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Because I would be remiss if I didn't pass it on, The Periodic Table of Storytelling. There should totally be some kind of random-element-generator prompt meme, Y/N?

Via [personal profile] cofax7, the Guardian is doing some kind of SF thing.

Calvin & Hobbes futurefic gets me right where I live. Have Hobbes and Bacon part one and two.

Aliens, zombies, and plauges, oh my )

And the life update )
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Wow. Apparently babbling about cooking and domesticity really hits hot buttons on my flist. Kind of like my office supplies lust, I am like, "who knew?" I keep writing these things and then I end up feeling much less alone. General hugs at y'all.

The stunning [livejournal.com profile] eighth_horizon wrote The gayest gen story ever. It's glorious (SPN, NOT Sam/Dean).

TOMORROW. TOMORROW MY SHOW COMES BACK. I could capslock forever. All squee here is redundant. I won't actually get to see it till Friday, but still. I just rewatched the Dean-on-Dean scene in Dream a Little Dream of Me. Oh, Dean. *flails*

I just read the casting descriptions for SGU. I could die laughing. Those really could be fantastic characters in a fantastic show-- there's a shitload of potential there, and with SGA fans moving over I assume the fic will be good-- but obviously the actual show won't be any good. Plus, have you noticed all the emphasis on how beautiful everybody is? Just once, I would like to see a set of character descriptions of perfectly average-looking people.

Remember, writers: If the character is good enough, and the acting is good enough, people will eroticize him anyway. Just look at Rodney McKay!
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I've spent something like 12 hours in the car over the past four days, which explains all the tl;dr.

First, recs: )

I just reccd gen and femslash. Hold me.

I didn't feel the need to say anything about Whispers )

But, while we're rambling about the women in Whispers... )

Sometimes I really like writing Not!Fic like that. It's a whole lot easier than actual fic.
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I love my sister so much )

A list of randomness, after my near-week of absence:

-Between [livejournal.com profile] lazy_daze's Wincest(SPN NC-17 Sam/Dean, obviously), [livejournal.com profile] princessofg's remix of [livejournal.com profile] paian's Come What May (SG1 Jack/Daniel), and [livejournal.com profile] thenyxie's homework verse (CWRPS Jensen/Jared, very good, very NC-17 D/s- she just posted a time-stamp with rope bondage, but what you REALLY want to read is part three, with the orgasm control. HOT LIKE BURNING), this has been a very good few days for porn.

-OMG SO MUCH OLYMPICS *dead of athletic prowess*

-I am SO BUSY all of a sudden. Between the real-estate stuff for family(involving SO MUCH TIME, even if nothing terribly difficult), and tutoring, which is now sitting at seven lessons a week (but will soon be nine, which is a 36 hour a week time commitment, more or less), plus my course (which I am slacking on), plus really wanting to get back in shape... gah.

-But, that means that I will break even this month. For the first month since MARCH, so my savings are looking pretty anemic. But I will be even for August and in the black for September and October. I do not know about November and December, though.

-And that, in turn, means that I will probably be able to go to a con this fall. So... Wincon or Bascon? [livejournal.com profile] winchestercon is kicking back up and I think I need to make a definite decision on that one way or the other if I'm to find a roommate, so... *wibbles frantically* I am going to Wincon!. Anybody who has space in their room, tell me? I will be asking those of you who I know will be there.

-I have not written all week. In 11 days, actually, now that I check. I lost momentum while C was here, and now I've... hit a wall. I have SO MANY bunnies and WIPpets and "I-wanna"s, but I am just... stuck. I psych myself out because I want to write well. I'm so fucking proud of Five First Kisses, but I just can't do stuff I'm proud of on command and I hate beating away at something that isn't good. But there is a deadline of September 4th for the [livejournal.com profile] spn_nostalgia, so maybe I will just force myself to buckle down on that project, and hell if it's pedestrian and formulaic? Gah.
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Pimpage: The Sharpest Lives, because the only thing better than Winchesters are knife-throwing circus performer Winchesters.

