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I just cast my vote )

I suspect I alienated the entire older generation of my family; I finally snapped and responded to one of my grandmother's email forwards. It was one about the "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance (because no political issue is too stale to avoid beating your family over the head with it). To the question of "Why are we letting such a small minority make so much trouble, and in some cases, win these fights?" I answered... )

Then I ran away from the computer thinking "What have I done?" only to come back a few hours later to see that one of my cousins thanked me for doing it, talking about how she hates those forwards and likes Grandpa less the more he talks about politics and always feels judged by Grandma and is acutely uncomfortable around them since they started sending these emails, but too frightened of hurting the relationship to say anything. Which... is sad. I'm sure they don't WANT us to feel like that, you know? They just don't realize. I hope maybe this will get them to tone down the family-wide political emails without hurting the relationship. I hope.

Anyway, enough politics. Time to hand out candy. Happy Halloween, and a good Samhain to all who celebrate.
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I love my sister so much )

A list of randomness, after my near-week of absence:

-Between [livejournal.com profile] lazy_daze's Wincest(SPN NC-17 Sam/Dean, obviously), [livejournal.com profile] princessofg's remix of [livejournal.com profile] paian's Come What May (SG1 Jack/Daniel), and [livejournal.com profile] thenyxie's homework verse (CWRPS Jensen/Jared, very good, very NC-17 D/s- she just posted a time-stamp with rope bondage, but what you REALLY want to read is part three, with the orgasm control. HOT LIKE BURNING), this has been a very good few days for porn.

-OMG SO MUCH OLYMPICS *dead of athletic prowess*

-I am SO BUSY all of a sudden. Between the real-estate stuff for family(involving SO MUCH TIME, even if nothing terribly difficult), and tutoring, which is now sitting at seven lessons a week (but will soon be nine, which is a 36 hour a week time commitment, more or less), plus my course (which I am slacking on), plus really wanting to get back in shape... gah.

-But, that means that I will break even this month. For the first month since MARCH, so my savings are looking pretty anemic. But I will be even for August and in the black for September and October. I do not know about November and December, though.

-And that, in turn, means that I will probably be able to go to a con this fall. So... Wincon or Bascon? [livejournal.com profile] winchestercon is kicking back up and I think I need to make a definite decision on that one way or the other if I'm to find a roommate, so... *wibbles frantically* I am going to Wincon!. Anybody who has space in their room, tell me? I will be asking those of you who I know will be there.

-I have not written all week. In 11 days, actually, now that I check. I lost momentum while C was here, and now I've... hit a wall. I have SO MANY bunnies and WIPpets and "I-wanna"s, but I am just... stuck. I psych myself out because I want to write well. I'm so fucking proud of Five First Kisses, but I just can't do stuff I'm proud of on command and I hate beating away at something that isn't good. But there is a deadline of September 4th for the [livejournal.com profile] spn_nostalgia, so maybe I will just force myself to buckle down on that project, and hell if it's pedestrian and formulaic? Gah.
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Identify these Olympic swimmers by close-ups of their fantastic abs

This is on NBC.COM. I mean, honestly. But it is good to get absolute, hard proof that, a) We are not the only ones paddling in the shallow end, and b) Andrew Lauterstein really does have the perfect torso. Really, perfect. It just DOES NOT GET any better than that.

My little sister flies in tomorrow. Then we go to Hurricane Harbor (on what will probably be one of the most crowded days of the year, but still). WIN!


Mar. 20th, 2008 11:15 am
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Aw, I bitch about nobody loving me and suddenly people come out of the woodwork to tell me they love me. *happy* Done being an attention whore now.

Even if you don't watch Torchwood, you should read this!

Trying to Communicate by [personal profile] sam_storyteller   is almost certainly (I can't be positive, but the chances are very high) the funniest Torchwood fic ever written- and if you know of funnier, HAND IT OVER!

Whole family here now for a week. Huge logistical hassles that are really really giving me a headache and making it seem like the living situation for the next two months is going to be significantly less pleasant than I was led to believe. Ah, joy. Good to see C again though.
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Yesterday C informed me that my grandmother regularly reads this journal. *facepalm* Maybe to be flocking the porn now? But I don't want to! Oh, the problems of self-presentation in the digital age. Oh well, I'm sure she knows the proper use of the back arrow (though she has apparently not been informed of the etiquette rule of "if your read, comment!").

So: Hi Grandma! *wave* I was going to call you this weekend to tell you about the Texas thing, but apparently you already know. I will try to call anyway. Mom says you're feeling more optimistic about your knee, which is awesome. Do your physical therapy! *kiss*

This is one of the more thoughtful pieces on writing I've read recently.

