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I did it. It is done and I have done it. Dear God please let me not have to do that again.

I wouldn't wish the entire process on my worst enemy.

Studying for the bar not only makes you crazy, it also makes you really really boring to talk to or be around. I apologize.

Five thousand bar takers in New York City. Have never felt so much like a head of cattle in my life.

You'd think a convention center in Manhattan would be better at crowd control.

Five thousand people taking a six-hour long test with one very short, strictly enforced lunch break... is like an illustration of potty parity. I know a couple girls who spent their entire lunch breaks in line.

On much the same note, the cab stand basically looked like the Hunger Games.

On day two, when I finished the morning a bit early, I actually had a really good lunch. I walked up to the Empire State Building, and got cart hotdogs, and walked back down to the Hudson River Park and wandered around, and sat and ate watching the water. And then walked to the subway afterward and went past my favorite subway art. I know other people love their cities- really, I do, I know I'm not the only person in the world who loves her city- but sometimes it just blows me away that I'm lucky enough to live here.

Perhaps the oddest thing about the entire damn experience is how NICE people are to you. Everybody taking the bar is identified by a bright green wristband. You see anybody you recognize in a wristband? "Hey! Good luck! You're doing great!" Anybody recognizes you in a line? "Hey! Almost over, hang in there!" The proctor, walking down the row and getting us all to sign in? "You guys are doing so good, you're almost done!" The guy behind me in line at Subway? "Hey, you're taking the bar? My aunt took it a couple years ago. My aunt's kind of a moron, so if she can pass you definitely will. Good luck!" Random people on the street? "Hey, you're one of the bar people- chin up! You can do it!" A woman in a flight attendant uniform going to the airport shuttle stopped when we were in line to tell us her son was taking it in California right now, and then she went down the line pointing at each person individually yelling "You're going to pass! And you're doing to pass! And you're going to pass!" until the shuttle honked. Seriously, I had no idea this was such a cultural Thing. Probably never again in my life will so many random strangers be so nice to me on one day.

And yet, despite everybody being REALLY nice, and the fact that I had wine and cake waiting for me at home, I still don't want to do it again.

Nest up: major medical shit, giant fights about money, job I am in no way prepared for. This couple month stretch is shaping up extraordinarily unpleasant.
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Apparently Jews wear costumes to celebrate Purim. I did not know this.

It's not so notable that there is a Jewish holiday that involves costumes. Nor is it notable that on such a holiday, the New York subways would be full of Jews in costumes.

What is notable is that yesterday afternoon I got on a subway car packed to the gills with Orthodox men wearing neon clown costumes with tzitzis hanging out and jester hats attached with little kippah clips, and my reaction was basically "look, another Thursday." Oh, New York.

Oh, hey, queer girls: Jennifer Morrison cares about us and wants us to be happy.
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So I'm looking for someplace to live in DC over the summer, and it's tough. The problem, basically, is that a commute of longer than 45 minutes seems completely inhumane to me. Plus, it seems inconceivable to live someplace that doesn't have, with a roughly five-block radius, a subway stop, at least three different kinds of restaurants (at least one 24-hour delivery), two bars, a drugstore, and a basic grocery store (also 24 hours). And this is a bare minimum, you understand, much less than where I'm living now. Plus, I keep looking at possible addresses in google maps satellite view, and it turns out that seeing expanses of parking lots now makes me a little bit sick to my stomach.

I have reached the somewhat distressing conclusion: I can never, ever, move away from New York. In less than nine months, this city has ruined me. I mean, this is DC I'm trying to move to, it's not like I'm going back to Texas or something. But still. Parking lots everywhere. That's just... terrible.
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Christmas! I got fantastic cards from [personal profile] sid and [personal profile] stultiloquentia and [personal profile] jenrose, and [personal profile] erda, who sent me a magnet, and [personal profile] squirelawrence, whose card is Classy, and [personal profile] hilarytamar, who I forgot to thank like a week ago.

I love this time of year! Thank you everybody!

School: The semester went astonishingly well. The exams... not so much. My procrastination is still a Problem (I'm doing it right now, in fact). It's all my own fault, and I will do better in Spring.

New York: Ooops, that got long )

Fail in the News: I love Sady Doyle.

