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Adam Lambert- Bad news: strained his voice. Good news: still pretty. And so is Tommy.

Dr. Who- Bad news: still sucks. Good news: my sister and I have been shouting "Not vampires! Fish from space!" at each other at fairly random intervals. That line was seriously 'planes crash/clowns kill' levels of awesome right there.

Life- Bad news: So unemployed. So broke. Good news: The Boy is visiting! And Cirque du Soleil is coming to town! SPARKLY!

Glee- Bad news: did in fact take a significant writing-quality nosedive after the first 13 episodes, for reasons already better diagnosed by everybody else. Good news: )

tl;dr- KURT!!!!!!
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Don't get me wrong: I loved that pilot utterly beyond all reason. Even if the show goes on to plumb new depths of heretofore unseen suckiness, I will still burn that pilot to DVD and cherish it forever.

Spoilery, obviously, but you all should have watched this by now! )
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So I recently set about watching the later seasons of SG1. Finally. After seeing just bits and pieces out of order- really no full episodes after mid-Season 7 (guilty admission: I am normally a fanatical in-order watcher, but by the time I got to Season 7, I was utterly spoiled and I knew the later seasons just wouldn't be the same and I wanted to digest Jack and Daniel a little better first... and so I stopped right before Heroes. Because I couldn't face that episode). So I saw Heroes and all the way through for the first time, and all Season 8, and the first time for Reckoning and Moebius, and now I'm watching the introductions of Cam and Vala again.

I have thoughts. None of them earth-shattering, just my normal processing by typing.

Firstly, Teal'c )

And the other random notes )

It's good that there's so much to like, because Season 8 makes me very sad. )

My lack of a Teal'c icon is a travesty that I will finally have to go out and fix, I think.
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SGA. Of course )

And for all that the writers didn't seem to know what the strength of their creation really was, that Ur-story of the city on the edge of forever, the expedition to another galaxy, the island-of-misfit-toys vibe of all these dorky, lonely, antisocial Earth outcasts and alien leftovers coming together into a family in the city of the Ancestors, the awe and the wonder and the geeky genre-savvy joy of it... No matter how badly it was mishandled, that basic story is so powerful to me that I can hardly bear it. That is all.
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Fannish round-up

Pushing Daisies: This show is made of a sparkling black-humor gemstone in a 24-carat genius-plated absurdity setting and hung on a necklace of shiny.

Dexter: This season of Dexter is FREAKING ME THE FUCK OUT. )

Chuck: I will not believe for one minute that Adam Baldwin doesn't know damn well what he's doing )

SGA: SGA fills me flailing, wild, flappy-handed, dolphin-pitched squee. )

Supernatural: Wherein I catch up on like three episodes. )

Do I have anything to say about SPN that everybody on my flist hasn't already said? *thinks* No? Okay, then. OMG SPOILER ALERT: The boys are pretty! Yaay pretty boys!

Yuletide: I got my assignment, and it's like it was custom-tailored for me. SERIOUSLY. Something I never would have written on my own impetus, but the minute I saw the details I was all "OMG I WANT TO WRITE THIS SO BADLY IT WILL BE AWESOME!" I'm torrenting the fandom now, and I have, you know, a season to watch and RESEARCH to do and NOTES to take. *cracks knuckles*

Life round-up
Short version: Lonely, depressed, broke, not wanting to talk about it. I think major changes need to be made, but I don't know what they are yet and I think I am going to be skating through Christmas on my savings. Just... it all seems pretty insurmountable. That's all.
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Oh GOD. My life EXPLODED. I wanted to do so much writing and I can't and I wanted to do so much reading and I've had no time and I kind of HATE being this busy. I sort of fell into bed Saturday night, then got up and watched like four straight hours of TV today, because I am FRIED.

A big fat new season TV roundup )

So my TV lineup right now looks like: Wildly fannish about SGA and SPN. Likes Chuck, Pushing Daisies, and Dexter. Giving Sanctuary a chance. Watching Eureka every once in a while, when I have time. Sounds crazy, but the vast majority of those are short seasons and/or early seasons, and will be over by December (early January, in the case of Atlantis. Only Supernatural will go to spring).

SPN 4x03, in which my sentence structure deteriorates to Palin-esque levels from pure joy )

I may or may not have spent 45 minutes assembling a timeline for the 4x03 AU fic of Doom. There is NO WAY I would have time to write that and get it betad before next Thursday... but is there anybody who COULD beta it on Wednesday, if I do get it written?
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I found a debate watch group to watch with last night. Yaay social interaction! With pretty Obama-voting boys. Also? I want that man to be president SO BADLY. Mental agility, clear intelligence, superb verbal skills, critical thinking, generosity and respect combined with firm and well-articulated differences of opinion grounded in fact! It's like night and day from Bush. I WANT this man to be president.

mild SPN 4x02 spoilers, short )

SGA 5x10 spoilers )

And, in conclusion: Daniel Jackson, I am so hot for you.
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Things Wot are making me ridiculously happy recently:

SPN (Kind of meta babblings. With 4x01 spoilers) )

SGA 5x09 )

The first issue of the OTW's academic journal. Good stuff there, especially the bit about Star Trek vidding- fascinating.