You know I'd babble about SGA eventually, right? )
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Rec: nothing seems to let me go by [livejournal.com profile] regala_electra. It's a Sam/Dean fusion with The Time Traveller's Wife- short, simple, beautiful, gorgeously subtle, and just generally one of those fics that you didn't know NEEDED to be written until someone went and wrote it.

The swing dance group turned me down, but it was one of those "we like you a lot, you just aren't ready" things and I was very proud of what I did and it was all in all a wonderfully positive experience, for being my first ever audition for anything.

This is the kind of dork I am today )
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First of all: [livejournal.com profile] desertport wrote this thing. Which I didn't link to before because I was busy having my crisis, but it's a SPN poem. And it hits me HARD square in the epic-heroic-tradition kink, but beyond that it's just lyrical and gorgeous and... God. Amazing.

Second: SG1 just gave me CANON BODYSWAP. Yes. CANON. BODYSWAP. Jack-in-Teal'c's-body being sarcastic! Jack-in-Daniel's-body and Daniel-in-Jack's body interacting and being all confused! CANON BODYSWAP. I just... *flappy hands* Oh, show &hearts

Now, I need bodyswap porn. Because there is never enough bodyswap porn in the world.

link to some Doctor Who meta )
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I babble about Sam/Dean by way of SG1. It works in my head. )

Sam and Dean totally pass the broccoli test, by the way. Sam knows Dean wants broccoli, but he's pissed off that Dean won't just TELL him, and refuses to get it until Dean TALKS to him, and then finally gives up and gets in anyway. Dean, in the meantime, knows Sam wants broccoli, but he gets pie instead because he knows Sam will like that better. Then Sam gets pissed at Dean for not knowing he wanted broccoli, and Dean can't admit that he knew about the broccoli but got the pie instead to try to make Sam happy (because that's completely girly and emo), so he just pretends the pie was for himself anyway. I think that counts as a pass, in its own warped way.
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Oh god. I have been just WALLOWING in fanfic. Really. Since December 23rd I have done basically nothing but read and read and read and it's been phenomenally fabulous. There's tons of stuff I meant to write, and journal entries and reviews of stuff and yada, but I've just been gobbling up this fantastic fic like a starving woman.

Constance: The Harry Potter, Pan's Labyrinth, and Narnia recs are for you. If you read any of them and like them, say something to me instead of being all secretive. Cause you're like a ghost!

The rest of this stuff is mostly a list, for my own purposes. Cause all this Yuletide stuff has been rec'd EVERYWHERE already. Also, I feel pretty lame for not posting this list before authors were revealed, but it's just because I was too busy wallowing in joy!

First: my first actual fic was rec'd at [livejournal.com profile] crack_imapala! That is like, the awesomest piece of awesomeness to ever happen to me. *awesome happy dance*

Second: I got gifts for [livejournal.com profile] spn_holidays. Which I know is kind of the point, but I was a little surprised by it. And they are fantastic gifts, too. Especially cause my Voyeur!Sam request was written by possibly the hottest threesome writer on the planet, [livejournal.com profile] thenyxie.
Anyway, my request for gen John fic: Cigarette Burns R for violence, awesome for flashbacks and lyrical prose.
And my request for Dean/OC, Voyeur!Sam: Bodies in Motion, NC-17 (oh so very)

Third, I read some great Harry Potter het stuff )

Fourth, I read great SPN and J2 stuff )

And Finally, YULETIDE! Fandoms: Brokeback Mountain, Chuck, Mary Poppins, MASH, Mythology- Greek and Roman, Narnia, Neverending Story, Pan's Labyrinth, Shakespeare, Slings & Arrows, Stardust, Watership Down )

