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So one of my main guilty pleasures in the last four or five months has been My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I'm pretty much convinced it's one of the better things going right now. It's also basically everything a feminist could possibly want out of a kids cartoon.

But I just watched Dragon Quest, and I gotta say... I think they fucked up. Gender-based analysis of this episode plz? Where am I to find such a thing?

Ep under cut.

Dragon Quest )

(I just realized that my current "feminism" icon is completely inapropos for "I think this may be perpetuating some really terrible stereotypes of masculinity," but I don't think I have one for that...)
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Dear YuleGoat )
Thank you again, lovely writer!
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Because I would be remiss if I didn't pass it on, The Periodic Table of Storytelling. There should totally be some kind of random-element-generator prompt meme, Y/N?

Via [personal profile] cofax7, the Guardian is doing some kind of SF thing.

Calvin & Hobbes futurefic gets me right where I live. Have Hobbes and Bacon part one and two.

Aliens, zombies, and plauges, oh my )

And the life update )
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If you read George RR Martin's Game of Thrones, or if you watched the first episode of the miniseries, or if you have even contemplated doing either one, [personal profile] hth's meta is absolutely non-optional required reading. It's long but articulate and amazing, and includes an explanation of the consistent ethical stance and worldview of the series, meta on the characters of Drogo, Daenerys, and Cersei, the society of Westeros vs. the Dothraki, issues of institutionalized rape and consent, and (obviously), That Scene.

It's really really good.
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So Muskrat Jamboree was awesome. I know it was days ago now, but I'm so busy I can hardly cope and haven't even done the post-con round of friending (hopefully tonight). But. It was great meeting you all! I shall try to look you up! I was surprised by how many people I recognized from BP last year, and even from Wincon before that. The slash-con-going world is pretty small, and people are so fantasically nice even to someone who is basically a lurker. I love it.

The vidshow was fantastic, especially the Harry Potter vid We're Marching On, which made the con collectively bawl like babies.

Gender issues in fic panel was also excellent. Recs should hopefully be here, including a couple trans fic recs from me.

AO3 has subscriptions now! Thank God. With fandom splintering off lj this last few years, I've been having a harder and harder time getting to know people and finding fic. Anyway, I haven't written in ages and my WIP list is basically a fond and wistful dream, but I am a lemming:

I'm at faviconDragoJustine and fandoms you may possibly see someday if I ever write again (damn law school) are Inception, Adam Lambert, and SG1!

For the record, I shall be in DC this summer and have a place to sublet in NYC. Just... putting that out into the fanosphere.


Nov. 18th, 2010 09:46 pm
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I missed the deadline to sign up for Muskrat Jamboree. AND I missed the deadline to sign up for SGA_santa. AND I had to skip the jdficathon months ago. Dammit, I WILL do Yuletide. It's been the highlight of my entire year for three years in a row now, and I will NOT let law school take that away from me.


Dear Yuletide Santa )

Thank you again, Yuletide writer!
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My procrastination is becoming a Problem in my life. I remember I had techniques, back in undergrad, but I can't seem to remember what they are. There must be practical anti-procrastination advice on the internet, but if I spend hours reading it... I'm pretty sure that sort of thing is part of the problem.

The law school workload kept me away from NY Comic-Con this year, and I just realized I missed the signups for Muskrat Jamboree. And I barely knew about the [livejournal.com profile] jd_ficathon until stuff had already posted. Dammit, I refuse to let law school take my hobbies. Partly because, you know, hobbies keep you sane, but partly because I've met so many of the people I value most this way, and I just can't lose that. So... I'll have to figure something out.

Edited for linkspam: I realize that I am in danger of just linking to everything Abigail Nussbaum ever writes, but I wanted to point out her really amazing articulation of just what is wrong with SGU and, now, her take on what exactly is the difference between Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. It's a compelling argument that the difference is not, in fact, maturity or complexity. Very good read.

Plus, she tosses off the observation that Bilbo Baggins and Arthur Dent have more in common than is apparent at first glance, which made me giggle. Oh, so true!
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I am:

Wildly, stupidly, terrifyingly over-scheduled.

Enjoying the hell out of New York, school, and new people, and really everything except my lack of free time.

Endlessly indebted to [personal profile] sothcweden for sending me links to this video and this video, displaying an uncanny sense of when I really needed a fannish pick-me-up. (Oh, I will miss LP so much. And how could I possibly love Adam and Tommy this much?)

Seriously bummed out by the fact that apparently I will never get laid again. (Invisible to law school boys. How do people in New York hook up, except in horrendously loud, crowded, terrible bars?)

