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Because I would be remiss if I didn't pass it on, The Periodic Table of Storytelling. There should totally be some kind of random-element-generator prompt meme, Y/N?

Via [personal profile] cofax7, the Guardian is doing some kind of SF thing.

Calvin & Hobbes futurefic gets me right where I live. Have Hobbes and Bacon part one and two.

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I have been reading. Then today at lunch I wrote! It sucked, yes, but still. If all goes according to plan, one day I may actually be a real fangirl again. (OMG I MISS IT. There is this whole whiny angsty post in my about frustration and procrastination and the problem of knowing what I want to be doing with my time but not being able to get from here to there)

I have my Yuletide canon to review, and my SGA exchange assignment, which I have no clue about. I defaulted the last time I tried to force myself to write via exchange, but Christmas is different. I can do this.

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I had an attack of total randomness and watched "Men With Brooms" today. It turns out that 1. Paul Gross can indeed make curling seem intense and passionate and beautiful and poetic (that man just shines. He shines. He makes me believe in auras), 2. I find Molly Parker stunningly hot, with her freckles and her dimples and her laugh, when she's not playing a wan opium addict, and 3. Wacky Canadian humor does indeed win.

Seriously, that's more cheese than I've consumed in movie form... possibly ever, and it was fun.

I am a day late and a dollar short- actually, I am going on a week late- but there was some fabulous stuff at the [livejournal.com profile] teal_ficathon this year and I need to rec.

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The thing about SF fandom, sometimes, is that the porn is hilarious. And I don't mean this in a bad way at all- not even a teeny-tiny bit. It's great.

I am speaking, you see, of [livejournal.com profile] john_farr, the multiple-AU built around that time John Sheppard went into Ponn Farr (subtitle: because mating cycles are hot!). Or at least, it starts that way (you should start here, which is short and sexy), and then balloons out into no less than four interconnected AUs where, due to Goauld manipulation, human physiology is very different. As an open 'verse the writing is inconsistent, of course- but might I recommend the sequel Skin Hunger, the John backstory Battlefield, and the Uni!John and Virgin!John AU branches?

And the thing about this is that I honestly have no idea if I have to hit my bunk or if I am just going to sit here giggling wildly. Because seriously: shit like this only happens in SF fanfic. Aliens make them do it! Ancient tech gives them telepathy/tentacles/an insatiable sex drive/whatever! Sex pollen! Elaborately constructed plotty setups that boil down to, "due to the applied phlebotinum, you must have sex or die. Get to it." And, seriously, it's ridiculous but it really hits the Id vortex buttons, doesn't it?

And just then I saw that [livejournal.com profile] paian posted fic, which always sends me into raptures of joy- but it turns out to be a double whammy. A sex pollen (in her warning, she says: aliens-gave-them-an-excuse-to-do-it. Truth in warnings! ♥) but also an alien-tech SF plot device that is on the face of it sort of ridiculous (in the best possible way) and yet allows for this intense, desperate, bizarre and disorienting non-con voyeurism thing that is hot as fuck and Jesus, I will be in my bunk.

Oh, science fiction. *rueful headshake* Ever since the original Star Trek writers came up with Ponn Farr, the descendants of which are God's gift to porn, I tell you. My love knows no bounds.

(And yes, I've been reading this stuff for a LONG TIME. I have no idea why the ridiculousness of it all hit me so hard just now)

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I love my sister so much )

A list of randomness, after my near-week of absence:

-Between [livejournal.com profile] lazy_daze's Wincest(SPN NC-17 Sam/Dean, obviously), [livejournal.com profile] princessofg's remix of [livejournal.com profile] paian's Come What May (SG1 Jack/Daniel), and [livejournal.com profile] thenyxie's homework verse (CWRPS Jensen/Jared, very good, very NC-17 D/s- she just posted a time-stamp with rope bondage, but what you REALLY want to read is part three, with the orgasm control. HOT LIKE BURNING), this has been a very good few days for porn.

-OMG SO MUCH OLYMPICS *dead of athletic prowess*

-I am SO BUSY all of a sudden. Between the real-estate stuff for family(involving SO MUCH TIME, even if nothing terribly difficult), and tutoring, which is now sitting at seven lessons a week (but will soon be nine, which is a 36 hour a week time commitment, more or less), plus my course (which I am slacking on), plus really wanting to get back in shape... gah.

-But, that means that I will break even this month. For the first month since MARCH, so my savings are looking pretty anemic. But I will be even for August and in the black for September and October. I do not know about November and December, though.

-And that, in turn, means that I will probably be able to go to a con this fall. So... Wincon or Bascon? [livejournal.com profile] winchestercon is kicking back up and I think I need to make a definite decision on that one way or the other if I'm to find a roommate, so... *wibbles frantically* I am going to Wincon!. Anybody who has space in their room, tell me? I will be asking those of you who I know will be there.

-I have not written all week. In 11 days, actually, now that I check. I lost momentum while C was here, and now I've... hit a wall. I have SO MANY bunnies and WIPpets and "I-wanna"s, but I am just... stuck. I psych myself out because I want to write well. I'm so fucking proud of Five First Kisses, but I just can't do stuff I'm proud of on command and I hate beating away at something that isn't good. But there is a deadline of September 4th for the [livejournal.com profile] spn_nostalgia, so maybe I will just force myself to buckle down on that project, and hell if it's pedestrian and formulaic? Gah.
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Five Items in John Sheppard's Will, (comments 3-5) over at [profile] sg1_five_things . I'll probably archive it here in a bit- anybody know what the accepted polite waiting period for that is, anyway?

babbling about that fic, read the fic first (and you don't have to read this at all) )

SG1 rec: Say Rather Farewell by [personal profile] teand , a PG-13 Jack/Daniel with a great team vibe, fantastic Vala voice (*snerk*), and an ending for all of them that is awful and bittersweet and triumphant and glorious all at once.

Remember to bid on my leet beta skills at [profile] livelongnmarry .


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