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I left fandom for a couple months (because of my AMAZING SUMMER JOB OMG) so of course I missed Space Girl by [personal profile] charmax until now. It is, of course, an amazing vid. It's basically the entire history of televised science fiction as seen through the lens of female characters, with all the kitch and tropes and awesomeness and awe that suggests. Amazing.

Speaking of which.

On Friday, this happened for the last time.

in which I am sentimental, also tl;dr )

Everyone -- EVEYONE -- who feels even the smallest fraction of what I do about this needs to go watch To Touch the Face of God by [livejournal.com profile] destina, and good luck to the Atlantis crew for their safe return home.
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I have not been around. I miss you all. Will be at Muskrat Jamboree in two weeks, if anyone else on my flist will be? Limited participation in fandom due to serious and mounting procrastiation problem and associated guilt.

San Francisco )

Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Live CD just hit today (and you can listen online). I feel a little ridiculous about being the sort of fangirl who pays $17 for a CD of songs I not only already have, but already purchased, but apparently that is the type of fangirl I am. I just desperately needed a good sound quality copy of 20th Century Boy, because my favorite current artist covering my favorite song from one of my favorite movies (because it's his favorite song from his favorite movie too)? That is the stuff fangirl flail is made of.

Have a fic rec: I love slave fic. I can't help it. I love it- I love the ones that are modern day AU and the ones that are pseudo-historical. I love the crazy-BDSM-institutions ones and the sex slavery ones and the regular old not-sex-specific slavery ones. I love the ones with angsty morally tormented owners and the ones with oblivious owners. I love the ones that are contractual and voluntary and the ones that are outright non-con and the ones that are sappy slow-build falling-in-love dealing-with-the-dubcon ones. So I give you Patience, a Steady Hand, by Helenish. It's the best kind of pseudo-historical, cheerfully anachronistic but detailed and immersive, and it's got the most amazing slow build and fascinating characters and a happy ending that made me sniffly.
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In the past 24 hours, I have:

Slept for four hours
Skipped four classes
Spent an hour trying to decide what to offer for Yuletide (still haven't actually signed up)
Listened to Tightrope thirty-seven times on loop (Janelle Monae: Hot, or hottest?)
Watched nearly the whole season of Dancing with the Stars (Jennifer Grey: Foxy, or foxiest?)
Eaten two giant bags of mini peanut butter cups
Scrubbed my bathroom top to bottom
Knitted six inches of scarf
Read 150 pages
And, finally, researched and written a ten page memo. Which is due tonight. Which I've known about for two weeks.

I have utterly lost the ability to prioritize. This is BAD.
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*Stitch and bitch lovely, very soothing, enjoyable.

*Weekend as a whole, in fact, wonderful beyond my expectations.

*I just broke out the winter sweaters and discovered I have moths. DAMMIT. I have almost no clothes that fit, and absolutely no professionally-appropriate clothes (which is about to become a hugely expensive problem in my life). I really cannot afford this.

*Because I am utterly in love with my new city, Wired's What a hundred million 311 calls reveal about New York. Because I am the sort of dork that finds urban planning fascinating.

*Law school workload has just pushed me past "frantic and terrified" and into the realm of cheerful "who gives a shit." I mean, I obviously won't get everything done, so... fine.
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As of tomorrow morning, I will have no internet save by phone. The idea of putting everything I own into the hands of some random guy in brown shorts is nervous-making at best.

Still kissing many frogs at Kradam Big Bang, but Simon's is cute cute cute cute cute, almost debilitatingly cute. And Ready Now is... *flails* It's, like, romantic and plotty and gripping and mesmerizing and the ending! The ending of this fic! Is like the ending of every romantic comedy I've ever rolled my eyes through times a million, except for being totally awesome.

Apparently I have a ticket to see Zachary Quinto in Angels in America in November. Because I am moving to NEW YORK and apparently this is what I do now- hook up with awesome fangirls to see Zachary fucking Quinto in a well respected off-Broadway play revival and then go party just because I can. How is this my life?

This almost makes up for the complete and total panic.
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Opener: In which it is your job to take pizzas out of the oven and put them in the boxes. Simple, right?

-Forget to put the little cheese tables in the middle. Send five pizzas out with cardboard in the cheese.
-Forget that gourmet chicken gets parmesan on top after it comes out of the oven. When pizzas are out the door, hope nobody notices.
-Forget that extra-large pizzas are cut into twelve slices, not eight. Hope that family has very large plates.
-Mix up the regular utensil-thingie with the gluten-free utensil-thingie. Send two orders back to be remade. Hope those people prefer eating late to being sick.

Act 2: In which all you have to do is take the pizza from point A to point B, with a map, in an area you know well.

-Take a dodgy shortcut because it's the only way to avoid rush hour traffic. Forget that it is Sunday and there is no rush hour. Five minutes late.
-Forget that a main road is closed for construction. And has been for the last two weeks. Forget the detour you drove just yesterday. Ten minutes late.
-Forget that a local very large park has two entrances, and you can't drive between them inside the park, but instead have to go way back out and around. Twenty minutes late.

