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So, Johnny Weir finally came out, eh? (And the internet gets so predictably sarcastic)

I adore [personal profile] watersword forever for showing me this (and also every other clip of him singing on YouTube). Joseph Gordon-Levitt, people: my new fannish boyfriend. ADORABLE. OMG. CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH.

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May. 30th, 2010 01:52 pm
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Protip: Prince of Persia is bad. Like, really bad. Embarrassingly, aggressively, I would even say offensively bad. It's baldy plotted, badly written, badly cast, and badly acted... and, insult to injury, the awesome freerunning stunts that a Prince of Persia movie obviously should have don't even measure up. In every way that a movie can be bad, this movie is bad. Plus (and this is a personal pet peeve of mine) it's set in "the Middle East" in "the past." Whatever, movie.

I don't care, because I just ordered a laptop! I got an absolutely shiny new Dell Mini 10 for $299.

After taxes and a shiny new mouse, it came to $352. At that price, I feel like I just stole it. Holy shit.

God, I am, like... buying school things. School technology things and school wardrobe things. And doing school vaccination forms and loan paperwork and pre-orientation online stuff and and and...
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Point the First: I am having good luck with obscure movies lately. Where the Heart Is was almost embarrassingly adorable (not to mention surreal, bizarre, hilarious, and highly entertaining). Treed Murray was actually quite good- good in a very particular, writerly, theater-feeling kind of way. Actually, it reminded me of nothing so much as Twelve Angry Men, though I'd have a hard time justifying that comparison. In any case, the script was good, I enjoyed the one-set feel, and Hewlett absolutely carried the movie... except for the times when he was outshone by the startlingly magnetic, charismatic, powerful Cle Bennett as Shark the gang leader. And the last Hewlett thing I grabbed, Cube (which has been on my "SF cult movies" to-watch list for years) was creepy as fuck oh my god. So, all in all, I'm liking my movie-picking mojo right now.

Point the Second: In twelve hours, [livejournal.com profile] bdblack will be here. With luck, this will help immensely with the current funk.

Point the Third: [livejournal.com profile] wyomingnot talked to me about Leverage.

This makes me think: Surely somewhere out there is the crossover/fusion/AU that puts Alec Hardison and Rodney McKay in a room together. It must exist. Think about it.

(Seriously, if Rodney's life had taken only a slightly different turn, he could totally have become a brilliant cyber-criminal. And Rodney would be, like, the old acknowledged master, and Hardison would be the up-and-coming arrogant pup with no respect and they would totally hate each other and then somehow the Leverage team and the SGA team (Spies Getting Awesome! Because John thought the acronym sounded cool. Rodney cannot remember why they ever started letting John name things, but Ronon and Teyla don't care what they're called) end up working the same job. This has the added advantage of having Eliot and Ronon in the same room too, possibly beating each other up. While Rodney and Hardison snark a lot.

If somebody gave me the plot for the job, I would totally write this, but I can't imagine somebody hasn't already)
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I had an attack of total randomness and watched "Men With Brooms" today. It turns out that 1. Paul Gross can indeed make curling seem intense and passionate and beautiful and poetic (that man just shines. He shines. He makes me believe in auras), 2. I find Molly Parker stunningly hot, with her freckles and her dimples and her laugh, when she's not playing a wan opium addict, and 3. Wacky Canadian humor does indeed win.

Seriously, that's more cheese than I've consumed in movie form... possibly ever, and it was fun.

I am a day late and a dollar short- actually, I am going on a week late- but there was some fabulous stuff at the [livejournal.com profile] teal_ficathon this year and I need to rec.

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The thing about SF fandom, sometimes, is that the porn is hilarious. And I don't mean this in a bad way at all- not even a teeny-tiny bit. It's great.

I am speaking, you see, of [livejournal.com profile] john_farr, the multiple-AU built around that time John Sheppard went into Ponn Farr (subtitle: because mating cycles are hot!). Or at least, it starts that way (you should start here, which is short and sexy), and then balloons out into no less than four interconnected AUs where, due to Goauld manipulation, human physiology is very different. As an open 'verse the writing is inconsistent, of course- but might I recommend the sequel Skin Hunger, the John backstory Battlefield, and the Uni!John and Virgin!John AU branches?

