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I love having athlete-crushes. I adore watching people who do things I can't even imaging doing, and I love the completely genuine, no-caveats respect I'm able to give truly great athletes. It's not a big thing- most of my crushes last for the length of an Olympics and are forgotten (except the truly astonishing, like Shaun White, or the ones that keep themselves in the public eye other ways, like Apollo Ohno), except in the few sports I follow on a yearly basis (basically just swimming and figure skating), where I'm utterly crazy about them for about two weeks per year.

But I absolutely do not fool myself into thinking they're anything but athlete-crushes. I don't know anything about these people, and my respect is narrowly about their physical abilities and dedication and mental toughness, perhaps leavened a little bit with soft-focus NBC human interest segments and a little bit of interview-charisma. I don't know enough about them for anything more than an athlete-crush, and I try to remember that.

But this Olympics... )

In other words, between a picture of Evan now appearing in the dictionary under "sportsmanship" and "graciousness," and Johnny being my hero and unbelievably classy, mens' figure skating this year has made it very hard for me to keep my athlete-crushes strictly athletic.
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Everybody who talks to me regularly must hate me. Swear to god, pretty soon it won't be all figure skating all the time- I'll get over it. I always do.

Let's get the inevitable out of the way: My boy Johnny was robbed. Not of a medal, mind, because he clearly wasn't in the top three, but you'll have a hard pull ahead of you trying to convince me there's any justice in him coming in behind Patrick Chan. Inevitable part 2: NBC color commentators are best seen and not heard.

In the meantime, I have discovered the following things: )

I'll just be over here watching old Brian Boitano performances on YouTube until the high wears off.
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An open letter to the men in tights of this Olympics )

Aside: was the "Shaun White's mother dry-cleans his medal" story not the cutest 45 seconds of footage ever aired on NBC? I had to watch that about five times.

In which I have a new man-on-ice crush )

Let us end on gratuitous note.
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Ways Fandom Has Warped Me, part 39 in a series: I can no longer watch mens' figure skating without picturing Joe Flanigan. No, really. I had forgotten about that fic, until my DVR started giving me flashbacks.

(Back to Olympics. You'll see me after closing ceremonies)


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