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I seem to have lost my attention span for novels. I haven't been able to keep my mind on anything longer than a novella in a month. I really hope this is temporary.

Science Fiction: The Best of the Year 2006 ) Fictions, Jorge Luis Borges )
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A Universal History of Iniquity, Jorge Luis Borges

Actually I read this as part of the big “Collected Fictions” omnibus, but I’m not going to get through that in one chunk so I figure let’s mention Borges as I finish the original collections.

Until now, I knew Borges only by reputation... )

In short, I’m going to adore Borges, but I can’t read too much of him at once.
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Only 13 more days till I go home for Christmas!

Successful days of writing: 12

I am DONE with my Christmas shopping!  *Victory dance*

I am missing home more than I thought I was. I just voluntarily downloaded the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Christmas album. God, this is definitive proof that I miss my daddy.

If I reach for the Gladys Knight, please shoot me?

For somebody who is such an atheist, I sure do get weird about Christmas.  The entire year revolves around it, for me, and I start listening to religious music basically 24/7, which is... weird.  But I crave it, every year.  Every year I end up cursing the fact that secular music tends to be either incredibly trite or sappily over-sentimental.  Only religious music is really moving in the way I crave.  I just... feel odd, singing hymns.  I love Christmas, and I don't want to be any other way about it, but still. 

My knee nearly popped out again this morning, which means I need to start working out again NOW, OR ELSE because when my ligaments get weak enough that the knee starts popping out, I am in serious pain for a significant amount of time. Curses. I don't WANNA work out!

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Antipodes, short stories by David Malouf (the Australian guy).


These shorts remind me of nothing so much as the Dubliners.  They are small, self-contained, sparse and brightly polished, centering on moments of epiphany (So pretty much exactly the Dubliners).  I sometimes think that they are a little too overwrought for the depth of the epiphany they are actually dealing with, and some of them are a little too concerned with being deep and obscure, I think.  But thought provoking and at times beautiful. 

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Fragile Things, Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman may be following in the Neil Stephenson path of “got too famous and now his editors are afraid of him.”  Fragile Things has some incredible, vibrant, creepy, ingenious, imaginative stories that only Neil Gaiman could have written.  The Lovecraftian ones are especially welcome, as Gaimon writes Lovecraft-style oblique horror a lot better than Lovecraft ever did.  The Sherlock Holmes/Lovecraft crossover (yes, I’m serious) is exactly the sort of crazy crossover done perfectly that one expects from really good fanfic.  I love those moments when published sci-fi authors reveal themselves to be just big fanboys like us, you know?  Anyway, that’s some of them.  But there are also a LOT of stories in this collection that read like a draft (or worse yet, just a sketch of an idea) that he found in a shoebox in his attic, old stories he couldn’t publish then, but he can NOW, because now he’s famous and no editor will tell him to dump them.  I don’t know, maybe that’s partly my bias against poetry talking, but even aside from the poetry there were stories in here that just shouldn’t have seen the light of day.  I know Gaiman is capable of much tighter and more polished work than a lot of them, and I just wished this collection had a little more discipline. 


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