Life things making me happy )
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I kind of love Gmail's targeted advertising. It used to be convinced that all I ever wanted were shin splint cures and yarn (neither of which I have ever bought), but somehow over the last few months it shifted to exclusively pitching vanity presses (publish without an agent! See your novel in print!). Except for one persistent ad for the "O'Neill Captain Jack," which is apparently a very ugly shoe. You have NO IDEA how much that amuses me.

So, I watched through SGA 5x03, and then got turned off and didn't watch any more. I wasn't swearing off my show, just... enjoying writing a lot, and not brimming over with enthusiasm for it. But, since apparently The Shrine is the best episode in the history of everything (I am still unspoiled! I have no idea how I managed this), and [livejournal.com profile] miriad nudged me, I thought I should catch up.

SGA 5x03, the one where Satedans are actually Klingons )

SGA 5x04, the one where it turns out somebody on the SGA staff can actually write )

SGA 5x05, the one without Tori Higginson )

Overall, my feelings about SGA remain exactly the same: mountains and mountains of boudless love for the characters, very little for the show as show. A few fic wants, but no new bunnies (just the ones I was already nurturing: the Ronon/Keller, the John/Rodney/Radek, the Sam/Rodney, the alien POV. What is up with my non-McShep fic ideas in this fandom?) So the Shrine will be next, and hopefully I will be all caught up Friday, and maybe there will be some restored squee?
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Michael Shanks did a one-episode spot on Eureka (which is a cute show with great potential that actually SUCKS as SF, much to my great sadness). We hear his voice before we see him, and JESUS, his voice just kind of goes straight to the sex centers of my brain. (Which is good, because his dialog was idiotic. As so much of that show is. GAH, wasted potential) I want MORE of him so, so, so badly. I mean, just, GUH to the nth degree.

Spoilers for SGA 5x01. Really. Huge Spoilers. I mean it. This is your warning )
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Quick note: Thank you so much, everybody. That whole "outpouring of sympathy" thing really does work wonders.

SPN 3x13 )
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Before I get to SPN, I really would kind of like people's input on this: I read a fic. It squicked me. Thoughts here. )

It seems that all I have done in this journal for the last three weeks is FLAIL about MY SHOW. This week was is little less flail-y, mostly because of the Big Thing that everybody is talking about, but I did still love it.

Listy! )
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So because of Torchwood and my con I am like four days behind the rest on fandom so I didn't watch SPN 3x11 until just now and *FLAIL* )

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I FINALLY got to see SPN 3x10 and HOLY SHIT )

I don't think I have EVER squeed so hard over an hour of television.
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I couldn't grab the stupid SPN torrent before work today, so I had to go all day knowing it wasn't even busy downloading for me. Then I just COULDN'T STAND IT any longer and skipped out of work a whole two hours early to run home and start downloading it.

*facepalm* I fail at being a responsible adult.

This is spoilery, and tl;dr as well, because it's me.
Our boys are SO LUDIRCIOUSLY SEXY. The writers, maybe not so much. )
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Point the first: There is a campaign to get Jared and Jensen on an ALA Read poster. I LOVE those posters- My Orlando Bloom one was the only celebrity poster I've ever put on a wall, until it ripped, and I was just toying with buying Sendhil's to replace it (He's holding the Hardy Boys. That is so cute it just slays me.) Anyway, J2 are just excellent choices for those posters, as Sam'n'Dean almost certainly hold the world-record for most library friendly TV heroes ever. And Sam's skill in that area is treated with a lot of respect, as a hunting skill of value right up next to combat skills. I'm just saying, they're perfect. I'm trying to get up the guts to email about it now.

Various SPN natterings RE: Bedtime Stories )

I finally have a job. It's an utterly random short-term temp thing paying a dollar less than what I asked the temp place for, but it's close, and I really needed to get off my butt. So that means I have to follow a schedule now, and wake up in the morning, and make myself healthy food to eat for lunches, and workout in the evenings, and generally pretend to be an adult again. Because as much as I was loving staying in pjs all day long doing nothing but watching TV and reading fanfic, I think three weeks of that is just about enough for me.

So first Constance was coming for Thanksgiving. Then she and dad were coming on the 8th. Then I was going there for Thanksgiving. Now she is coming here on the 9th. Um, maybe. It's all been a bit of a roller-coaster ride, really. But there seems to be a definite decision complete with booked tickets now, so maybe it will actually happen? If so: YAAY! \o/

We will go to Magic Mountain, if it's open (did the fires close it? Uh, I guess I need to find that out) and we will play Guitar Hero and watch TV and movies and maybe go to the beach or whatever and make yummy food and oreo milkshakes and just generally have an utter blast. I need this so bad. *homesick*


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