I just finished the first season of due South )

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Happy Birthday Constance!

I love my sister: Exhibit 9,486 )


I am sitting here crying. I WANT this man to be our president. When was the last time anyone made you feel like that? I am in an inspiration-craving mood today (whenever I listen to Heather Small's "Proud" more than once in a day you know I'm craving something to make my spirit soar) and... I WANT this man to stand up on television in front of the whole world and represent US. Represent what is best and strongest about this country and these people I love.

He doesn't look a thing like Jesus, but he sure does talk like a gentleman, doesn't he?

ETA: This post by [livejournal.com profile] mona1347, and the ensuing discussion, is at this moment the best thing on lj. Oh fandom. Oh internet. I love you so much. (Seriously? If it exists, there's porn for it on the Internet, and I think that's AWESOME. I think that's seriously one of the best things about this generation. I'm over here with my relatively boring bondage and blowjobs, and somebody out there at this moment is getting off on, y'know, furries wrapped in bubble wrap or something, and neither one of us would have been able to 20 years ago, and I think that is SO TOTALLY a great step forward for humanity. Shutting up now.)
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Yuletide ATE me. )

In which I had a fantstic Christmas )

And yet I am incredibly sad and weepy anyway )

I have been crying about it off and on since noon on Christmas. Not “my dog died and I got dumped and my world is ending” tears, but just a constant, low-level sadness at the way things change and pass into memory and can never be reclaimed.
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I slept until 11 and bathed the dog and wrapped ALL my presents and did no less than 4 betas (all short and easy though) and made two batches of fudge and frosted cookes and helped mom make a pretty pretty cinnamon wreath (which involved lots of kneading dough, which I find both very creepy and very cool) and played an hour of charades with everybody and...


Plus, I hung out in the #yuletide IRC room (which is where I got two of those beta projects) marveling at all the INSANE people writing five or six pinch-hits and stocking stuffers and generally reveling in the awesomeness. I saw a bunch of requests I would have loved to have written, except it turns out you can't write a stocking stuffer unless you are a participant alraedy, which I didn't know. So. Next year. I wish I'd found my fandom spine about a month earlier, then I would have signed up.

Plus, how much do you love a chatroom that involves lines like "If two amoebas have sex, is it slash?"

*loves and huggles fandom forever and ever*

Tomorrow, I get up early and work on spn_holidays and laze around until late afternoon. Then walking around downtown to look at the pretty lights and Christmas Eve dinner with Nana and over to Grandma and Grandpa's. CHRISTMAS!

What am I, five years old?


Dec. 22nd, 2007 09:54 pm
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Wow, LJ went under for maintenance just in the time it took to copy-paste this from Word. I have such sucky timing. Guess I'll hit post when I wake up.

On going home for the holidays )

Random hot guy )

So tomorrow I will be getting up and finishing up some beta obligations (sorry [livejournal.com profile] desertport, I promise!) and doing my own writing. Then when parents are at church I’m going to be a present-wrapping maniac whirlwind, and then they’ll get home and the entire house will be taken over by a frenzy of baking. Then it’s Christmas!
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Only 13 more days till I go home for Christmas!

Successful days of writing: 12

I am DONE with my Christmas shopping!  *Victory dance*

I am missing home more than I thought I was. I just voluntarily downloaded the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Christmas album. God, this is definitive proof that I miss my daddy.

If I reach for the Gladys Knight, please shoot me?

For somebody who is such an atheist, I sure do get weird about Christmas.  The entire year revolves around it, for me, and I start listening to religious music basically 24/7, which is... weird.  But I crave it, every year.  Every year I end up cursing the fact that secular music tends to be either incredibly trite or sappily over-sentimental.  Only religious music is really moving in the way I crave.  I just... feel odd, singing hymns.  I love Christmas, and I don't want to be any other way about it, but still. 

My knee nearly popped out again this morning, which means I need to start working out again NOW, OR ELSE because when my ligaments get weak enough that the knee starts popping out, I am in serious pain for a significant amount of time. Curses. I don't WANNA work out!

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Random: On Friday afternoon, I mixed up Dustin's toothbrush and the designated old-cleaning-toothbrush. I used his to sort of poke at a drain clog, and put it away under the sink. Oops. The kind of creepy thing is, it took him THREE DAYS to ask me "Hey, what happened to my toothbrush?"