Act 3: In which the things you become frazzled about are finally not your fault.

-Explain to a sad gentleman that you are sold out of the ice cream flavor he ordered, even though the person who took his order half an hour ago assured him we were not.
-Resist the urge to explain to the woman who insists that she asked for Diet Coke that you have the receipt right here, dammit, and this is not your fault, it's the fault of the guy who took her order, so you should still get a tip.

Grand Finale: In which a brief hope of redemption is quickly dashed

-Deliver a pizza to a shirtless man who looks exactly like Matt Bomer. He smiles at you and says "g'day, mate" and gives you a five dollar tip. Sigh dreamily.
-Return to the store and promptly drop things while doing dishes. Many, many, many things.

Encore: Because the crowd wants more

-Drive halfway home with the pizza sign still on top of your car.

I can't even be upset about this day. It was way too funny.

(Just to clarify: I actually absolutely love this job. The people are fun and the driving is fun and the free pizza is fun and the money is boggling. It's just. There are days...)
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So I remember to announce when I'm leaving, but forget to come back. Really, I do this thing where I start reading my flist again, but if I've been away for too long I tend to forget that I can, you know, post. In short, I had a wonderful lovely fantastic phenomenal amusing trip to NY, and then a terrible horrible no good very bad trip to Chicago, which somehow ended up okay in the end (The Boy and I are still on speaking terms, at least, and it has gone in the arsenal of Funny In Retrospect).

I am getting new glasses, though only after the Lenscrafters lady was mean to me and made me cry. (No, really, sobbing in the middle of the mall. I mean, there's bad customer service, and then there's just mean. PSA: Lenscrafters is evil.)

I am beset by vid bunnies, and trying to figure out how I go about kidnapping a competent vidder, chaining them to a desk, and forcing them to do my will. Perhaps I shall post them?

Is anyone willing to beta about 1700 words of G-rated, post-series, seriously emotionally ambiguous and meandering J/D? I would love you a lot.
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This picspam is the granddaddy of all picspams. This picspam could beat up all the other picspams and take their lunch money. Wow.

Olympics: because I am watching massively out of order, I just discovered that Petra Majdic is the Ultimate Badass of these games. She is possibly the Ultimate Badass of everything, ever. This is the woman who competed in the cross-country sprint with four broken ribs and a punctured lung. She skied the 1.4 kilometer sprint course four times (Quals, Quarters, Semis, and Final), dashed to the wire for a photo-finish bronze medal, and then collapsed and had to be carried from the field... and did I mention the part where she had four broken ribs and a punctured lung the entire time?

I'm just saying, Bruce Willis can go suck it. Broken glass my ass. When I need to be rescued from hostage-taking terrorists? I want Petra on the job.
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So, Michael Sembello, I understand that she is, in fact, a maniac at my door. Also that she's dancing like she's never danced before. But what I want to know is, is she dancing in a manner in which she has never danced before, or is she dancing as though she has never danced before?

This really, sincerely bothers me.

I am reminded of the time my mother and I spent an entire dinner trying to decide if "grits" should take a singular or plural verb. (I contend that grits is clearly a mass, uncountable noun, along the lines of water and sand. She replies that "grits is" is offensive enough to the ear that the plural form of the word should be respected. That also bothers me to this day).

I never claimed not to be deeply weird.

Have any of you ever heard the phrase "all mouth and no trousers"? It gets about 10k Google hits. I had never heard it before, but it may be my new favorite Wacky Britishism. I'm going to be trying to work this into conversation now. But you know what really makes it hilarious? the context.

One worry is that China’s rulers will try to push the yuan down to help exporters. That would be a terrible idea, not least because the government has the resources to ease the pain in less dangerous ways: it is running a budget surplus and has little debt. Last month it announced a huge 4 trillion yuan (nearly $600 billion) fiscal-stimulus package. Some who have crunched the numbers argue that this was all mouth and no trousers—much of it made up by old budget commitments, double-counting and empty promises. It was thus mainly propaganda...

*facepalm* The diction-level incongruity there strikes me as hilarious. I cannot stop snickering.

I am a sap

Dec. 11th, 2008 11:41 am
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Forty Inspiring Speeches in Two minutes

It is REALLY embarrassing how much this moves me. Seriously. If I watch this in five days, I will cry- I'm getting that "oh my God if I were PMSing I would be sobbing right now" burning in the backs of my eyes.

You may commence pointing and laughing now.

ETA: And if you're thinking that explains a lot of my crush on Obama, you'd be right. *rhetoric swoon*

Oh! Also, did you all see Jon Stewart take Huckabee to the mat on gay marriage? Well done, Stewart. <3
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Oh, New Hampshire, never change.

Oh my GOD. Only about six hours till the polls start closing, and I have a job interview to do and I don't know how I can endure it! *bites nails*

If you live in California, PLEASE remember to help defeat Proposition 8. Wherever you are, and no matter how excited you are about the presidential contest, please remember that the race keeps going all the way down the ballot!

Edit I ♥ John Barrowman. Yes, I have been wearing that tshirt out and about town all day today.