Incredibly grateful for how easy it is to drift in and out of fandom. I can have no time to breathe but, after days or a weeks of being entirely absent (and getting defriended left and right), get a rec for a sharp, intelligent, gorgeously written first-time fic or a notice of an update to a truly glorious crack wip and feel like I've never left. I don't know what I'd be doing right now without that.
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Thank you so much to everybody. Really, I am completely blown away- I've been doing the online-friends thing for a decade, and it's still startling to me sometimes how incredible and kind and supportive people can be. Thanks especially to [personal profile] astolat, [personal profile] grey_bard, and [personal profile] watersword. (It turns out that [livejournal.com profile] par_avion, [livejournal.com profile] lierdumoa, and [personal profile] rusty_halo are pretty awesome too), and there are more of you who I would totally like to meet any time.

Anyway, personal crisis more or less disposed of, because fangirls are wonderful; back to studying!

But first, a word to the wise: Last week's Leverage was awesome like puppies and cupcakes.

Also, thanks to [personal profile] sothcweden for the awesome tip: this Tommy/Allison kinkmeme fic is the hottest het I've read in ages. Yowza. (It's almost enough for me to break out that Adam/Tommy/Allison thing I keep not writing because I'm afraid the fandom will hate me. They are all just way too hot not to be sleeping together, is all.)
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Summer TV roundup, including Leverage and Eureka spoilers. Long and babbly. )

And two recs- SGA and Glam )

I always forget how many frogs you have to kiss to find the good stuff during Big Bang season, not to mention that I forgot that Kradam Big Bang even existed at all (I have so many more to get to!). This fic reading binge has involved lots of back-button usage and a huge backlog that I will eventually give up on, but it sure has been fun.
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Obviously you all need to go take this poll. And then read the comment thread, which is freakishly hilarious. And if you need help with the poll questions, I'd say my comment makes a convincing argument.
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[livejournal.com profile] help_haiti! Go here to snag a $25 Nordstrom gift card on the cheap, or here to bid on my beta services.


A very brief moment of pissiness in my life: Sarah Connor Chronicles just created a transgender character only to kill her off within the hour to further Sarah's personal development. Grrr. Then, just to make that even better, I had to go a brief round of conversation with C- you know how it goes, when you go four or five dialog exchanges and they keep saying "he" and you keep saying "she" and hoping the other person catches on? Until you finally actually say something? And then they say "He is a he and I'm going to call him that!"

And then, in this case, I say "I don't want to have this argument," and give a little moment of silent thanks that I can, you know, decide not to have the argument and move on.

Oh, Sarah Connor Chronicles, up until the middle of this season you so clearly loved me and wanted me to be happy- do better?
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[livejournal.com profile] help_haiti! Go here to snag a $25 Nordstrom gift card on the cheap, or here to bid on my beta services.

Festivids just went live, and I come with recs!

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow is for Slings & Arrows, and it is gorgeous. This is exactly why we love Geoffrey, that he feels this deeply, even melodramatically. This vid perfectly captures his sheer blinding intensity of emotion- of course, for him, the story of Geoffrey and Ellen and Oliver was grand epic. They were Romeo and Juliet, they were Antony and Cleopatra, and how- how could reality ever compete with that? That is what Ellen gives him, what perhaps all three of them gave each other. The vid is sad, because no love story can be that intense without being at least a little bit a tragedy, but also beautiful.

Lullabye for a Stormy Night is for Sound of Music, and if you have any emotional attachment to Sound of Music at all, you should watch it. Just so much love between all the characters, and the song is so beautiful.

Of Monsters and Heroes and Men is for Gladiator. This vid is long and meaty and seems to be carefully constructed. I'm not sure I Get it, but I like the attention paid to Juba, and I like the honor paid to Marcus Aurelius in the first verse, and I adore the song (never heard it before, but it's going on the ipod), so I'll at least watch a few more times and see how much I can find there.

Le Disko is for The Neverending Story, and it makes you wanna dance. So much fun! But also, Neverending Story was at base a meta tale, and this vid works on that level as well- this is exactly how it feels to be ten years old and reading really good fantasy.

I'm a little sad these vids aren't downloadable- hopefully they will be after reveal? But in any case, fun fest.
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1. Fandom auction for Haiti may get off the ground in the next few days- signal boost.

ETA: You just know you want to bid on my beta-reading services. Come on, you know you do.

2. Kripke should learn that Good Fourth Walls Make Good Neighbors

3. The Boy was here. And lo, it was Very Very Good. I sort of love tour-guiding around my city. And we saw Sherlock Holmes again, which just gets better every time. I am still all happy-smiley.

