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I have not been around. I miss you all. Will be at Muskrat Jamboree in two weeks, if anyone else on my flist will be? Limited participation in fandom due to serious and mounting procrastiation problem and associated guilt.

San Francisco )

Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Live CD just hit today (and you can listen online). I feel a little ridiculous about being the sort of fangirl who pays $17 for a CD of songs I not only already have, but already purchased, but apparently that is the type of fangirl I am. I just desperately needed a good sound quality copy of 20th Century Boy, because my favorite current artist covering my favorite song from one of my favorite movies (because it's his favorite song from his favorite movie too)? That is the stuff fangirl flail is made of.

Have a fic rec: I love slave fic. I can't help it. I love it- I love the ones that are modern day AU and the ones that are pseudo-historical. I love the crazy-BDSM-institutions ones and the sex slavery ones and the regular old not-sex-specific slavery ones. I love the ones with angsty morally tormented owners and the ones with oblivious owners. I love the ones that are contractual and voluntary and the ones that are outright non-con and the ones that are sappy slow-build falling-in-love dealing-with-the-dubcon ones. So I give you Patience, a Steady Hand, by Helenish. It's the best kind of pseudo-historical, cheerfully anachronistic but detailed and immersive, and it's got the most amazing slow build and fascinating characters and a happy ending that made me sniffly.
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Adam does an encore in Amsterdam. There is nothing about that video that does not fill me with glee forever. Oh Adam.

My life right now is so astonishingly perfect and full of fun and and awesome things and wonderful people and love that I am not really quite sure how to take it all in. I expect finals will smack me around good, given that I'm a full week behind on all my classwork, but. I am trying to think of how life could be better right now, and I can't think of anything that doesn't involve a winning lotto ticket.
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I am:

Wildly, stupidly, terrifyingly over-scheduled.

Enjoying the hell out of New York, school, and new people, and really everything except my lack of free time.

Endlessly indebted to [personal profile] sothcweden for sending me links to this video and this video, displaying an uncanny sense of when I really needed a fannish pick-me-up. (Oh, I will miss LP so much. And how could I possibly love Adam and Tommy this much?)

Seriously bummed out by the fact that apparently I will never get laid again. (Invisible to law school boys. How do people in New York hook up, except in horrendously loud, crowded, terrible bars?)

Incredibly grateful for how easy it is to drift in and out of fandom. I can have no time to breathe but, after days or a weeks of being entirely absent (and getting defriended left and right), get a rec for a sharp, intelligent, gorgeously written first-time fic or a notice of an update to a truly glorious crack wip and feel like I've never left. I don't know what I'd be doing right now without that.
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Thank you so much to everybody. Really, I am completely blown away- I've been doing the online-friends thing for a decade, and it's still startling to me sometimes how incredible and kind and supportive people can be. Thanks especially to [personal profile] astolat, [personal profile] grey_bard, and [personal profile] watersword. (It turns out that [livejournal.com profile] par_avion, [livejournal.com profile] lierdumoa, and [personal profile] rusty_halo are pretty awesome too), and there are more of you who I would totally like to meet any time.

Anyway, personal crisis more or less disposed of, because fangirls are wonderful; back to studying!

But first, a word to the wise: Last week's Leverage was awesome like puppies and cupcakes.

Also, thanks to [personal profile] sothcweden for the awesome tip: this Tommy/Allison kinkmeme fic is the hottest het I've read in ages. Yowza. (It's almost enough for me to break out that Adam/Tommy/Allison thing I keep not writing because I'm afraid the fandom will hate me. They are all just way too hot not to be sleeping together, is all.)
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I miss you all so much! And I really miss having a computer. This smartphone thing not cutting it.

But! I am moved in, and the apartment is almost habitable, even if all my clothing is still in a pile on the floor. Haven't really met anybody yet, but am getting a feel for the area. I keep having attacks of "OMG how is this my life?"

Oh, and? Adam just did "20th century boy" in concert. I KNEW it was only a matter of time before we heard him do a Velvet Goldmine song! You guys, he wants to be our toy. I could not possibly love that boy more.
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As of tomorrow morning, I will have no internet save by phone. The idea of putting everything I own into the hands of some random guy in brown shorts is nervous-making at best.

Still kissing many frogs at Kradam Big Bang, but Simon's is cute cute cute cute cute, almost debilitatingly cute. And Ready Now is... *flails* It's, like, romantic and plotty and gripping and mesmerizing and the ending! The ending of this fic! Is like the ending of every romantic comedy I've ever rolled my eyes through times a million, except for being totally awesome.

Apparently I have a ticket to see Zachary Quinto in Angels in America in November. Because I am moving to NEW YORK and apparently this is what I do now- hook up with awesome fangirls to see Zachary fucking Quinto in a well respected off-Broadway play revival and then go party just because I can. How is this my life?

This almost makes up for the complete and total panic.
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Summer TV roundup, including Leverage and Eureka spoilers. Long and babbly. )

And two recs- SGA and Glam )

I always forget how many frogs you have to kiss to find the good stuff during Big Bang season, not to mention that I forgot that Kradam Big Bang even existed at all (I have so many more to get to!). This fic reading binge has involved lots of back-button usage and a huge backlog that I will eventually give up on, but it sure has been fun.
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Many many many awesome fangirls ([personal profile] sherrold! [personal profile] seperis! [personal profile] boggit!), two drinks, three hours standing and waiting, many ridiculous pairs of shoes and truly awesome costumes, one tube of body glitter, and an absolutely unquantifiable amount of squee later, I am finally almost coming down from my Adam high. (Honestly, I've barely had time to breathe since Tuesday- meeting with Grandparents and working and selling the car and how did I get so busy anyway? But I've floated through all of it on a little cloud of "OMG THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!")

