Jun. 21st, 2010 11:20 am
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Is there anybody out there who is a fan of Glee/Adam/music in general who would show up on AIM or gchat sometime and let me babble at them? You guys, I am stuck. I think this Adam/Glee xover idea is kind of awesome, but I need to talk about it, and also, I can't figure out the damn songs!
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So I remember to announce when I'm leaving, but forget to come back. Really, I do this thing where I start reading my flist again, but if I've been away for too long I tend to forget that I can, you know, post. In short, I had a wonderful lovely fantastic phenomenal amusing trip to NY, and then a terrible horrible no good very bad trip to Chicago, which somehow ended up okay in the end (The Boy and I are still on speaking terms, at least, and it has gone in the arsenal of Funny In Retrospect).

I am getting new glasses, though only after the Lenscrafters lady was mean to me and made me cry. (No, really, sobbing in the middle of the mall. I mean, there's bad customer service, and then there's just mean. PSA: Lenscrafters is evil.)

I am beset by vid bunnies, and trying to figure out how I go about kidnapping a competent vidder, chaining them to a desk, and forcing them to do my will. Perhaps I shall post them?

Is anyone willing to beta about 1700 words of G-rated, post-series, seriously emotionally ambiguous and meandering J/D? I would love you a lot.
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I just had a long phone conversation with C wherein we discussed the things the Stargate franchise does with clones and androids and AU-versions and Alternate-timeline-versions and doubling in general. All of which boil down to 'I love this franchise!' and also to me being completely thematically obsessed with Jack's clone.

Quick! When you imagine Jack and Daniel (let's go with a Jack and Daniel who are not sleeping together, or at least not yet) having a fight- a huge, vicious, knock-down-drag-out fight over something *between* "Need" and "Menace" (that is, not counting either of those), what is it? I mean, what utterly terrible thing did they do/say to each other in an episode, or in a missing scene, or what would one of them have been horribly offended by, in that four-season span?

Why, yes, I am trying to write something here. I have 4/5 of a vaguely "five things" inspired Jack/Daniel thing, and I need help.

Speaking of which, does anyone want to do a super-fast run-through of what I have? Character death warning, 3700 words.
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I, uh, just wrote 1800 words of Jack/Daniel PWP. The problem is it's so damn indulgent- like, probably more indulgent than any other sex scene I've written, in that "take one very specific button of yours and just pound on it for awhile" sort of way, so that I almost certainly can't post it without a beta reader smacking me around first.

Um, anybody? Jack/Daniel NC-17, power dynamic d/s stuff but no kink trappings. And this isn't one of my lame "if I actually wrote this, would anybody read it?" this, it's all written and waiting for you!

*bats eyelashes* Please?
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Pushing Daisies, R or a light NC-17, reference to Ned/Chuck
This is a little bitty angstlet I started for a masturbation prompt so long ago I've forgotten what it was actually for. 750 words.

Ned caught her during the late afternoon quiet period. )

ETA: I may or may not have an actual (much less angsty) Ned/Chuck fic in the works, but I have no one to beta it for me. Is there anyone who would be willing to maybe let me bug them later?
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RPS J2, R, short one-shot
Lies, all lies.
AN: Expansion/rewrite of my comment porn for [ profile] trollprincess's prompt- she was talking about some study were certain smells are aphrodisiacs and wanted fic, and someone mentioned that anise was one of them. No beta, so tell me if my fly's undone or something.

Random other note: where does a girl go to get a Torchwood brit-pick in this town? Also, I am STILL waiting for someone to write me John Barrowman/James Marsters. Seriously.

The first time it happens, Jensen is horny anyway. )
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Only 2 more days till I go home for Christmas!

Successful days of writing: 20

I was procrastinating my [profile] spn_holidays  story so badly, because it just wasn't working for me. But I wrote 1k words yesterday, and it suddenly for the first time feels like it might, possibly, maybe, be good. Yeah! Right now I'm somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3 done, but it's not a nice even "half done"- instead, it's this wild patchwork of bits that I think are polished and good, and bits that could probably stand a lot of revision, and bits that consist of "(there needs to be a scene here)"

The thing is, I'm all worried and some bits seem way too weirdly emotionally ambiguous (even though that's what I was trying for anyway) and some bits are probably annoying pretentious and I have all sorts of wibbles like that.  This is my first actual fic ever, and on top of that it's an exchange thing, and I just CAN'T post it without getting some kind of feedback. On the other hand, it's due soon and I know I'm going to be scrambling right up to the last minute on it and there's no way I can actually FINISH it in time to send it to a beta...

I know it's ridiculous to ask somebody to look over something so ridiculously half-formed, not to mention on a short time-frame, but I'm wibbling and worried and... would anybody? Currently 5,500 words, with some wincest (Rish) but no other warnings.


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