And the thing about this is that I honestly have no idea if I have to hit my bunk or if I am just going to sit here giggling wildly. Because seriously: shit like this only happens in SF fanfic. Aliens make them do it! Ancient tech gives them telepathy/tentacles/an insatiable sex drive/whatever! Sex pollen! Elaborately constructed plotty setups that boil down to, "due to the applied phlebotinum, you must have sex or die. Get to it." And, seriously, it's ridiculous but it really hits the Id vortex buttons, doesn't it?

And just then I saw that [livejournal.com profile] paian posted fic, which always sends me into raptures of joy- but it turns out to be a double whammy. A sex pollen (in her warning, she says: aliens-gave-them-an-excuse-to-do-it. Truth in warnings! ♥) but also an alien-tech SF plot device that is on the face of it sort of ridiculous (in the best possible way) and yet allows for this intense, desperate, bizarre and disorienting non-con voyeurism thing that is hot as fuck and Jesus, I will be in my bunk.

Oh, science fiction. *rueful headshake* Ever since the original Star Trek writers came up with Ponn Farr, the descendants of which are God's gift to porn, I tell you. My love knows no bounds.

(And yes, I've been reading this stuff for a LONG TIME. I have no idea why the ridiculousness of it all hit me so hard just now)

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Just wanted to point out to everybody that A Dog's Breakfast is on Hulu. You guys, it's adorable. Seriously. It's totally, "David Hewlett calls his best buddies and says, hey, I found 20 bucks under my couch cushions, wanna put on a show?" The snarky meta commentary is hilarious. The writing is hilarious. David's physical comedy is hilarious. Christopher Judge's appearance is flailingly fantastic. The only disappointing part of the whole business is the fact that Paul McGillion has better legs than I do. For a movie made over hiatus with, like, six guys and their pooled lunch money? It's fabulous. Also, if my sister and I are half as adorable together in twenty years as David and Kate, I will be so happy. I just want to smish them.

The Yiddish Policeman's Union, Michael Chabon

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This whole "resurrection of the Western" thing we're doing right now? I LOVE it. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. This movie? Is slashy like an astonishingly slashy thing, and is gorgeously shot with beautiful landscapes and sets, and moves with gorgeous, deliberate, careful pacing, and has some of the most beautifully perfect, stoic, quiet, funny, understated dialog of all time, and the most interesting characters, and the most intensely sexy alpha-male face-off I've ever seen, and centers around an intense, complex, difficult, painful, heartbreaking, beautiful relationship of devotion and unspoken understanding between two gorgeous men.

Every slash fan on my flist? Needs to watch this YESTERDAY.
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I just saw Wall-E and I am all a-squee. As a sweet anthropomorphic little love story of surpassing cuteness, it rules. As SF, of course, it sucks big donkey balls, but that's not what we came for, no? I understand everybody being pissed about the fat-people mockery. Except that was actually a ham-handed attempt to shortcut the entire process of creating a dystopia... which is okay, because well-done SF dystopia isn't what we came for (and if it was, oh boy are you in trouble), but it sure would have been good if they could have pushed their shorthand more towards "children" and less towards "fat slobs," because "children" was more the real part. But the anthropomorphizing! The facial expressions and body language of all the little robots! The little cleaning bot is my favorite sidekick of all time now. And the sound editing, all the incredibly expressive beeps and clicks...

The Pixar people are just brilliant.

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I-10 was closed right outside Las Cruces, all the way to the Arizona border, apparently because of high winds. For fully four miles up to the closure, both shoulders were lined by semis. A solid unbroken line of them, all stopped and just sitting there, with no drivers visible.

It looked like the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse.

New Mexico sure doesn't look like it's at it's best, economically, does it? I mean, stuff is run-down, boarded up, rusted out... the outskirts of Las Cruces look a lot like a hotter, dustier version of the worst Rust Belt horror stories I've heard. I sure as hell would not want to be trying to get a job there.

Indiana Jones was a thoroughly awful movie, for reasons of story structure (why KGB instead of Nazis? Why aliens instead of God?), character motivation (when did we stop caring about putting it in a museum, or about keeping it out of the hands of the bad guys, and start caring about returning it to the aliens? And why wasn't Miriam as awesome as we know she is?), predictability (what, you think that's Indy's son? No!), suspension of disbelief problems (the waterfalls? Really?), and just general idiocy (oh god, the FRIDGE OF DOOM). Which sucks because it had the potential to be a VERY VERY good movie ([livejournal.com profile] miriad came up with one beautiful plot for Indy 4- her husband and I came up with another). But in the end, Shea whats-his-name was good and Harrison Ford was FANTASTIC and the fight scenes were Indy fight scenes, even if they were about five hours long and had the quality of parody, so... *shrug*

I had fun.
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Freakishly enough, despite wasting five solid hours today on way too much driving and poor planning and people who don't keep appointments (grrr) I was able to knock out my whole to-do list by 7:00 and watch some TV.