Anyway! This is not a full concert report. The abbreviated bullets: )
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So after a month, I finally admitted that this funk I am in has seriously damaged my porn. "I know," I thought. "I'll write not-porn!" Three thousand incredibly self-indulgent words later...

Where they have to take you in
Adam/Brad; Neil
PG-13? I don't even know how to rate things that aren't on-screen sex
2800 words
Warning: I know nothing about Neil's life situation, and refuse to research it, because I prefer my RPS with a minimum of accuracy

'Be my roadie!' Adam said. )
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Basically the only possible response to this is Oh, Adam. Baby, never change.

(Also slay-me cute: Adam messing around during a sound check)

Between that and finally reading Zombies Ate Your Idols (I giggled like a maniac from start to finish. Which, okay, I do not do bandom. But after literally years of having people pimp it at me, and seeing picspams and even reading the occasional fic? This is the first thing to ever make me think that I might kind of adore Gerard and Frank. I, uh, might be downloading discography now.) I am going to be grinning like a loon all day.
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The Boy came, and it was Good. The best thing about the Boy is that I can watch fannish things with him, and it often feels quite a lot like watching fannish things with fangirls. I certainly don't need any of the reflexive self-censorship, or for that matter the embarrassment cringe reaction, that so often comes from showing straight boys fannish things.

(The Boy loves due South far more than I do, and has limitless patience for my crush on Callum, and in fact watched Hard Core Logo with me and was really struck by it. Win)

And we went paddling, and hiking, and saw Cirque du Soleil (Also Win, of course. God, people doing physically improbable things to loud music while wearing feathers and rhinestones. LOVE)

Stayed up until 3 am last night reading Future Legend- one of the better post-apocalypses I've ever read.

Don't trip off the glitz )

Those pictures are going to keep me so happy today.
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What the Dormouse Said
Glam RPF
NC-17 (barely)
2700 words
Warning: I prefer my RPS with a minimum of accuracy.
Note: Inspired by this. For [personal profile] hilarytamar, who I owe for about six different reasons this week.

The only flaw in Tommy's 'late night flights for sleep and profit' plan is Adam himself. )
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Adam Lambert- Bad news: strained his voice. Good news: still pretty. And so is Tommy.

Dr. Who- Bad news: still sucks. Good news: my sister and I have been shouting "Not vampires! Fish from space!" at each other at fairly random intervals. That line was seriously 'planes crash/clowns kill' levels of awesome right there.

Life- Bad news: So unemployed. So broke. Good news: The Boy is visiting! And Cirque du Soleil is coming to town! SPARKLY!

Glee- Bad news: did in fact take a significant writing-quality nosedive after the first 13 episodes, for reasons already better diagnosed by everybody else. Good news: )

tl;dr- KURT!!!!!!
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Four Three squees make a post.

* I have concert tickets!

* I have an apartment in NY! It's official! I will not be living homeless on the streets! I have a way-subsidized two-bedroom on the ground floor of a well-maintained building with a view of a dingy little courtyard, a nice kitchen, laundry on-site, and an as-yet mysterious roommate named K. Oh my god, you guys, this is really going to happen.

* The photos coming out of Adam's IIHY video shoot are making me grin like a maniac. He's wearing the KISS boots! And looking freakily sexy! And rocking out! With Tommy! And that's just the band half, not even counting the dancers.

* ETA: Got rumored, God dammit. False. The track with Brian May and Justin Hawkins is pretty awesome, though...

Adam is doing a collab on Meat Loaf's new album. This makes me flail spastically. You guys, if we get a meatloaf-trademark theatrical, bombastic, eight-minute long rock anthem with crazy piano and tempo changes and Adam going all vocal gymnastics on its ass? I will die happy. Oh my GOD.

I just outed myself as a Meat Loaf fangirl, didn't I? Yes. My name is dragojustine and I love Bat out of Hell.
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Note: This might look like a pimping post. Don't be fooled; it was really just a chance for me to wallow in the awesome.

So, flist, there's this guy )

It's at this point that I'm utterly sold on him, so the rest of this post is just a link-dump, okay?

Non-fannish links )

Let's pause to point out that Adam is totally gorgeous.

And the fandom side of things )

I leave you with the very best Adam thing I've never seen anybody link to:


May. 10th, 2010 12:13 am
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So I went incommunicado for a month, during which time I, in no particular order:

*Went to [livejournal.com profile] bitchinparty, had the time of my life, danced a lot, and met truly wonderful people who I failed spectacularly to friend/keep up with. Ooops.

*Had a weekend long tournament and poker party (Oh god, I love poker so much. It's so hard to get competent people together to play for low stakes offline, but that's really the only way to do it, and I always forget how fun it is).

*Got sick, had my internet disconnected, ended up unemployed, and went into introvert mode.

*Officially sent in a $500 deposit and housing application for Columbia and then freaked the fuck out.

*Became a crazy screaming obsessed Adam Lambert fangirl (there may be a pimping post in your future, even though I know I'm the last person on this bandwagon and nobody left to pimp, just because I can't help myself).

How is it with you all? I've missed you!


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