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Guilty pleasures: I just watched the hour and a half finale of American Gladiators. *blush* I KNOW. SHUT UP. Just, SUCH flashbacks to being six years old and watching it on mute ready to LEAP for the remote if my mom came in the room.

Guilty pleasures pt 2: Now I have some "Make Me a Supermodel" cued up. What? After all the video clips [livejournal.com profile] trollprincess has posted...

hulu.com is going to eat ALL my free time if I'm not careful, isn't it? And I DON'T WATCH REALITY TV! No, really (she says, looking shifty...)

Guilty pleasures pt 3: After living for months in LA, finally paid a visit to Babeland. Good store. Gives me ideas. Why did I not do this LONG ago? To avoid TMI: Very happy with purchase.

Guilty pleasures pt 4: I'm really going to miss LA. )

Random: The cat has always insisted on being in the bathroom when I shower. Normally he just sits on the high window ledge watching the birds, so that's okay, but recently he's started sitting on the rim of the bathtub. You know how one layer of shower curtain goes inside the tub, and the other goes outside? He jumps up on the edge and gets IN BETWEEN them, and then bats at me through the inside layer. It's WEIRD. I'm debating whether to start locking him out, but then he yowls and scratches the door. I will say that when the waterproof new purchase is tested, he's definitely getting locked out. Seriously, cat, what's your damage?

I guess I have to pack now.
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Only 7 days left of the terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad job!

Fantastic to meet you, [livejournal.com profile] geek_mentality. And now I'm all excited about comic-Con. *eek*

I promised Constance pictures when I got my new glasses. So, what happens when you cross a mirror, a digital camera, and a TOTAL DORK? )
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The sexiest fictional character currently on air is turning 29.  C'mere, Dean, and let me spank you! 

Slate's Trailhead posted an entry about the Louisiana GOP caucus, which I hadn't heard anything about. (Admit it, neither had you.) Our political process? It's wacked, man. *entertained*

While trying to make a rather ill-advised leap, Boots just landed squarely in the sink. He has a piece of celery stuck to his ear.

I love living with my spazzy dork of a kitty.
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Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate!

It's officially the holiday-season and I'm SO EXCITED )

ONLY 16 MORE DAYS TILL I GO HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! (and 20 more days till Christmas, but the going-home countdown is more exciting)

Successful "write a little bit every day" days-in-a-row: Fail.  I fell asleep at like 9:30 last night accidentally, because this boring job makes me so tired for no apparent reason.

Want to be amused?

I clipped my cat's claws. The two front sets, anyway, as the experience was rather too traumatic to do all four at once. It was... startlingly easy, considering that this cat draws blood from me regularly. He just squirmed a little, and objected in non-blood-drawing ways and then seemed to resign himself and I just pinched his little pads and out they popped and snip-snip-snip. I'm really quite proud of myself. For some reason sucessfully clipping a cat's claws feels like a huge achievement to me. Yaay me!
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Successful "write a little bit every day" days-in-a-row: Aack. I half-cheated yesterday and haven't today and am going out tonight. Oh dear. I am bad a resolutions.

It rained today, for exactly the third time since I moved here. The fact that I can count five months of rain on one hand is... deeply odd to me. The call-center women in my little cubicle cluster were all bitching, LOUDLY, about the cold and the wet. I kept ending up leaning back in my chair and just listening to the rain on the skylights.

The sound of rain on the roof might possibly make me cry today. But that's just PMS, not deep-seated emotional distress.

Random: Isn't it nice how you can call a pet absolutely anything you want and they don't get mad at you? Seriously. A cat will answer to "fart-face" or "stinkypoo" or "little orange devil" or "spazz-a-matic" or "claws of doom!" or "pounce-meister" or whatever.

Can you imagine if life was like that? Just picture walking into work: "Hey, lady who talks way too loud. Lookin' good, hotass. Good morning, you little poor-manager, you!" Hee.

Also, the cat is getting fat.

I am going to see Ten Inch Hero on Sunday. )


Oct. 29th, 2007 04:59 pm
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I got a CAT! A 7 month old kitten. He is ORANGE and STRIPEY with yellow eyes and white boots and his name is Handsome, though I have been calling him Boots. And he was kind of traumatized when we brought him home, and still a bit jumpy, but now he's been exploring everywhere and getting his damn kitty nose into everything. And he likes sleeping right between your legs, or in the crook of your knees at night. Which is really really sweet except they you're afraid to move for fear of squishing the cat. And he spends huge amounts of time up on the top of the TV, or the top of my tall bookshelf, or on top of those high cupboards all around the kitchen. Or on the windowsill. And he talks at you, and rolls about and chases little wadded up balls of plastic wrap on a string. And he's adorable. And he uses the litterbox without needing to be housetrained (what? I've only had dogs. This is a miracle, to me). He doesn't follow you around like a puppy, which I miss, and doesn't really want to be pet or to cuddle, but he comes running when you make kissy noises, which you have to do a lot because he can hide in very small places. And he almost fell into the toilet, trying to explore. Which was cute.

kitty )

Random: I just spent an hour and a half being interviewed by a PhD student doing her dissertation on gifted education and the long-term effects of early college entrance programs. I am not sure I'm the best representation, y'know? Hopefully my personal failures do not reflect poorly on EEP. But it was cool. Way to make me feel special.


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