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So, Johnny Weir finally came out, eh? (And the internet gets so predictably sarcastic)

I adore [personal profile] watersword forever for showing me this (and also every other clip of him singing on YouTube). Joseph Gordon-Levitt, people: my new fannish boyfriend. ADORABLE. OMG. CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH.

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May. 30th, 2010 01:52 pm
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Protip: Prince of Persia is bad. Like, really bad. Embarrassingly, aggressively, I would even say offensively bad. It's baldy plotted, badly written, badly cast, and badly acted... and, insult to injury, the awesome freerunning stunts that a Prince of Persia movie obviously should have don't even measure up. In every way that a movie can be bad, this movie is bad. Plus (and this is a personal pet peeve of mine) it's set in "the Middle East" in "the past." Whatever, movie.

I don't care, because I just ordered a laptop! I got an absolutely shiny new Dell Mini 10 for $299.

After taxes and a shiny new mouse, it came to $352. At that price, I feel like I just stole it. Holy shit.

God, I am, like... buying school things. School technology things and school wardrobe things. And doing school vaccination forms and loan paperwork and pre-orientation online stuff and and and...
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I slept until 11 and bathed the dog and wrapped ALL my presents and did no less than 4 betas (all short and easy though) and made two batches of fudge and frosted cookes and helped mom make a pretty pretty cinnamon wreath (which involved lots of kneading dough, which I find both very creepy and very cool) and played an hour of charades with everybody and...


Plus, I hung out in the #yuletide IRC room (which is where I got two of those beta projects) marveling at all the INSANE people writing five or six pinch-hits and stocking stuffers and generally reveling in the awesomeness. I saw a bunch of requests I would have loved to have written, except it turns out you can't write a stocking stuffer unless you are a participant alraedy, which I didn't know. So. Next year. I wish I'd found my fandom spine about a month earlier, then I would have signed up.

Plus, how much do you love a chatroom that involves lines like "If two amoebas have sex, is it slash?"

*loves and huggles fandom forever and ever*

Tomorrow, I get up early and work on spn_holidays and laze around until late afternoon. Then walking around downtown to look at the pretty lights and Christmas Eve dinner with Nana and over to Grandma and Grandpa's. CHRISTMAS!

What am I, five years old?
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Only 13 more days till I go home for Christmas!

Successful days of writing: 12

I am DONE with my Christmas shopping!  *Victory dance*

I am missing home more than I thought I was. I just voluntarily downloaded the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Christmas album. God, this is definitive proof that I miss my daddy.

If I reach for the Gladys Knight, please shoot me?

For somebody who is such an atheist, I sure do get weird about Christmas.  The entire year revolves around it, for me, and I start listening to religious music basically 24/7, which is... weird.  But I crave it, every year.  Every year I end up cursing the fact that secular music tends to be either incredibly trite or sappily over-sentimental.  Only religious music is really moving in the way I crave.  I just... feel odd, singing hymns.  I love Christmas, and I don't want to be any other way about it, but still. 

My knee nearly popped out again this morning, which means I need to start working out again NOW, OR ELSE because when my ligaments get weak enough that the knee starts popping out, I am in serious pain for a significant amount of time. Curses. I don't WANNA work out!

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So I went grocery shopping this weekend. That's right, the big pre-Thanksgiving load up (though I didn't buy any form of turkey, and now it looks like Dustin's mom may not be sending any, which is good by me but both Dustin and mom have been trying to make me promise to make turkey even though I don't want any and it's all a big Thing and that was SO not the point of this story)

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Is it weird to be so homesick for a grocery-store chain?
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In the last two days, I have
- Written up two resumes from scratch
- Applied at three temp companies
- Advertised for tutoring
- Put out traps to kill all the ants in my apartment
- Done my laundry and cleaned the kitchen
- Set up my now-working desktop and caught up on all my record-keeping from the last three months
- Finished a book and started another
- Gone grocery shopping and made really good Mexican food
- Ran several errands
- Gone swing dancing
and STILL had time to watch massive amounts of TV, read fic, play BioShock and Portal, pass some more songs on Guitar Hero, go shopping, have a fun board-game party night, and sleep.

I win at life. Take that, Unproductive-Funk-I-Have-Been-In!

On the downside, I have just inputted "(my current address), WA, 90094" into three different online forms. Why is it so easy to mentally change my address and zip code, but IMPOSSIBLE to enter "CA"?

Also, I have promised several people pictures of various things, and there are more people who I wanted to give pictures but haven't yet.

So, first is the Turkey trip gallery. Mom and Constance, you have seen most but not all of these.

Then comes the apartment gallery.


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