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So Muskrat Jamboree was awesome. I know it was days ago now, but I'm so busy I can hardly cope and haven't even done the post-con round of friending (hopefully tonight). But. It was great meeting you all! I shall try to look you up! I was surprised by how many people I recognized from BP last year, and even from Wincon before that. The slash-con-going world is pretty small, and people are so fantasically nice even to someone who is basically a lurker. I love it.

The vidshow was fantastic, especially the Harry Potter vid We're Marching On, which made the con collectively bawl like babies.

Gender issues in fic panel was also excellent. Recs should hopefully be here, including a couple trans fic recs from me.

AO3 has subscriptions now! Thank God. With fandom splintering off lj this last few years, I've been having a harder and harder time getting to know people and finding fic. Anyway, I haven't written in ages and my WIP list is basically a fond and wistful dream, but I am a lemming:

I'm at faviconDragoJustine and fandoms you may possibly see someday if I ever write again (damn law school) are Inception, Adam Lambert, and SG1!

For the record, I shall be in DC this summer and have a place to sublet in NYC. Just... putting that out into the fanosphere.
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I just bought my comic-con pass! Hell- I figure if the financial apocalypse comes crashing down on me and I can't go, I'll only be out $75. And those suckers are selling out fast. I'll be stunned if there are any four-day tickets left next week.

ETA: This is my new favorite poem.
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I will see (some of) y'all at Wincon! And I'm so excited.

Coming in Thursday evening (5:30sih) and leaving Sunday morning (10:00ish). My cell is post-con redaction if anybody wants to find of me. I'll be staying at the hotel and working the reg desk Friday from 12-1. I'm on the hunt for awesome things to do in the evening (especially Thursday evening, when a lot of people won't be there yet) and would love to be told about anybody's room parties! For reference, I am the very tall white girl with the bright blue glasses and black and white pinstriped pants.

Also, pimping this for wincon- the brilliant and funny and thoroughly awesome [livejournal.com profile] littlewings04 is trying to get people together for An (Impromptu) Salon in the evening.

For those of you who slept through European History, we're paying homage to the great 19th century intellectual tradition of gathering with cocktails and beautiful women to talk about the Great Issues of the Day, only with more talk about pretty boys, hotass angels, Vietnam Vets, psychic powers, Yellow-Eyed Demons and why Kripke owns our souls. We want to have a few drinks, get down with the meta, and have a go-round at all the intellectual stuff that is making our nerdy hearts sing since last we all saw each other.

In essence, this is the place to get your geek on. Hardcore. Bring your theories, your complex ideas about Castiel and the nature of destiny, post-traumatic stress disorder and John Winchester, theodicy and the problem of evil in Supernatural, biblical prophecy and perdition, or what it means to have demon blood in you (and why does Sam make it sound like he's got AIDS?), anything that moves you. The rules are simple: be excellent to each other, and have some thinky thoughts. Or come watch people have thinky thoughts. Whatever melts your butter.

It sounds utterly awesome, so head over to her post and let her know when you could come!

*nearly dies of squee*
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I love my sister so much )

A list of randomness, after my near-week of absence:

-Between [livejournal.com profile] lazy_daze's Wincest(SPN NC-17 Sam/Dean, obviously), [livejournal.com profile] princessofg's remix of [livejournal.com profile] paian's Come What May (SG1 Jack/Daniel), and [livejournal.com profile] thenyxie's homework verse (CWRPS Jensen/Jared, very good, very NC-17 D/s- she just posted a time-stamp with rope bondage, but what you REALLY want to read is part three, with the orgasm control. HOT LIKE BURNING), this has been a very good few days for porn.

-OMG SO MUCH OLYMPICS *dead of athletic prowess*

-I am SO BUSY all of a sudden. Between the real-estate stuff for family(involving SO MUCH TIME, even if nothing terribly difficult), and tutoring, which is now sitting at seven lessons a week (but will soon be nine, which is a 36 hour a week time commitment, more or less), plus my course (which I am slacking on), plus really wanting to get back in shape... gah.

-But, that means that I will break even this month. For the first month since MARCH, so my savings are looking pretty anemic. But I will be even for August and in the black for September and October. I do not know about November and December, though.

-And that, in turn, means that I will probably be able to go to a con this fall. So... Wincon or Bascon? [livejournal.com profile] winchestercon is kicking back up and I think I need to make a definite decision on that one way or the other if I'm to find a roommate, so... *wibbles frantically* I am going to Wincon!. Anybody who has space in their room, tell me? I will be asking those of you who I know will be there.

