITE THIS SO BADLY IT WILL BE AWESOME!" I'm torrenting the fandom now, and I have, you know, a season to watch and RESEARCH to do and NOTES to take. *cracks knuckles*

Life round-up
Short version: Lonely, depressed, broke, not wanting to talk about it. I think major changes need to be made, but I don't know what they are yet and I think I am going to be skating through Christmas on my savings. Just... it all seems pretty insurmountable. That's all.
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Oh GOD. My life EXPLODED. I wanted to do so much writing and I can't and I wanted to do so much reading and I've had no time and I kind of HATE being this busy. I sort of fell into bed Saturday night, then got up and watched like four straight hours of TV today, because I am FRIED.

A big fat new season TV roundup )

So my TV lineup right now looks like: Wildly fannish about SGA and SPN. Likes Chuck, Pushing Daisies, and Dexter. Giving Sanctuary a chance. Watching Eureka every once in a while, when I have time. Sounds crazy, but the vast majority of those are short seasons and/or early seasons, and will be over by December (early January, in the case of Atlantis. Only Supernatural will go to spring).

SPN 4x03, in which my sentence structure deteriorates to Palin-esque levels from pure joy )

I may or may not have spent 45 minutes assembling a timeline for the 4x03 AU fic of Doom. There is NO WAY I would have time to write that and get it betad before next Thursday... but is there anybody who COULD beta it on Wednesday, if I do get it written?
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I found a debate watch group to watch with last night. Yaay social interaction! With pretty Obama-voting boys. Also? I want that man to be president SO BADLY. Mental agility, clear intelligence, superb verbal skills, critical thinking, generosity and respect combined with firm and well-articulated differences of opinion grounded in fact! It's like night and day from Bush. I WANT this man to be president.

mild SPN 4x02 spoilers, short )

SGA 5x10 spoilers )

And, in conclusion: Daniel Jackson, I am so hot for you.
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Things Wot are making me ridiculously happy recently:

SPN (Kind of meta babblings. With 4x01 spoilers) )

SGA 5x09 )

The first issue of the OTW's academic journal. Good stuff there, especially the bit about Star Trek vidding- fascinating.

Life things making me happy )
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Wow. Apparently babbling about cooking and domesticity really hits hot buttons on my flist. Kind of like my office supplies lust, I am like, "who knew?" I keep writing these things and then I end up feeling much less alone. General hugs at y'all.

The stunning [livejournal.com profile] eighth_horizon wrote The gayest gen story ever. It's glorious (SPN, NOT Sam/Dean).

TOMORROW. TOMORROW MY SHOW COMES BACK. I could capslock forever. All squee here is redundant. I won't actually get to see it till Friday, but still. I just rewatched the Dean-on-Dean scene in Dream a Little Dream of Me. Oh, Dean. *flails*

I just read the casting descriptions for SGU. I could die laughing. Those really could be fantastic characters in a fantastic show-- there's a shitload of potential there, and with SGA fans moving over I assume the fic will be good-- but obviously the actual show won't be any good. Plus, have you noticed all the emphasis on how beautiful everybody is? Just once, I would like to see a set of character descriptions of perfectly average-looking people.

Remember, writers: If the character is good enough, and the acting is good enough, people will eroticize him anyway. Just look at Rodney McKay!
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Michael Shanks did a one-episode spot on Eureka (which is a cute show with great potential that actually SUCKS as SF, much to my great sadness). We hear his voice before we see him, and JESUS, his voice just kind of goes straight to the sex centers of my brain. (Which is good, because his dialog was idiotic. As so much of that show is. GAH, wasted potential) I want MORE of him so, so, so badly. I mean, just, GUH to the nth degree.

Spoilers for SGA 5x01. Really. Huge Spoilers. I mean it. This is your warning )


May. 10th, 2008 03:04 pm
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I just got my goodie from Sweet Charity. It's been a long time coming, because of me moving around all over the damn place and being unreachable by snail-mail for the last two months... but [livejournal.com profile] marinarusalka knitted for me! They're hand-warmer things, like mittens with the tips open, and they're PERFECT. And a really pretty grey color. And SOFT! And, you know, perfect.


Thank you so much!

I am putting off watching SPN. I'm so very conscious of the fact that there's the summer hiatus coming up and I just won't last, and I hate cliffhangers, and... aaah. I'm kind of saving it up, like a squirrel burying nuts.

And now, your regularly scheduled SGA babbling )

I have a crush on Ronon Dex.
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Anybody watch Pushing Daisies? Anybody willing to beta somewhere under 2k of Ned/Chuck?

This is mostly a song in praise of Daniel Jackson. Spoilers through SG1 Season 4ish )

Me: I spent a week being very very sad. Now I am nearing the end of a week spent battling the Flu From Hell. Muscle achy, feverish, can't get warm, can't breathe, can hardly get vertical, barely coherent for large sections of the day- you name it, I did it. Now it's just "hacking cough and exhausted" territory. Have accomplished nothing, on any front- getting a job, writing, other personal projects- since I moved here. Really... becoming problematic. Sense another week of being sad and moping unproductively coming on. Not sure what to do about this. Sorry if I am being antisocial and uncommunicative. I'm working on it, I promise.

Oh yes- let's file "starting to read The Stand with a flu coming on" under "things wot are creepy."
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Freakishly enough, despite wasting five solid hours today on way too much driving and poor planning and people who don't keep appointments (grrr) I was able to knock out my whole to-do list by 7:00 and watch some TV.

I am thinking about starting a blog series entitled 'sexism at the Home Depot.' )

So I finally got to finish that Stargate movie! )

Doctor Who and Captain Jack )

Just finished "The Fifth Head of Cerberus" for the third time. I am Gene Wolfe's bitch. The man is a genius and I want to fall down at his feet and intone "I'm not worthy." More than that, I want to watch him in some kind of gladiator-pit to-the-death brain-match against Umberto Eco. With Thomas Pynchon coaching. And Jorge Luis Borges judging. Okay, shutting up now.
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I just watched seven straight hours of Torchwood. I spent practically the entire time dancing about making noises audible only to dogs. I have NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY. Jack/Ianto is my new greatest OTP of all time. Seriously, I think I love them more than Sirius/Remus (the previous holders of the all-time crown).

Jack/Ianto is my HAPPY PLACE now. I just... I have NO WORDS.

If I start typing, I will keep typing for pages and pages and pages and pages about the joy of this show, so I won't start. And if I list all the Ianto moments I love, I will list EVERY LINE the man has spoken.

But one thing is just cracking me right up:About SPN, spoilery for TW 2x7 )

I would PAY someone SO MUCH to write me that porn. Surely there is someone out there who finds this set-up as hilarious as I do? Somebody? (she says, into the cavernous echo of her non-TW-fans flist)
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So because of Torchwood and my con I am like four days behind the rest on fandom so I didn't watch SPN 3x11 until just now and *FLAIL* )



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