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Random writing babble )

There was no point to that other that to mock myself a little.

That said, I will not get this done before the next SPN episode. Plus, I wrote this first part as the AU setup, and now I think I'll have to revise it heavily to fit with Dean's POV and the much starker, sparser tone of the rest of the story. So... here. Have a spoilery 4x03 SPN WIP snippet (gen and this legitimately comes with no warnings yet).

May 1973 )
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The Truest Type of Love
SPN Sam/Dean
2800 words
Incest warning. Obviously. No other particular warnings, but this is not fluffy.
AN: For [livejournal.com profile] spn_nostalgia, prompt: Sam gets Dean back for the buttslap in Bugs. I think this prompt was probably asking for cute prank-warfare stuff, but I... didn't write it that way. Sorry.

He had to stop this thing in its tracks now, before it ruined everything again. )
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Obviously, I am going to become one of those writers who will shove their WIPs at anybody who doesn't run away fast enough. I really really miss being in school, when I used to AIM with friends constantly and we would draft papers together and copy-paste paragraphs to each other and talk about our writing endlessly. I don't know anybody like that in fandom now.

These are the things I'm actively writing (as in, they're in my head ALL THE TIME and I'm pretty confident they'll get finished) )

And these are the ones I've started but am not working on right this minute and may or may not happen. )
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So, after all the huge talky-talky here and here I felt the need to write a big Dean's Deal fic. You know, my own little thesis on the "Vindication of Dean as a character," aka where I would go as a writer if I didn't have to worry about spinning out the show to a future season.

Except then, it ended up being Sam's POV. *headscratch* Oy, the muse, she is fickle. Anyway, I know where this goes. I don't know if it's Sam/Dean, but it sure as hell is Sam/Angst, which is almost as good, no? (this snippet only 300 words)

My brother is going to hell, and I don’t know what to do. )

So now the question is... do I write it?

SPN ficlet

Jan. 18th, 2008 08:56 pm
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So there was meant to be a sixth vignette to Just a Hole in Arizona, set immediately post-deal-breaking, except I couldn't write it. Really, I tried like six times, and hated every attempt, and I only managed to come up with one tiny scenelet that I even liked for it and I couldn't write anymore for it and couldn't drag it back to the theme. But I feel the need to post this, just so it's officially Not A WIP. (400 words)

Right afterward, Sam just drove. )
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Fight the Good Fight
Rating: PG
John drabble table

16- Purple )
17- Brown )
18- Green )
19- Pink )
20- Colorless )
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Fight the Good Fight
Rating: PG-13 (blood and hetsex)
John drabble table

11- Red )
12- Grey )
13- White )
14- Black )
15- Blue )
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Title: Just a hole in Arizona
Characters, pairings: Sam/Dean, some John
Rating: Up to NC-17
Wordcount: 7,200
Warnings: Just incest. (Heh. Just. This fandom.)
Summary: Somewhere along the line, Sam got this idea that Dean really, really wanted to visit the Grand Canyon.

Notes: [livejournal.com profile] spn_holidays present for [livejournal.com profile] travesty_ , who requested "The boys go on vacation; no supernatural stuff involved" and also "Domestic Wincest, no fluff." I really, really hope this fits the bill, as it's the longest thing I've ever witten outside of school and I'm quite nervous.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] desertport for the fantastic beta.

I hope you like it, [livejournal.com profile] travesty_ , and I hope you had a fantastic holiday and go on to have a fantastic 2008!

Just a Hole in Arizona )
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Fight the Good Fight
Rating: PG
John drabble table

6- Hours )
7- Days )
8- Weeks )
9- Months )
10- Years )
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Only 12 more days till I go home for Christmas!

Successful days of writing: 13

So, I got completely and utterly stuck on my [profile] spn_holidays   story. I need to go back to it soon, but I had to do something else, so I wandered about hunting for some kind of appealing prompy-thing, and I ended up at [profile] drabbles100  . I'm not gonna actually claim a table there or anything, because that feels very silly and performative to me and anyway it's not like I'm committing to finish anything (God no) but I liked their prompts and wrote a bunch.

Fight the Good Fight
Rating: PG-13
John drabble table

3- Ends )

4- First )

5- Last )

I'm rather pleased, for a first experiment with the form. Question: Why is it easier to write five drabbles of a precise word count (that I'm rather pleased with) than, say, 300 words of a rough draft of my actual fic (that I'm not pleased with at all)? 
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I feel the need for some kind of prompty-type thing to prod along my writing. I've been thinking quite a lot about John recently, and a John table seems like just the thing. These will probably be largely gen, with some het or slash but no daddycest. I am going to try to stick to actual drabble length, 100 words, for a bit of a challenge. However, it's my first time trying to do that, so it may be quite rough.

Fight the Good Fight
Rating: So far, G through PG-13
Characters/Pairings: John and most main canon characters. John/Mary, some implied Sam/Jess, Dean/OFC, John/Ellen.
A/N: Table stolen from [livejournal.com profile] drabbles100

031.Sunrise032.Sunset033.Too Much034.Not Enough035.Sixth Sense
091.Birthday092.Christmas093.Thanksgiving094.Solstice095.New Year
096.Writer‘s Choice097.Writer‘s Choice098.Writer‘s Choice099.Writer‘s Choice100.Writer‘s Choice


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