-I have not written all week. In 11 days, actually, now that I check. I lost momentum while C was here, and now I've... hit a wall. I have SO MANY bunnies and WIPpets and "I-wanna"s, but I am just... stuck. I psych myself out because I want to write well. I'm so fucking proud of Five First Kisses, but I just can't do stuff I'm proud of on command and I hate beating away at something that isn't good. But there is a deadline of September 4th for the [livejournal.com profile] spn_nostalgia, so maybe I will just force myself to buckle down on that project, and hell if it's pedestrian and formulaic? Gah.
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I just realized I never posted this. Probably won't send it to coms, but I wrote wrote it out and might a well stick it up here. As many of you know, they played the first five minutes of the season 4 premier...

From Comic-con: MASSIVE MASSIVE SPN spoilers )
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Got my (dad's, actually) digital camera stolen because I was stupid enough to put it in checked baggage. Idiotic. I'm going to have to buy another for work purposes, which I can't afford right now, but mostly I am pissed because I'd been planning on taking SO MANY pictures this con.

It has become clear that this whole weekend is going to be an exercise in advanced line-standing. I guess it's good to get braced for that early. The crowds are intense, even on preview night. I wasn't prepared for the Exhibition Hall, given that I am a mostly panel-focused con-goer, so that took me totally by surprise. It probably does more to appeal to the "shiny!" instinct than anything I've ever seen- I find myself wandering around gaping, and I can just feel my attention span shrinking.

Met [livejournal.com profile] lily_shrike- *waves* -who is awesome and intense. Good dinner, good conversation, good hotel, yaay.
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Anybody who was annoyed by Dr. Horrible should read this (via metafandom).

Oh GOD. I am, in ten minutes, officially OFF to Comic-Con and I'm so excited I could throw up. Seriously, this is going to be epic. Even if it completely fails to live up to my expectations, even if it is far more hectic and crowded and unmanageable and chaotic than I've been led to be believe, it will still be one of my most awesome vacations. The only thing that could go wrong is a major introvert-panic attack from me, and I'm pretty sure I can hold that off till Sunday afternoon.

Oh GOD. *dances*
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I have been massively, massively looking forward to Comic-Con for months now, ever since [livejournal.com profile] miriad said she had managed to get rooms. And I've known for two weeks now that I had to register SOON or it would be all sold out, but I just simply straight-up didn't have the money. And I finally pulled the money together out of little bits of the budget here and there today... and the four-day passes are sold out.

I punched the wall a lot. Then I found out how to volunteer.

Yaay! It'll mean working a 3-hour shift each of the four days, but that should get me into all four days plus the preview night. And it's likely to be for the best, anyway- for all sorts of reasons, I tend to like big events a lot better when I'm volunteering. It helps with the not feeling so lost and aimless, and the sense of obligation- I have to show up- can keep me from doing the introvert-panic-thing which I always regret when I give in to it. Plus, you meet cool people, and behind-the-scenes stuff is always interesting anyway. I'm likely to miss quite a lot of stuff I wanted to see, but then, it's impossible to see everything you wanted to at a thing like that anyway, and hey, I'm saving $75 I didn't really have.

All in all: *happy dance*

Now I just need to not delay too long in getting a plane ticket.

Also: I bug-bombed the RV today. Now everything stinks and I have to obsessively wash dishes before I can eat anything, BUT... tonight will be the test. Will I wake up with yet more bugbites?
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So I'm finally recovered from the con. (It only took, what, two nights of 12 hours of sleep and three days of speaking to no one? Oh god, introversion, how you make life difficult.)

No detailed day two and day three rundowns from me. The high points: )

At several different points during the weekend, I ended up saying "I should propose a panel on that!" Since I'll forget them otherwise, here they are: ) I could SO EASILY become totally addicted to conventions. Actually, given that I was already registered for Comic-Con, already planning on attending the next Strategicon and a Lindy Exchange in Seattle, and that I am budgeting money for Bascon and Wincon as we speak while eying con.txt longingly... maybe already addicted?
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Con day one:

Oh my GOD I love cons )

The Immortality panel rocked. )

I'm sure there was more (and TONS about vampires and Highlander that I tuned out), but that's what I've still got seven hours later. This was a FANTASTIC panel and I'd love to give a HUGE thank you to the four who moderated it- well done!

Torchwood and fun stuff )


Mar. 7th, 2008 11:15 am
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I am DONE with the horrible job. In half an hour I run out to have lunch with Rob.

From there I am driving up to Ventura for [livejournal.com profile] escapade_con and oh God I'm so excited I could throw up. There's going to be a Torchwood pizza party and panels and, I have no doubt, awesome people to meet and EEEEEE.

(Random: I babbled about Torchwood at ludicrous length in comments to [livejournal.com profile] technosage here and here. Just for me to keep track of, pay no mind)
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5 days left of the terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad job.

[profile] amara_m, love, I got your letter. And thank you for the shiny v-gift! *hugs*

(I only just now realized that lj displays your upcoming flist birthdays. Uh, the reason I've been missing everybody's birthday is because I am an idiot, obviously.)

