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The Boy came, and it was Good. The best thing about the Boy is that I can watch fannish things with him, and it often feels quite a lot like watching fannish things with fangirls. I certainly don't need any of the reflexive self-censorship, or for that matter the embarrassment cringe reaction, that so often comes from showing straight boys fannish things.

(The Boy loves due South far more than I do, and has limitless patience for my crush on Callum, and in fact watched Hard Core Logo with me and was really struck by it. Win)

And we went paddling, and hiking, and saw Cirque du Soleil (Also Win, of course. God, people doing physically improbable things to loud music while wearing feathers and rhinestones. LOVE)

Stayed up until 3 am last night reading Future Legend- one of the better post-apocalypses I've ever read.

Don't trip off the glitz )

Those pictures are going to keep me so happy today.


Jan. 21st, 2010 04:05 pm
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GIP: My new "lust" icon! (or: guess what I just re-watched?) Oh James Marsters, how do you just drip sex like that? The only other character that's ever matched you is Purefoy's Antony.

(Possibly unpopular fannish opinion: I hear people say this about Barrowman, but he doesn't do it for me like that. I mean, sure, Harkness is all sex! but it's big-smile happy-go-lucky we're-all-horny-here-no-worries pansexual boy-scout sex, all cheerful and open and wholesome. Which is why I love him- I mean, how fabulous is that kind of completely non-judgmental healthy-and-good-for-you "yaay squelchy activities!" thing?

But Marsters? It's dirty. Spike on his knees like that? It's dirty-filthy-bad-wrong and hits you right down in your gut. I want to do things to him, and it's all reptilian hind brain, no wholesome boy scouts here. That boy isn't all cheerful lovable innuendo- he wants to get fucked. The only time Harkness did that to me? The barfight with Hart, of course.

Ooops, I'll just go tucking my id back in, there.)

Is anybody else stunned by the size [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti grew to?

My new favorite visual summary of Twilight.
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I am a little disappointed at the uneven quality of the SGA Big Bang fics. Anybody have recs?

On the other hand, the Jack/Daniel cliche-a-thon over at jackdanielpromptfic has produced some beauties.

White Collar: I have been banging the drum on Matthew Bomer's ridiculous hotness since Chuck. He lands right smack in my tall, slim-hipped, luxuriant-haired sweet-spot. Plus, the rat pack vibe and costuming for him (that they seem to be pulling back from, alas) fill me with joy. Seeing that man from behind in the slim pants and cinched-in vest? Yeah, he's just shaped nice. Plus, of course, the dynamic between Neal and Peter is perfect, and Peter's slightly befuddled, exasperated, straight-man play off Neal is both entertaining and actually interesting.

That said, they haven't managed to get enough past procedural fluff to make me really attach, and (and this is my real point) I still haven't forgiven them for disappearing the lesbian non-white agent after her cracking good show in the pilot. Just vanished her, without a word, to replace her with a straight white woman who would swoon appropriately over our hero. The fuck? To be honest, I don't see myself ever forgiving them for that, and it makes me much angrier than it would have if the show was all straight and whitewashed from the start. I know pilots are odd and changes happen when shows get picked up, but that's just... egregious in its obviousness, you know?

TMI: The female reproductive system is definitive disproof of intelligent design.
TMI pt 2: Why is it that right when an orgasm would be most helpful- ie, when you're all cramped up- is when it's hardest to make happen?

So, back when I posted sexy pictures it used to get a good response. I just found a new source for them, so let's go! This one with more women than my normal pic-dump )

Still alive

May. 1st, 2009 02:07 am
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Still alive. Have done a lot of reading. Made momentous personal decision. Have new computer, but haven't even powered on- need to find a VGA adapter tomorrow. Do not feel very fannish, or very participatory, these days. Not writing. Will come back someday, I swear.

Here, have a present: a breathtaking picture [livejournal.com profile] bdblack dug up for me. And, to balance it out, have some boys.

ETA: Forgot. Have 5 dreamwidth invite codes. Anybody?
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1. My favorite reviewer, Abigail Nussbaum, does a (as always) brilliant and articulate post-mortem of the utter train wreck that was Battlestar Galactica (Wait. How unpopular is this fannish opinion? Am I going to be shunned now?)

2. This is a really beautiful specimen of humanity. (Also, my love of black and white pictures of beautiful people seems to be getting worse, not better.)

3. I am not even sure if I really consider myself a member of SPN fandom anymore, but the con reports coming out of LA make me ridiculously happy. It's not even that our boys are so doing it, it's how much they absolutely love feeding the fangirls. "Jared and I had our own wrap party last night... That's why I'm having a hard time moving around this morning." *dies* They are so good to us!