So Constance came and we had a BLAST. A complete and total blast and she is awesome and I love her to pieces and I'm so sad she's gone and yaay. There was much cuddling of a reluctant kitty and much discussion over people who are difficult to buy Christmas presents for and cute boys and Katie and people from church and much ranting and a ridiculous amount of being-bums and TV consumed and Guitar Hero played and there was Red Robin and quiche and Oreo milkshakes.

My sister ROCKS. And I miss her lots.

Six Flags )

Oh look! Spur of the moment cracky-crossover fanfic! )
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Cut for really long IM transcript )
I utterly adore my sister. For selfish reasons, cause she lets me ramble on at her at incredible length when I am in rant mode, but also because she is shaping up to be a squeeful and entertaining fangirl, not to mention discriminating and interesting and articulate and thoughful, which are basically the highest compliments I give people. Also, because she is shaping up so nicely into a potential little slasher. *happy* Now I think I'm obligated to go seek out light bantery mauraders-era Remus/Sirius for her just to seal the deal.
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Point the first: There is a campaign to get Jared and Jensen on an ALA Read poster. I LOVE those posters- My Orlando Bloom one was the only celebrity poster I've ever put on a wall, until it ripped, and I was just toying with buying Sendhil's to replace it (He's holding the Hardy Boys. That is so cute it just slays me.) Anyway, J2 are just excellent choices for those posters, as Sam'n'Dean almost certainly hold the world-record for most library friendly TV heroes ever. And Sam's skill in that area is treated with a lot of respect, as a hunting skill of value right up next to combat skills. I'm just saying, they're perfect. I'm trying to get up the guts to email about it now.

Various SPN natterings RE: Bedtime Stories )

I finally have a job. It's an utterly random short-term temp thing paying a dollar less than what I asked the temp place for, but it's close, and I really needed to get off my butt. So that means I have to follow a schedule now, and wake up in the morning, and make myself healthy food to eat for lunches, and workout in the evenings, and generally pretend to be an adult again. Because as much as I was loving staying in pjs all day long doing nothing but watching TV and reading fanfic, I think three weeks of that is just about enough for me.

So first Constance was coming for Thanksgiving. Then she and dad were coming on the 8th. Then I was going there for Thanksgiving. Now she is coming here on the 9th. Um, maybe. It's all been a bit of a roller-coaster ride, really. But there seems to be a definite decision complete with booked tickets now, so maybe it will actually happen? If so: YAAY! \o/

We will go to Magic Mountain, if it's open (did the fires close it? Uh, I guess I need to find that out) and we will play Guitar Hero and watch TV and movies and maybe go to the beach or whatever and make yummy food and oreo milkshakes and just generally have an utter blast. I need this so bad. *homesick*
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So the official answer is no, C will not be visiting me over Thanksgiving. Mom spun this whole thing about how she couldn't stand to lose both of her kids on the same Thanksgiving, but I'll be home for Christmas and the real reason is that she's punishing me for living with Dustin. Because I'm going to be some sort of horrible bad influence on my pristine sister or she's just generally upset or god knows but I'm pissed because dammit, I wanted to see C and I wanted to see her without mom and dad around all the time and I wanted someone to visit me here. And I've lived with Dustin for over a year now and even though mom and dad have been better about it than I honestly would have predicted (in fact it's been really really good between us since I moved out, which makes me think I should have moved out about a year earlier, because one fewer years of arguing about inanities like phone calls after 10pm and church attendance would have helped everybody's blood pressure), and even though I know they have every right to feel uncomfortable about it and I can't change that it just pisses me off that they're finding stupid petty little ways to try to punish me for it.

*gasps for breath*

And I just... really really really wanted to see her for Thanksgiving and I wanted to spend Thanksgiving here, not up in Seattle, because I just... want this to feel like home too and I just want these things to not be an issue and I just... need to have a good cry now.

Plus, Dustin's afraid he's going to be fired and even though there are plenty of jobs here for him, that combined with my own apparent inability to get work combined with the realization of how incredibly unstable and un-long-term-suited this whole damn thing we have going is and what do I want with my life really and why am I stuck in these temporary situations that don't even make me happy in the short term and ANGST.

Well, that felt good. I guess while I'm here I should report on my required reading. Are You Dumb Enough to be Rich? G William Barnett II )

ETA: So C and dad are visiting on the 8th for several days, and they have offered to buy my ticket home for Thanksgiving. They always do this, pull my anger out from under me with awkward peace offerings that don't fix the underlying thing but make it impossible to be pissy and just leave you... sad. But it's sweet, it really is. And I have a job interview for tomorrow, too.
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The trip to Vegas was exactly what I was hoping for. )
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Leaving Seattle. Gah. )


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