So I have finally decided for sure that I am going to [community profile] escapade_con . Eeee! I'm so excited. The damn thing's EXPENSIVE, but I won't have to pay for a room. Anyway I've been reading the panel descriptions and everything just looks so damn fun. *bouncy* I love cons.
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Strategicon this weekend. My second convention ever is the second awesomest weekend of my WHOLE LIFE, after only Wincon. You think maybe I should do more of these con things? )

Second best weekend of my whole life. I adore conventions of all kinds. New obsession!
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kay, so, I went to Wincon and I had the best time of my entire life. For serious, bar absolutley nothing. And I came out of Wincon with thousands and thousands of meta thinky thoughts and plot bunnies, and dozens of people who were so cool to meet who I really really want to meet again, and I discussed things with people that I just don't discuss with Real Life Non Fandom people, and it was intelligent and interesting and engaging and a complete and total relief in that "things that I find worth devoting headspace to are being validated rather than mocked, and my porn habits disgust no one" sort of way. Which? WINS.

And it's funny, because I had a choice between going to Wincon last weekend or going to that actual big commercial Supernatural convention next weekend, with Nathan Filion and Jared Padalecki and other cool people and... I'm really glad I made the choice I did. Because as cool as it would be to just stand next to Jared (and seriously, there are not enough men that tall in the world) what I really really NEED right now in my life are friends, not celebrity autographs. And I rarely actually make friends, in that, while I am fine at a little bit of chit-chat about the weather or whatever, I almost never feel like I have crossed that nebulous line from "awkward performance of social small talk ritual" to "really enjoying someone's company and wanting to be their friend" and that was happening all over the damn place at Wincon and it makes me happy. Happy in a way that might somewhat indicate my social patheticness and need for validation at this particular moment in my life, but whatever because it was FUN! Also? This will sound weird and melodramatic but there was this lovely fresh "out of the closet" sort of breeze about it, in that I devote TONS of headspace to things that I basically admit to nobody, so being friends with fangirls? Is a huge relief of that particular little neurosis.

So I met really really cool people and had fun )

And there were panels that were awesome )

and I kept getting these thinky thoughts )

And this weekend might have made me slightly more sex-obsessed than even before )

So in short, I had a BLAST. And in the week since Wincon I have been applying for (and not being contacted for, or turned down for) jobs at a fairly steady rate, and have just been devouring lj- back archives of fics and recs and meta from all these people I met at the con and I've been leaving comments like whoah which I never used to do and it's been so much fun I haven't even written anything of my own, either journal-wise or fic wise.

Except that I did drabble (prompt: any X-over, "You've just been out-geeked!"). Is it weird that my first fic ever posted online is such a random drabble? It just BIT me, and now there's this huge X-over fic idea in my head. And of course, I proofread poorly, so now the only peice of my writing that exists on the internet contains Offenses Against Verb Tense the like of which people rant about in badfic conversations. It's fun, hitting "post" and then promptly feeling like Exhibit A in The Need for Betas, isn't it?

Episode reactions to come, as well as other stuff. Maybe, at some point, I will actually write fic? I want to, now.
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Things that make me happy:

I got my motherboard back! And I think my computer still has minor Issues, but it WORKS! And I'm sitting in front of my Really Big Monitor, which doesn't give me posture issues, typing on a fullsize keyboard, saving Prison Break episodes to a hard drive that has like 100 gigs of room left, and yes little laptop you have served me faithfully I know but Yaay!


The South Korean military discharged a female pilot for lacking breasts, after a double masectomy, on the grounds that "army regulations require soldiers who are missing body parts to be discharged." This news story makes me go huh.

Thinky Thoughts:

This article from Reason magazine caught my interest )


Wincon is now four days away and counting down fast, and I am SO EXCITED and SO FREAKING OUT. I need to start leaving comments for a few people about how they don't know me from Eve but I really really want to buy them a drink at Wincon. EEEEE!


This xkcd strip basically sums up my life for the last week. I need to get a job, obviously. I have started researching temp places, because that's a quick fix and I have very temp-place-oriented skills. I want to start advertising for tutoring but I am lacking a lot of the safety net here that I had in Seattle and it makes me nervous and I keep putting it off until I have a printer and local phone number, which will be awhile so maybe I need to step up, no?
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Random: Dustin and I were bickering a wee bit. Today I noticed that the magnetic poetry on the fridge spelled out "she is whynee."

I wish I could peice together "he is passive agressive," but I don't seem to have the words. It would be funny if I could, though.

I can't even seem to get it together enough to finish this beta that I intended to have done by Tuesday, because I am Bad. Also, I can't get five stars on Madhouse on Medium, because I Suck. Also, I haven't yet put together a list of jobs to apply for, because I am In A Funk.


I'm going to WinchesterCon after all! )


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