The scary thing? This rec list is approximately a FIFTH of the fics I've read in the last week. And I have a list of 150 more Yuletide stories and 14 SPN fics to read. I told you I've been wallowing! It's been so fun.
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This stuff is SO FUNNY. I am dying of laughter over here. )
I just watched 8 episodes straight of Dexter. )
[livejournal.com profile] fleshflutter's Mini-nano has me on the edge of my seat. I am TERRIFIED for both of the boys right now. This is the most gripping WIP I've ever read, and I just can't stop thinking about it. Is it tomorrow yet?
Prisoners in Camp Kim in the American Conservative. First-hand accounts of North Korea utterly fascinate me. It's just... a truly, inconceivably bizarre situation, one of those things that it's almost impossible to conceive of as existing in the same world as yourself, you know?
Don't forget to let me send you a card.
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All SPN!

I feel a long, long, long geeky meta-post about SPN coming on. For now: I liked the episode. I love this show even though I do have serious issues with it and wish it was better. I think there are interesting things to think about here, though I suspect that some of the things I want, I will not get. Was that vauge enough to leave out of cut-tags? I will meta later, and I really hope people won't be all discussed-out and will actually talk at me.

Jensen did a TV guide interview )

SPN recs for the Fannish5 )
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kay, so, I went to Wincon and I had the best time of my entire life. For serious, bar absolutley nothing. And I came out of Wincon with thousands and thousands of meta thinky thoughts and plot bunnies, and dozens of people who were so cool to meet who I really really want to meet again, and I discussed things with people that I just don't discuss with Real Life Non Fandom people, and it was intelligent and interesting and engaging and a complete and total relief in that "things that I find worth devoting headspace to are being validated rather than mocked, and my porn habits disgust no one" sort of way. Which? WINS.

And it's funny, because I had a choice between going to Wincon last weekend or going to that actual big commercial Supernatural convention next weekend, with Nathan Filion and Jared Padalecki and other cool people and... I'm really glad I made the choice I did. Because as cool as it would be to just stand next to Jared (and seriously, there are not enough men that tall in the world) what I really really NEED right now in my life are friends, not celebrity autographs. And I rarely actually make friends, in that, while I am fine at a little bit of chit-chat about the weather or whatever, I almost never feel like I have crossed that nebulous line from "awkward performance of social small talk ritual" to "really enjoying someone's company and wanting to be their friend" and that was happening all over the damn place at Wincon and it makes me happy. Happy in a way that might somewhat indicate my social patheticness and need for validation at this particular moment in my life, but whatever because it was FUN! Also? This will sound weird and melodramatic but there was this lovely fresh "out of the closet" sort of breeze about it, in that I devote TONS of headspace to things that I basically admit to nobody, so being friends with fangirls? Is a huge relief of that particular little neurosis.

So I met really really cool people and had fun )

And there were panels that were awesome )

and I kept getting these thinky thoughts )

And this weekend might have made me slightly more sex-obsessed than even before )

So in short, I had a BLAST. And in the week since Wincon I have been applying for (and not being contacted for, or turned down for) jobs at a fairly steady rate, and have just been devouring lj- back archives of fics and recs and meta from all these people I met at the con and I've been leaving comments like whoah which I never used to do and it's been so much fun I haven't even written anything of my own, either journal-wise or fic wise.

Except that I did drabble (prompt: any X-over, "You've just been out-geeked!"). Is it weird that my first fic ever posted online is such a random drabble? It just BIT me, and now there's this huge X-over fic idea in my head. And of course, I proofread poorly, so now the only peice of my writing that exists on the internet contains Offenses Against Verb Tense the like of which people rant about in badfic conversations. It's fun, hitting "post" and then promptly feeling like Exhibit A in The Need for Betas, isn't it?

Episode reactions to come, as well as other stuff. Maybe, at some point, I will actually write fic? I want to, now.


Oct. 8th, 2007 05:15 pm
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Recs! Because I've been reading so much good stuff, and some of it is even fit for pubic acknowledgment.

Why in the world won't my lj-cut tags work properly?


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