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So I was going to get all these, or at least the first four, written and posted before the second episode Jossed me all to hell... but then medical issues intervened and I didn't. So, the great conundrum of fanfic: Finish the pre-Jossed fic or not? All of which is to say, no spoilers for anything but the pilot, and I think I'll finish the rest of them no matter how far astray the show goes.

Five ways Jack falls in love

Part 2: The readiness is all

Not a WIP, stands alone. PG and Jack/David. 1500 words. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] hilarytamar!

David sits on the patio, golden and sleepy-eyed under the slanting sun. It's a shocking difference from how he carried himself in this palace less than two weeks ago; he sits like this grand panorama, the brilliant green lawn leading out to the sea, is as much home to him as his mother's front porch. )

Part 1
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Like I said last night: Jack is such a problem in this show. How does he get from where he is to where we know he needs to end up? Also, this is me loving how the second confrontation on the front lines was made into the real Goliath confrontation, when something without agency and without power (man standing in front of the tank) is turned into a heavily symbolic choice.

It's strangely freeing, knowing this will be Jossed all to hell next week.

Five ways Jack falls in love

Part 1: Though this be madness
Not a WIP, stands alone. G and gen (this part, more or less, I guess) and 1100 words, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] synecdochic, whose meta posts you all oughta read.

The first time Jack sees David after his stunt, David takes his arm and drags him away towards the family section of the palace, to the room where Jack sent him to change his clothes that first day. )

Part 2


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