4. Oh my god I need a job.

5. Somebody just got accepted to Berkeley and NYU. They like me! They really like me!
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I am a little disappointed at the uneven quality of the SGA Big Bang fics. Anybody have recs?

On the other hand, the Jack/Daniel cliche-a-thon over at jackdanielpromptfic has produced some beauties.

White Collar: I have been banging the drum on Matthew Bomer's ridiculous hotness since Chuck. He lands right smack in my tall, slim-hipped, luxuriant-haired sweet-spot. Plus, the rat pack vibe and costuming for him (that they seem to be pulling back from, alas) fill me with joy. Seeing that man from behind in the slim pants and cinched-in vest? Yeah, he's just shaped nice. Plus, of course, the dynamic between Neal and Peter is perfect, and Peter's slightly befuddled, exasperated, straight-man play off Neal is both entertaining and actually interesting.

That said, they haven't managed to get enough past procedural fluff to make me really attach, and (and this is my real point) I still haven't forgiven them for disappearing the lesbian non-white agent after her cracking good show in the pilot. Just vanished her, without a word, to replace her with a straight white woman who would swoon appropriately over our hero. The fuck? To be honest, I don't see myself ever forgiving them for that, and it makes me much angrier than it would have if the show was all straight and whitewashed from the start. I know pilots are odd and changes happen when shows get picked up, but that's just... egregious in its obviousness, you know?

TMI: The female reproductive system is definitive disproof of intelligent design.
TMI pt 2: Why is it that right when an orgasm would be most helpful- ie, when you're all cramped up- is when it's hardest to make happen?

So, back when I posted sexy pictures it used to get a good response. I just found a new source for them, so let's go! This one with more women than my normal pic-dump )
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I have been reading. Then today at lunch I wrote! It sucked, yes, but still. If all goes according to plan, one day I may actually be a real fangirl again. (OMG I MISS IT. There is this whole whiny angsty post in my about frustration and procrastination and the problem of knowing what I want to be doing with my time but not being able to get from here to there)

I have my Yuletide canon to review, and my SGA exchange assignment, which I have no clue about. I defaulted the last time I tried to force myself to write via exchange, but Christmas is different. I can do this.

Recs! )

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Oh god, is it that time again already?

Dear Yuletide Author,

First of all, thank you SO MUCH for agreeing to write me a present! I picked four fandoms I just love, and I know getting fic in any of them will absolutely fill me with glee.

I know writing exchange fic can be problematic- remember, optional details are optional. All fannish things on this journal are unlocked. Feel free to browse. Note that I am difficult to squick and adore dialog and banter. I like having concrete starting bunnies, so I will throw you some, and I'll also try to tell you what I like about these fandoms... but you can also stop reading right now if you like, and anything that really speaks to you will be wonderful.

Cut! )

-DragoJustine, excitedly
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I know I've been absent. There will be fic- actually, I'm writing my ST exchange fic now (yes. It's late. Yes. I know)

Here is what's going on:

Moved back to Seattle. Yaay!

Road trip across rockies. Western South Dakota unexpectedly awesome. Yaay!

Living with parents is much nicer than when I was a teenager, mostly because they've given up on me. No more religious feuding. Cute puppy dog. Little sister much nicer than when I was a teenager too. All good things.

New temp job is beaureaucratic hell which leaves no time for writing, reading, friends, fandom, or anything. I miss you all badly. Boo.

Could not scrape together the money for Comic-con. Terribly terribly sad. Was looking forward to that all year.

Got 179 on LSAT. Law school looking not so out of reach after all.

Torchwood: Children of Earth was sad and cruel and sadistic and horrible and I bawled like a baby and I hated it and OMFG, how awesome was that? (Also, is possible I was overly emotionally invested in Ianto)

Stranger in a Strange Fandom has posted its third round, which amuses me greatly.

Am making a heroic commitment to be online more, do some fandom reading, do some writing, because I miss it, but you know.

Also: Thank you so much to everybody who sent me messages or left comments asking what's up. I didn't answer because I have no gmail or lj at work and because the internet connection at home is down something like 30% of the time, but really, it made me happy.
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First, a brief bit of fail: Google really thought that the anniversary of Tetris was the important thing to commemorate about June 6th?

Fannish happiness part one: Star Trek )

Fannish happiness part two: I resisted Buffy for years. No longer. I'm sure you all have some vague idea of the sheer intensity of squee I am going through right now. Shan't even attempt to babble about it here, or I will never stop. DAMN YOU, Joss.


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