I am thinking about starting a blog series entitled 'sexism at the Home Depot.' )

So I finally got to finish that Stargate movie! )

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Just finished "The Fifth Head of Cerberus" for the third time. I am Gene Wolfe's bitch. The man is a genius and I want to fall down at his feet and intone "I'm not worthy." More than that, I want to watch him in some kind of gladiator-pit to-the-death brain-match against Umberto Eco. With Thomas Pynchon coaching. And Jorge Luis Borges judging. Okay, shutting up now.
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I got NOTHING done this weekend. Less than nothing. I've never accomplished so little on a weekend. I am so behind on EVERYTHING. Why am I a slug who accomplishes nothing?

I babbled in [profile] dodger_winslow 's journal, before I saw the post asking people not to talk about John's parenting anymore, so I feel a bit lousy for that. But I do still find myself fascinated and invested in fandom discussions of John's parenting, even if I do tie myself up in knots with the complexity of his character.

I watched The Lives Of Others, that big foreign-language winner last year, about the Stasi agent in early-eighties Eastern Germany. I watched it mostly because of Abigail Nussbaum's spoilery review here (She is my favorite reviewer online). I really have nothing I can possibly add- it's an incredible, amazing, sparse, painful, beautiful movie.

So, you know that drop-out speech Mitt Romney gave? You know how it was horrifically insulting, basically straight-up saying that voting Democrat was handing the country to terrorists? And then blabbling about how it's the evil sluts and homos that are going to ruin this country? And how watching that speech pretty much made you want to put your fist through his face? Well, Jon Stewart has fun with that speech here. Thank God there's a way to laugh at stuff like this, or I would be crying.

Random note from SPN 3x10:
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Random: Last night was the first time since I moved to California that I've been able to lay in bed at night listening to the rain. It was wonderful.

So dad sent me Red River and I finally watched it.

I enjoyed that so much more than I expected even )

Anyway, [personal profile] desertport , I know you expressed some interest in this one so I put it up on Megaupload:
part 1
part 2

That's open for anyone who wants it- I recommend it, obviously, though you have to have a certain level of tolerance for the inherent cheesiness of the genre. Grab it now, since I don't know how long those links will work for.

Next up on the Western obsession: Tombstone! And them hopefully The Magnificent Seven. Though I see the guy who played Cherry was in Rawhide, so I might have to get that...

Aaaaaaaand, now I have the Rawhide song stuck in my head. Right on cue, there.

ETA: On the list of life lessons learned, I'm gonna file "go shopping right before the Superbowl" under things NOT to do again. That said, I got some awesome deals on candy. Momma's eatin' good this week!
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You wanna talk about charity? We got your Sweet Charity right here! Over $19,000 raised to support those in the industry affected by the writers strike. Can I get a rousing chant of fans rule! here please?

Plus, now I get to make [personal profile] marinarusalka  knit for me. *whipcrack* knit, ho, knit! Seriously, we've discussed my goodie and it's going to be so soft and pretty. *excited*

In other news, Obama trounces Clinton in SC. I think trouncing is just about the only possible word for that. Yaay! (Yes, I said Obama trounces Clinton, not Obama trounces Hillary. I am on a little campaign right now because I am tired of all the other candidates being called by her last name but the woman just gets to be "Hillary." I know there's an element of Bill and name confusion, but it still rubs me the wrong way and I hope it changes.)

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Thank you for all your help with the sales conference. I really appreciate your efforts. The band was PERFECT...I'm so glad you found them. You did so much of the detail work...sometimes redoing...but it all made for a better product. I know I drive you crazy, but I want you to know I genuinely appreciate your help.

You know what's really annoying? When people make it SO HARD for you to keep hating them!

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Random: Today, the cat stepped on the on/off switch to my power strip and I lost an amount of work that might be roughly estimated at "a whole lot."


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So I have read and watched a ton of stuff recently, and I was just blown away by a lot of it.

The Road, Cormac McCarthy

Chalk another one up under 'things that make me sob in inappropriate places.' (I'm sorry, random man who had to sit next to a sobbing woman on an airplane!) )

I Am Legend

Wow. )

3:10 to Yuma

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