Narnia: I don't have much to say about the movie (this is a lie: I have a MILLION things to say about the movie, but they're all very predictable and I said them all to [personal profile] watersword in person). Sure, much of the movie Did It Wrong, and having Caspian aged up so dramatically changes things, but. But they got Reepicheep right, and that's all I cared about.

But I did manage to find two of my old fic recs for [personal profile] watersword- the one about the magician's book, and the one that is so much more than just a threesome. (And if you ever feel the need for Problem Of Susan fic- and who doesn't?- I reccd four of those over at crack_van too)

Misc Fannish Other: Inception, mostly )
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*Stitch and bitch lovely, very soothing, enjoyable.

*Weekend as a whole, in fact, wonderful beyond my expectations.

*I just broke out the winter sweaters and discovered I have moths. DAMMIT. I have almost no clothes that fit, and absolutely no professionally-appropriate clothes (which is about to become a hugely expensive problem in my life). I really cannot afford this.

*Because I am utterly in love with my new city, Wired's What a hundred million 311 calls reveal about New York. Because I am the sort of dork that finds urban planning fascinating.

*Law school workload has just pushed me past "frantic and terrified" and into the realm of cheerful "who gives a shit." I mean, I obviously won't get everything done, so... fine.
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1: Go Log Cabin Republicans!

2: Was delayed 15 minutes today because my subway entrance was roped off to film a scene of Gossip Girl. Got to see somebody putatively famous, with very shiny hair, walk up a set of stairs and check her phone in dismay about seven times in a row. (I assume this hardly counts as a spoiler?)

Possibly I live in New York.

3: I have missed swing dancing. Easy to forget just how fun it is.
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Patrick Stewart is doing A Life in the Theatre. (Written by David Mamet the Pulitzer winner, which might mean something to theater fans, with TR Knight from Grey's Anatomy, which might mean something to fangirls). It looks like preview tickets might be available for the evening of the 22nd, 23rd, or 24th of September at $35 each, if we move *really* fast. Anyone who might be interested? Speak now or forever hold your peace. (ETA: the day I'm going to is all full)

(If I keep up at this rate, I am going to see a frightening amount of theater in New York. But really. Patrick Stewart.)
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So CB, my cousin who has no affiliation with my school but just moved here for a job at the same time I did, has a crush on D, who sits directly behind me in class. They're both Mormon, you see, and met independent of me at a church new-to-town meet and greet. I believe they call this a Big City Coincidence. Either that or a sitcom plot.

She wants me to do detective work for her. I was able to confirm that he went to BYU and wears a CTR ring, but she wants more. More? Well... I can tell you everything you want to know about his opinions on early 20th century railroad worker injury caselaw?

She wasn't appeased.

Of course, it then turned out that S, the closest thing I've made to a friend actually at this school, is sleeping with the Other S, the guy who I was working up to asking out. Except it might not be going so well and she wants me to do some buffer duty between them.

Then I went out to the Soup Nazi store. On the way home, I overheard a truly surreal, indecipherable-out-of-context conversation on the subway.

When I got back to my place, there were a couple people sitting out on the metal fire escape chatting and smoking and spying on their neighbors. They waved to me.

I have reached the completely inarguable conclusion: I am a recurring character on Friends.

I don't think there's any other explanation.

(Aside: Freshdirect.com is a wonderful, wonderful company and I want to spread their gospel far and wide. That said, they apparently sometimes surprise their customers with "today's free peak produce." I now have a... Thing, by appearance perhaps some member of the melon family, larger than my head, sitting on my kitchen counter. I'm a little creeped out by it. The surreality of my life only increases.)
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As of tomorrow morning, I will have no internet save by phone. The idea of putting everything I own into the hands of some random guy in brown shorts is nervous-making at best.

Still kissing many frogs at Kradam Big Bang, but Simon's is cute cute cute cute cute, almost debilitatingly cute. And Ready Now is... *flails* It's, like, romantic and plotty and gripping and mesmerizing and the ending! The ending of this fic! Is like the ending of every romantic comedy I've ever rolled my eyes through times a million, except for being totally awesome.

Apparently I have a ticket to see Zachary Quinto in Angels in America in November. Because I am moving to NEW YORK and apparently this is what I do now- hook up with awesome fangirls to see Zachary fucking Quinto in a well respected off-Broadway play revival and then go party just because I can. How is this my life?

This almost makes up for the complete and total panic.


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