Edit 2: Electric Boogaloo! Rachel Maddow's biography on Twitter reads, "i see political people..."

*crush intensifies*

Edit 3: Yes, I am doing it this way so my flist doesn't strangle me for making a bajillion updates. I Didn't Vote for Obama Today. This made me cry.

Here's the thing: this feels like a hugely important election. )

And one day they will ask, "Did you know, while it was happening? Could you feel it in the air, this thing you were a part of?"

We will remember that there is something happening in America, that we are not as divided as our politics suggest, that we are one people, we are one nation.

And, together, we will begin the next great chapter in the American story, with three words that will ring from coast to coast, from sea to shining sea: Yes, we can.
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This is better than a sex-toy store, for me )

I avoid thinking about what that means about me. I'm not sure I want to know.

Olympics! )

So tel me, flist, what awesome sport should I be watching? What thrilling thing did I miss?


Aug. 10th, 2008 09:53 pm
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I just spent ALL DAY watching Olympics. )

I get like this every four years. It's scary. Seriously, somebody needs to stop me before this gets way out of ha-- ooh! Badminton!
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Yesterday was possibly the worst day I've had in years. )

On the plus side, by yesterday late afternoon I had both a working car and a phone line. So, that worked out, but I was so traumatized that I went straight to the grocery store and have been eating Halloween candy ever since.

Nobody has called me back about a job.
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So this morning.  It's about 9:30.  Dustin has literally JUST walked out the door for work.  I am still unshowered, and therefore nasty and smelly and my hair is all greasy.  I am in my PJs.  In particular, the bright blue floral PJs that I am wearing only because our dryer has been broken and so I haven't done laundry in three weeks.

And then the spider that swallowed Chicago runs across my desk.  Seriously.  Big spider.  Larger than a dollar coin, at least (Dude, it's big for me).  Anyway, I run and get a big glass and go to trap it, but it's sheltering in the mass of cables behind my laptop.  It might possibly be sheltering there because I may possibly have screamed, just a little.  So I have to nudge the laptop away and we do this crazy chase scene across the desk before I pin him.  But then he's trapped and he's HUGE, and the cardboard I slide under isn't reall heavy enough to hold him, so I have to do the thing where you flip it over and catch him in the cup, except he's BIG and trying to crawl out of the cup and onto my arm, and I dash outside and fling him over the edge of the breezeway three stories to (hopefully) his doom.  And then the door swings shut behind me.  

So I had to walk 10 minutes past three buildings in my bright blue floral PJs and bare feet to the office.  Where I had to sit and wait with my greasy hair and BO.  Until the big matronly lady came back to ask me what I needed, and she just cracked up at me.   

Sense of humor day coming right up. 
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Early morning and long bus ride back to Istanbul. The Istanbul otogar is a complete circus.  Took an hour to get ourselves to a dolmus back to Sultanhamet.  Settled in and decided to e-mail Dustin first thing- good thing too, as I realized my flight leaves Sunday, not tomorrow!  I mixed up the end of the tour and though the departure day was the day AFTER the end, not the same day.

Very embarrassing, but good, as I was very disappointed about my lack of time in Istanbul at the end.  Freaked out but managed to book at the hostel across the street for 10 Euro.  I've been really pinching pennies all trip, so I think one more day will be fine.

Got out to Aya Sofya finally.  That building has been the thing I most want to see in the entire world since... I can't remember, but I think it was when I did that paper on the Ottomans winter quarter TS year.  So, seven years. 

It was more of a mix, more of a hodgepodge, than I expected, but that just made it more interesting.  The restored mosaics are beautiful beyond belief- even after all I've read about Byzantine mosaic work, this is my first time seeing really good ones in person and it's just... striking.  The dome is boggling, and (even despite the horrible unfortunate scaffolding) the entire impression is of light and air and space and soaring vaults, just like it's always described.  It's wonderful.

Spent an hour or so in the bazaar- no buying yet, now that I have another whole day.  It really is pretty overwhelming, disorienting, but that's the fun.  The jewelry sections are quite satisfyingly sparkly.  I'm getting quite a hankering for really sparkly necklaces now.  Those lariat style ones, maybe, or the shaped collar ones that don't actually connect in front but curlicue over your collarbones, something in red gold if possible.  I would have to be in another strata of society entirely to actually wear such a thing, and I feel a bit little matchstick girl pressing my nose up to those windows, but wow. 

Our final dinner together was a place on that pedestrian underside of the Galata bridge.  You settle down on these beanbag chairs on the outer walkway, with the restaurants behind you and this incredible view of Suleymanye mosque (there are three mosques right there, actually, and I can't recall the names of the other two) and that huge fountain on the water, and the bridge stretching out to either side, and the Galata tower and the ferries, and everything spotlighted or strung with lights.  It's the most incredible date-spot I think I've ever seen, and I would give a truly astonishing amount of money to be there with a date someday, especially when it goes silent except for the splashing of the water and the call to prayer just drifts, eerie and otherworldly and beautiful, from a dozen directions at once.  I am convinced that, at least at night, Istanbul is the most beautiful city in the world. 


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