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The Christmas wishlist meme- an explanation )

My list:

1. Send me a card! And let me send you one. I adore them.
2. Upload your favorite Christmas song for me. I prefer religious Christmas music (I'm a weird atheist with an emotional attachment), but I'll try anything.
3. Tell me about New York! I know some of you live near the city, and I know more of you must have experience here. What are your places? Best kept-secrets? Jogging routes, Sunday brunch spots, favorite subway busker, that not-in-the-guidebooks thing you take visitors to, that one event you go to every year, that one blog you read for local stuff? Alternatively: your favorite memory of New York, or just something you love about it. Tell me something!
4. I would love graphics for any fic I've written. People who get cover graphics for their fic are so special.
5. Speaking of graphics, I still dream of a journal header with some combination of the Enterprise, Serenity, a viper, a puddlejumper, the TARDIS, an SG-1 Stargate, and the Metallicar (because I seem to have a modes-of-transportation fetish).
6. Gift certificates for restaurants. I mean, just stuff like Subway- I like eating things I don't make.
7. I have no professional clothes, and this is soon to be a problem. Gift certificates, or advice. I know roughly what I need (a couple simple suits, some kind of sufficiently dressy shoes that aren't pumps, lots of basic blouses that I don't hate, a new good leather belt...) but I have no idea really where to get them for any kind of price I can afford. Is there a secret?
8. A wish for fandom at large: Keep writing SG1 and SGA. I know they're both off the air now, I know it'll die out eventually, just... not yet?
9. And lastly, for Christmas I want to get As on my exams. Somebody see to that, please. *g*

My address is in this filtered post. Or just drop a comment and I'll get it to you, if you want.

Round up

Jan. 2nd, 2010 07:50 pm
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Happy palindrome day, all!

The writing round up (because all the cool kids are doing it):
lj-cut is very disappointed with my output )

In lieu of any kind of decade-in-review, I present to you this fantabulous chart.
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Every day I think "I've been away from the flist forever! I should post!" and then I don't. Basically, a combination of a particularly bad bout of underemployment and a nostalgic trip back to some old computer games has left me doing that weird hours/sleeping way too much/can't quite manage to do anything/not quite depressed thing.

So. You know a meme I saw going around a few days ago? It was that Ten things I assume you know about me meme )

And this cut-tag is all about Star Trek )

And this one will go outside the cut: There is already K/S porn. It is smoking. In fact, there's a whole huge kink meme but I don't have time to sort through the dross right now. Read this. Read it now. I'll be in my bunk.
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I won't do a list, since virtually everything on the fic index was written this year. I'd only done one full-length story before 2008.

Flee the navel-gazing! )
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Stayed up till 5 in the morning to get only about 2k more of Yuletide written. To be fair, [livejournal.com profile] bdblack was distracting me in a sort of MASSIVE way. Still, have 4k to go. Send help.

Anybody who sees me on chat tonight is perfectly welcome to tell me, "Dammit, woman, write!" Also, you are heartily encouraged to say, "Ooh, copy and paste at me! I'll correct your typos and say helpful things!" Or perhaps that only happens in my fantasies.

[livejournal.com profile] bdblack sent me cookies! A huge bag of cookies, more cookies than I can eat in a month, cookies made from three kinds of chocolate! Also a card praying for the Flying Spaghetti Monster to watch over me and protect me in his noodly appendage.

I think I'll keep him.

Look, it's a TV meme! )

Huh. You know, that's not nearly as many as I expected.
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From [livejournal.com profile] sparkymonster , The Very Good Taste Omnivore’s Hundred (One Hundred foods every omnivore ought to try). It's a bit like those "Hundred great books" memes, except I score way worse.

I have no foodie cred )
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I missed the deadline to offer beta-reading at Sweet Charity. *feels bad* I'm definitely going to buy, though.

Random: "Gonna Raise Hell" by Cheap Trick just came up on shuffle. I REALLY REALLY want this song on SPN. You know those pre-battle montages you get in movies? Just imagine that- low, thrumming, slowly building, "gonna raise hell" as Sam and Dean dress and clean their knives and check their guns and load the trunk and bless the holy water and draw the devil's traps, tension building up for the final showdown... if I was a vidder, I'd vid it.

Ooh! I could buy a Sweet Charity Ho to do it for me! *ponders*

Meme from [livejournal.com profile] dodger_winslow and [livejournal.com profile] poisontaster and, y'know, everybody.

Gimme 5! TV meme (long) )

Hee. That was fun.
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It is the time of year for Christmas giving. Only two people on my flist have posted this meme but there is something that I can get each of them (working on it now). My whole family knows that I am a horrible gift-giver, and I feel guilty about that- I WANT to spread the holiday joy, you just need to tell me what would make you happy. Really, I wish everybody I knew in fandom would post a list like this. Without further ado, the Christmas list meme )

Also, remember to let me send you a card.
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Drabble meme! I requested a drabble from [livejournal.com profile] littlewings04 and she said she's working on them, so I guess I'll post this. I want to do some writing.

Meme: The first fifteen people to comment on this post get to request a drabble from you. In return, they have to post this meme in their journal. Post all fandoms you’re willing to write for.

Fandoms: Supernatural, Heroes, House, HP... aw, let's call it Chuck, Journeyman, and Pushing Daisies too (yaay for new shows!)

TV babblings- maybe a little spoilery for Chuck and Pushing Daisies )

TV babblings- spoilery for last week's SPN )

On Dumbledore being gay: )
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Random:  The maintenance guys finally fixed our dryer.  There was a bird's nest the size of a soccer ball in the vent.  Now I can do laundry.  Score! 

The Ancestor’s Tale,
Richard Dawkins

The Ancestor’s Tale combines a unique and catching premise with mini-lessons in everything from carbon dating to ribosome function. Dawkins is an absolutely incredible popularizer of Evolution and biological science. He can write accessibly and engagingly about complex subjects and make you think even about things you understand pretty well in radically new ways. It sure is a pity that Dawkins seems to feel that this qualifies him to say a damn thing about religion or politics, isn’t it?

So I've seen this "unread books" meme floating around everywhere, most recently from [personal profile] musesfool, and it's just the sort of listy booky thing I love.
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Random: I sure am glad that I heard a local pronounce it "Se-PUL-veda" before I went and said "sepul-VEE-da" out loud. Of course, I used to mercilessly mock people's pronunciation of Puyallup, so serve me right.

This meme is so 15 minutes ago and I didn't get it from anyone in particular but different versions have floated around everywhere and I think it's cute: Cut for stupidly long fandoms-as-relationships meme )

The new season of TV is starting, and I'm oddly disconnected from it. Cut for babbling )
That leaves only one show, Journeyman, which I am desperately excited for 1. Because I missed Quantum Leap the first time through, and 2. Because Kevin McKidd! On my TV again regularly! Kevin McKidd is MADE of awesome, you guys. So far the pilot has gotten a big old collection of "meh" from everyone, and I'm almost afraid to watch it because I want it to be awesome so bad. The torrent is coming, and I swear I'm actually nervous for this poor show. I suspect it won't make it.


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