4. I had a horrible allergic reaction to something today. The skin of my face is completely covered in hives. I'm all bright red and blotchy and bubbly and scaly. The skin on my eyelids has the same texture as a particularly unpleasant lizard. I'm bumpy and peely and itchy from my hairline to my jaw. I have no idea what triggered it or what to do, so I am mostly sitting around slathering my face with plain, unscented Cetaphil and trying (failing) not to pick at it. I am, as you can imagine, extraordinarily attractive.

The Time Traveler's Wife: The rare usage of the bad book review icon! )
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Am attempting to write, but encroaching career angst is sort of taking up all my braincells at this point. Maybe I should actually just write out the "law school: pros and cons" chart (even if the list could cover a whole wall) just to try to, I don't know, exorcise it a little.

I will be away-from-internet for a few more days, I think. To tide you over, have some dirty pictures (Because underuse of the "omg lust" tag is a sad thing).

These two boys start out very sweet and end up pretty explicit.

These two boys in the shower really get to me.

And, on a less explicit note, this beautiful boy currently graces my desktop (because my thing for black and white seems to be getting worse).

It's always annoying how much harder it is to find het than gay images that work for me, online- not because Ew Icky Presence of Female (very much the opposite), but oh man, do the straight porn images online make it plain that I am NOT their intended audience. So I'm left with things like this, which is overly artsy and posed and I strongly suspect is an ad for that damn watch, but I find hot anyway. Or this, which I find way hotter than it seems like I should, for being such an inexplicit and sweet image.

Everybody have a good weekend!

I'm home!

Dec. 30th, 2008 12:39 am
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Back home.

Confidential to [livejournal.com profile] cormallen: I love the snowmen! Thank you!

Confidential to [livejournal.com profile] miriad: If fic where Jared is a penguin riding a surfboard made of awesome is wrong, I don't want to be right. Thank you!

And, since the last time I posted a bunch of pictures was so well-received, let's do it again! This is het rated R. (And hello, feminine gaze, eh?). I love the look on his face- so playful! And his hair. And this is gay NC-17 and kind of makes me want to flee and write porn.

In A Mood

Dec. 13th, 2008 05:11 pm
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I am In A Mood. Have some pictures:

Apparently, this is from a Dolce & Gabbana ad shoot. I approve of the wildly sensual, hedonistic vibe paired with the sharp suits. (NSFW)

this is a lot more straightforwardly pornographic. I will admit it's the dogtags that did me in. Stargate fandom has obviously done something to me.

this is het. I know, weird, eh? Barely PG-13, and probably I should not admit how freakishly hot I find it. There also seems to be a certain commonality with the last one...

A meta-ish fic rec and babbling )
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I went to Target today. I want these shoes like MAD. Except of course they didn't have them in size 11. But, really, how utterly wonderful is it that the whole Keds/Converse plan canvas sneaker look has come back in? I find shoes very tricky, cause I hate heels and strappy sandals and I think pretty much all girly shoes are shoddy, overpriced torture devices and by god I hate the beauty trap because I do NOT HAVE the money for that shit. But it's nice to have cute shoes. And colorful ballet flats and canvas sneakers seem to be my strategy. Yaay!

Kevin McKidd told TV Guide about the mytharc for Journeyman. I could WEEP. That shit could have been SO GOOD. And Kevin! I miss having him on my TV, but I am sure as hell not going to start watching Grey's Anatomy for him. Journeyman... and then SGA and now Pushing Daisies. What will be left? I could weep. Seriously, if anybody knows of a genre show that actually has a future that I should be watching, please do let me know. Other than the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Maybe Fringe? I'm unenthusiastic about that. Bleh. Why do they kill all the good stuff?

I've been re-watching The West Wing )

So now I have to plunder[livejournal.com profile] crack_van for CJ/Toby. I didn't read TWW fic before, because I didn't think fic could do it justice. I've gotten a lot more confidence in fic since then.

Utterly random: Kavan Smith (SGA, Major Evan Lorne), Colin Cunningham (SG1, Major Paul Davis), and Mark Feuerstein (TWW, Majority Counsel Cliff Calley) make the best sexy clean-cut all-American boy-next-door threesome EVER. Really.  Pretty. 
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*Just watched "Birthright" (7x10) for the first time. My "I love Teal'c, but just cannot eroticize him" problem, it is GONE. That man looks like an utterly amazing kisser. Christopher Judge's lips + Jolene Blalock's lips = hot beyond the telling of it.

*Every time I watch SG1, I am stunned anew by how sexy Michael Shanks is, and by Jack and Daniel's fantastic comic timing and subtle eye-contact/eyebrow plays off each other.

*[livejournal.com profile] jd_junkie wrote me "Jack and Daniel watch Wormhole X-treme together." And lo, it is adorable.

