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What I knew about Evidence 24 hours ago: There’s something called hearsay, and that’s no good.

24 hours later… I don’t even know that. (This is a lie; I’m also good on FRE 702 and Daubert. As long as every evidence question is about expert testimony, I’ll pass! What do you suppose my chances are?)

Vid rec. Seriously, this vid is amazing. )

And so I watched it a bunch of times today, because it’s one of those examples of beauty and meaning and resonance from the most unexpected direction, and I am always so grateful when a fan-creator blindsides me that way.
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I left fandom for a couple months (because of my AMAZING SUMMER JOB OMG) so of course I missed Space Girl by [personal profile] charmax until now. It is, of course, an amazing vid. It's basically the entire history of televised science fiction as seen through the lens of female characters, with all the kitch and tropes and awesomeness and awe that suggests. Amazing.

Speaking of which.

On Friday, this happened for the last time.

in which I am sentimental, also tl;dr )

Everyone -- EVEYONE -- who feels even the smallest fraction of what I do about this needs to go watch To Touch the Face of God by [livejournal.com profile] destina, and good luck to the Atlantis crew for their safe return home.
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So Muskrat Jamboree was awesome. I know it was days ago now, but I'm so busy I can hardly cope and haven't even done the post-con round of friending (hopefully tonight). But. It was great meeting you all! I shall try to look you up! I was surprised by how many people I recognized from BP last year, and even from Wincon before that. The slash-con-going world is pretty small, and people are so fantasically nice even to someone who is basically a lurker. I love it.

The vidshow was fantastic, especially the Harry Potter vid We're Marching On, which made the con collectively bawl like babies.

Gender issues in fic panel was also excellent. Recs should hopefully be here, including a couple trans fic recs from me.

AO3 has subscriptions now! Thank God. With fandom splintering off lj this last few years, I've been having a harder and harder time getting to know people and finding fic. Anyway, I haven't written in ages and my WIP list is basically a fond and wistful dream, but I am a lemming:

I'm at faviconDragoJustine and fandoms you may possibly see someday if I ever write again (damn law school) are Inception, Adam Lambert, and SG1!

For the record, I shall be in DC this summer and have a place to sublet in NYC. Just... putting that out into the fanosphere.
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[personal profile] watersword is deeply awesome and I adore her. She comes with pretty cool friends, too.

Happy Halloween! If you haven't already seen it, go watch Zombie Jamboree. Also, fic where Adam is a zombie, and fic where Tommy is a vampire. They are both excellent, because [personal profile] blue_soaring is one of the best Adam/Tommy authors out there.

I continue in my struggle to figure out how to stop procrastinating and actually get my work done. Signs are not good. But I absolutely love my life right now, so that's okay.

On a less happy note: Okay, now Glee is just FUCKING with me. So much potential for awesome, so much fail in execution! The only good thing to come out of that is the fact that I've now heard Anthony Head singing Sweet Transvestite. Dynamite. (I had known he played the role, but I knew that back before I had seen any Buffy, so I didn't care)
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Life- irrelevant to all you )

Everybody in the world has already seen SG-1 The Movie. Fantastic pick-me-up.

Glam rec: The Good Times Are Killing Me, which is a month old but just surpassed Drive-By Devotion as my favorite Tommy characterization ever. I adore when he's all dudely and inarticulate and dirty-talking and has the gender politics of a caveman but is secretly pleased as punch at the idea of being the girl.
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[livejournal.com profile] help_haiti! Go here to snag a $25 Nordstrom gift card on the cheap, or here to bid on my beta services.

Festivids just went live, and I come with recs!

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow is for Slings & Arrows, and it is gorgeous. This is exactly why we love Geoffrey, that he feels this deeply, even melodramatically. This vid perfectly captures his sheer blinding intensity of emotion- of course, for him, the story of Geoffrey and Ellen and Oliver was grand epic. They were Romeo and Juliet, they were Antony and Cleopatra, and how- how could reality ever compete with that? That is what Ellen gives him, what perhaps all three of them gave each other. The vid is sad, because no love story can be that intense without being at least a little bit a tragedy, but also beautiful.

Lullabye for a Stormy Night is for Sound of Music, and if you have any emotional attachment to Sound of Music at all, you should watch it. Just so much love between all the characters, and the song is so beautiful.

Of Monsters and Heroes and Men is for Gladiator. This vid is long and meaty and seems to be carefully constructed. I'm not sure I Get it, but I like the attention paid to Juba, and I like the honor paid to Marcus Aurelius in the first verse, and I adore the song (never heard it before, but it's going on the ipod), so I'll at least watch a few more times and see how much I can find there.

Le Disko is for The Neverending Story, and it makes you wanna dance. So much fun! But also, Neverending Story was at base a meta tale, and this vid works on that level as well- this is exactly how it feels to be ten years old and reading really good fantasy.

I'm a little sad these vids aren't downloadable- hopefully they will be after reveal? But in any case, fun fest.
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I am so freakin sad about the cancellation of SGA. I mean, I will miss those characters! But then again, SGA is pretty much the epitome of a "fic is better than the show" fandom, and I almost like SGA better the less of it I watch, so, you know...

Vid stuff, from VVC con reports I've seen )


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