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Guilty pleasures: I just watched the hour and a half finale of American Gladiators. *blush* I KNOW. SHUT UP. Just, SUCH flashbacks to being six years old and watching it on mute ready to LEAP for the remote if my mom came in the room.

Guilty pleasures pt 2: Now I have some "Make Me a Supermodel" cued up. What? After all the video clips [livejournal.com profile] trollprincess has posted...

hulu.com is going to eat ALL my free time if I'm not careful, isn't it? And I DON'T WATCH REALITY TV! No, really (she says, looking shifty...)

Guilty pleasures pt 3: After living for months in LA, finally paid a visit to Babeland. Good store. Gives me ideas. Why did I not do this LONG ago? To avoid TMI: Very happy with purchase.

Guilty pleasures pt 4: I'm really going to miss LA. )

Random: The cat has always insisted on being in the bathroom when I shower. Normally he just sits on the high window ledge watching the birds, so that's okay, but recently he's started sitting on the rim of the bathtub. You know how one layer of shower curtain goes inside the tub, and the other goes outside? He jumps up on the edge and gets IN BETWEEN them, and then bats at me through the inside layer. It's WEIRD. I'm debating whether to start locking him out, but then he yowls and scratches the door. I will say that when the waterproof new purchase is tested, he's definitely getting locked out. Seriously, cat, what's your damage?

I guess I have to pack now.
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You wanna talk about charity? We got your Sweet Charity right here! Over $19,000 raised to support those in the industry affected by the writers strike. Can I get a rousing chant of fans rule! here please?

Plus, now I get to make [personal profile] marinarusalka  knit for me. *whipcrack* knit, ho, knit! Seriously, we've discussed my goodie and it's going to be so soft and pretty. *excited*

In other news, Obama trounces Clinton in SC. I think trouncing is just about the only possible word for that. Yaay! (Yes, I said Obama trounces Clinton, not Obama trounces Hillary. I am on a little campaign right now because I am tired of all the other candidates being called by her last name but the woman just gets to be "Hillary." I know there's an element of Bill and name confusion, but it still rubs me the wrong way and I hope it changes.)

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Random: Today, the cat stepped on the on/off switch to my power strip and I lost an amount of work that might be roughly estimated at "a whole lot."


My life. Ask yourself, 'how much do I care?' )

So I have read and watched a ton of stuff recently, and I was just blown away by a lot of it.

The Road, Cormac McCarthy

Chalk another one up under 'things that make me sob in inappropriate places.' (I'm sorry, random man who had to sit next to a sobbing woman on an airplane!) )

I Am Legend

Wow. )

3:10 to Yuma

Oh holy god, the slashy vibe )
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So I went grocery shopping this weekend. That's right, the big pre-Thanksgiving load up (though I didn't buy any form of turkey, and now it looks like Dustin's mom may not be sending any, which is good by me but both Dustin and mom have been trying to make me promise to make turkey even though I don't want any and it's all a big Thing and that was SO not the point of this story)

Where was I? )

Is it weird to be so homesick for a grocery-store chain?
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Random: On Friday afternoon, I mixed up Dustin's toothbrush and the designated old-cleaning-toothbrush. I used his to sort of poke at a drain clog, and put it away under the sink. Oops. The kind of creepy thing is, it took him THREE DAYS to ask me "Hey, what happened to my toothbrush?"


So Constance came and we had a BLAST. A complete and total blast and she is awesome and I love her to pieces and I'm so sad she's gone and yaay. There was much cuddling of a reluctant kitty and much discussion over people who are difficult to buy Christmas presents for and cute boys and Katie and people from church and much ranting and a ridiculous amount of being-bums and TV consumed and Guitar Hero played and there was Red Robin and quiche and Oreo milkshakes.

My sister ROCKS. And I miss her lots.

Six Flags )

Oh look! Spur of the moment cracky-crossover fanfic! )
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In the last two days, I have
- Written up two resumes from scratch
- Applied at three temp companies
- Advertised for tutoring
- Put out traps to kill all the ants in my apartment
- Done my laundry and cleaned the kitchen
- Set up my now-working desktop and caught up on all my record-keeping from the last three months
- Finished a book and started another
- Gone grocery shopping and made really good Mexican food
- Ran several errands
- Gone swing dancing
and STILL had time to watch massive amounts of TV, read fic, play BioShock and Portal, pass some more songs on Guitar Hero, go shopping, have a fun board-game party night, and sleep.

I win at life. Take that, Unproductive-Funk-I-Have-Been-In!

On the downside, I have just inputted "(my current address), WA, 90094" into three different online forms. Why is it so easy to mentally change my address and zip code, but IMPOSSIBLE to enter "CA"?

Also, I have promised several people pictures of various things, and there are more people who I wanted to give pictures but haven't yet.

So, first is the Turkey trip gallery. Mom and Constance, you have seen most but not all of these.

Then comes the apartment gallery.


The Penelopiad, Margaret Atwood )
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I thought moving would be hard. I just didn't think this hard )


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