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Because I would be remiss if I didn't pass it on, The Periodic Table of Storytelling. There should totally be some kind of random-element-generator prompt meme, Y/N?

Via [personal profile] cofax7, the Guardian is doing some kind of SF thing.

Calvin & Hobbes futurefic gets me right where I live. Have Hobbes and Bacon part one and two.

Aliens, zombies, and plauges, oh my )

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*Stitch and bitch lovely, very soothing, enjoyable.

*Weekend as a whole, in fact, wonderful beyond my expectations.

*I just broke out the winter sweaters and discovered I have moths. DAMMIT. I have almost no clothes that fit, and absolutely no professionally-appropriate clothes (which is about to become a hugely expensive problem in my life). I really cannot afford this.

*Because I am utterly in love with my new city, Wired's What a hundred million 311 calls reveal about New York. Because I am the sort of dork that finds urban planning fascinating.

*Law school workload has just pushed me past "frantic and terrified" and into the realm of cheerful "who gives a shit." I mean, I obviously won't get everything done, so... fine.


May. 30th, 2010 01:52 pm
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Protip: Prince of Persia is bad. Like, really bad. Embarrassingly, aggressively, I would even say offensively bad. It's baldy plotted, badly written, badly cast, and badly acted... and, insult to injury, the awesome freerunning stunts that a Prince of Persia movie obviously should have don't even measure up. In every way that a movie can be bad, this movie is bad. Plus (and this is a personal pet peeve of mine) it's set in "the Middle East" in "the past." Whatever, movie.

I don't care, because I just ordered a laptop! I got an absolutely shiny new Dell Mini 10 for $299.

After taxes and a shiny new mouse, it came to $352. At that price, I feel like I just stole it. Holy shit.

God, I am, like... buying school things. School technology things and school wardrobe things. And doing school vaccination forms and loan paperwork and pre-orientation online stuff and and and...
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Four Three squees make a post.

* I have concert tickets!

* I have an apartment in NY! It's official! I will not be living homeless on the streets! I have a way-subsidized two-bedroom on the ground floor of a well-maintained building with a view of a dingy little courtyard, a nice kitchen, laundry on-site, and an as-yet mysterious roommate named K. Oh my god, you guys, this is really going to happen.

* The photos coming out of Adam's IIHY video shoot are making me grin like a maniac. He's wearing the KISS boots! And looking freakily sexy! And rocking out! With Tommy! And that's just the band half, not even counting the dancers.

* ETA: Got rumored, God dammit. False. The track with Brian May and Justin Hawkins is pretty awesome, though...

Adam is doing a collab on Meat Loaf's new album. This makes me flail spastically. You guys, if we get a meatloaf-trademark theatrical, bombastic, eight-minute long rock anthem with crazy piano and tempo changes and Adam going all vocal gymnastics on its ass? I will die happy. Oh my GOD.

I just outed myself as a Meat Loaf fangirl, didn't I? Yes. My name is dragojustine and I love Bat out of Hell.


May. 10th, 2010 12:13 am
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So I went incommunicado for a month, during which time I, in no particular order:

*Went to [livejournal.com profile] bitchinparty, had the time of my life, danced a lot, and met truly wonderful people who I failed spectacularly to friend/keep up with. Ooops.

*Had a weekend long tournament and poker party (Oh god, I love poker so much. It's so hard to get competent people together to play for low stakes offline, but that's really the only way to do it, and I always forget how fun it is).

*Got sick, had my internet disconnected, ended up unemployed, and went into introvert mode.

*Officially sent in a $500 deposit and housing application for Columbia and then freaked the fuck out.

*Became a crazy screaming obsessed Adam Lambert fangirl (there may be a pimping post in your future, even though I know I'm the last person on this bandwagon and nobody left to pimp, just because I can't help myself).

How is it with you all? I've missed you!


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