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So. My life exploded and I've been pretty frustrated at the amount of stuff I don't have time to do- but the majority of the problem is a huge project that needs to be finished by the 31st. I figure that is perfect timing for me to make a mini-nano commitment, right? And just when I thought [livejournal.com profile] mini_nanowrimo was dead forever, [livejournal.com profile] maygra posted saying it was definetely on this year. Yaay! Commitment of 500 words/day, with a personal goal of 20k (hush, don't criticize my math), which is 9k more than I've ever written in a month (hush, I am not prolific like all you astonishing people). Not written on a single project, because I'm incapable of that, but I'll do my best to concentrate on three big projects that stalled and I really want to finish.

-The "In the Beginning" AU, SPN gen (maybe minor pairings, but no incest)
-The SG1 Daniel amnesia fic
-Maybe an undisclosed CWRPS crack thing. Maybe. Or maybe SGA instead. Still debating.

I don't know how much I'll post, but I really don't want to spam y'alls flists. So I'll be making a filter, and here is your chance to express a preference.

[Poll #1285552]

ETA: I have YET to post a poll without embarrassing typos, because I keep forgetting they can't be edited. And I do, in fact, rely on editing to keep from looking like an idiot. *facepalm*
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You totally don't have to read the navel-gazing; just skip to the poll!

Writing navel gazing: about titles )

Anyway, I find myself curious about other people, so this is the part where I bat my eyelashes and beg you all prettily to take my polls. Please?

[Poll #1264463]

[Poll #1264464]

And anything you want to tell me in comments, of course!
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[Poll #1227253][Poll #1227253]

No, I did not include Kermit. I mean, I'm not giving away FREE drabbles here. Sheesh. Work for it a little, people.


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