*There is a very good discussion on writing smut going on here. I disagree on one point, but not drastically. The real thing to come out of this, though, was my realization that I really WANT to write het porn, and have just been stopped by The Terminology Problem. If anybody has solutions to The Terminology Problem, I would love to hear them. *sigh*

*I am continuing to delay my [livejournal.com profile] spn_nostalgia commitment. Apparently, I am not as good at being polyfannish as I thought. FAIL. The more I try to write Sam/Dean, the more Jack/Daniel bunnies assault me. I have come up with FIVE I could write right now, in just the last hour, while getting not even a paragraph of Sam/Dean done with.
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I am in lust with Rachel Maddow )

The only thing that keeps that from being a full-blown sexuality crisis is that obviously, I mostly want to be her but just know I'll never be that awesome.

I have things to say about Whispers, and a ton of SGA plot bunnies and such. But, later.

Kafka on the Shore, Haruki Murakami )
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Identify these Olympic swimmers by close-ups of their fantastic abs

This is on NBC.COM. I mean, honestly. But it is good to get absolute, hard proof that, a) We are not the only ones paddling in the shallow end, and b) Andrew Lauterstein really does have the perfect torso. Really, perfect. It just DOES NOT GET any better than that.

My little sister flies in tomorrow. Then we go to Hurricane Harbor (on what will probably be one of the most crowded days of the year, but still). WIN!
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So this week I've been doing a ton of boring paperwork and housecleaning. You know, the sort of thing that takes just enough mental energy that you can't concentrate on a book or serious TV show, but is just too boring to endure without entertainment? So I've rewatched an entire season of Mythbusters.

Oh God, I FORGOT how much I love that show. It's just complete fun. No emo, no angst, no drama, no artificial conflict, no ridiculous arbitrary rules, just pure, distilled, concentrated fun. You could BOTTLE that fun and make a mint. It's that rare show where it's impossible not to just love every single person involved. I have a crush on every single one of them. Kari is so sexy! And Tory is so entertaining! And Grant is so sweet-geeky-cute! And then, of course, Jamie and Adam (because no matter how much I love the build team, the original boys really have my heart).

They are both so attractive. Honestly. This is one of those rare instances when looks completely don't matter- they are both so, incredibly, blazingly hot. They're intelligent, fantastically skilled with their hands, supremely self-confident without a trace of arrogance, adventurous, good-natured and fun-loving, interested in the world around them, widely experienced... you could not DESIGN two more attractive men.

And just now? Just now, in some totally random myth to do with guns and steam, Adam made an ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny joke. Just out of the blue, apropos of nothing. At random. Off the top of his head (look, I know it's quasi-scripted, but I am dead certain that he wrote the joke off the top of his head completely at random, even if they then set up the shot for it).

For a show that does SO MUCH dumbing down (and does it actually astonishingly well), I LOVE those glimpses of just HOW smart and HOW well-read and HOW interested in the world those boys are. *loves forever*

Random by-the-way: When is the next porn battle? I thought it was supposed to start on the 21st, but I haven't heard any prompt collection or scuttlebutt at all. Am I not getting my fannish memos?

Random ETA: Yes, my love of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog KNOWS NO BOUNDS. I am all a-squee. Where the hell is my "these are not the hammer" icon? Because that is, like, the fannish line of the year as far as I'm concerned.
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Michael Shanks did a one-episode spot on Eureka (which is a cute show with great potential that actually SUCKS as SF, much to my great sadness). We hear his voice before we see him, and JESUS, his voice just kind of goes straight to the sex centers of my brain. (Which is good, because his dialog was idiotic. As so much of that show is. GAH, wasted potential) I want MORE of him so, so, so badly. I mean, just, GUH to the nth degree.

Spoilers for SGA 5x01. Really. Huge Spoilers. I mean it. This is your warning )
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Anybody watch Pushing Daisies? Anybody willing to beta somewhere under 2k of Ned/Chuck?

This is mostly a song in praise of Daniel Jackson. Spoilers through SG1 Season 4ish )

Me: I spent a week being very very sad. Now I am nearing the end of a week spent battling the Flu From Hell. Muscle achy, feverish, can't get warm, can't breathe, can hardly get vertical, barely coherent for large sections of the day- you name it, I did it. Now it's just "hacking cough and exhausted" territory. Have accomplished nothing, on any front- getting a job, writing, other personal projects- since I moved here. Really... becoming problematic. Sense another week of being sad and moping unproductively coming on. Not sure what to do about this. Sorry if I am being antisocial and uncommunicative. I'm working on it, I promise.

Oh yes- let's file "starting to read The Stand with a flu coming on" under "things wot are creepy."
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Stargate: SG-1, spoilers through 2x01 )

COMPLETELY RANDOM: TMI, Firefly, and sex )

What? I warned you that that was both random and TMI.

The banner of Jensen going around makes me completely incapable of thinking anything except How is it fair or right or legal that someone looks like that in this world and I can't sleep with him? *sighs* Obviously, I have got something in my system this week.

So I had this thing in my WIP folder... (SPN) )


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