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So. I went away due to law school, and I stayed away for too long. And then when I realized I needed to find an online community again, I found one that ended up being really psychologically not healthy for me. And so here I am, I guess, going… take me back? Please?

1. What can I be watching/obsessing about that has a good fandom right now?

2. Where is the action? Lots of things I liked are dead now and I’m just feeling a little bit… lost. Like, Sweet Charity is dead- where are the actions now? Are kinkmemes still a thing? I don’t even.

3. Is it possible to be all fannishly participatory on DW/LJ/AO3 alone, or am I now required to have a tumblr? Or is it something else entirely that I am too old and stupid now to know about?

4. Fandom specific
a. Oh my god did I have Strong Feelings about IM3. I'm weeks too late, but... it didn't leave much room for the Avengers fandom to breathe, did it?
b. My Little Ponies: This is a thing, right? I love the art on equestriadaily, but are there specific coms or people I should be following here for MLP?
c. Who are the big name people I should be reading for Game of Thrones, and/or where are the best recs?
d. Does anybody other than me care about The Borgias?

I feel so lost. It’s like when I first discovered fandom proper and have no idea how the hell to start, but now it’s sad because I used to. I will basically never have the time again that I did before but I am worse without a lot of those fannish habits so I need to figure out new ones I do have time for.

So... I got two cats. And graduated law school. And got married. In that order. Now I'm studying for the bar and there are some major medical things coming up and then I start my Big Girl Job.

The Big Girl Job is terrifying and I really want to just start it already, rather than worrying about my ability to be fit in/be taken seriously/handle the workload, but there has to be this weird three month limbo period before I can do that. And I guess I'm technically a newlywed but it doesn't feel any different than living in sin but maybe it will any day now. And the aforementioned looming medical stuff. And, you know, the bar.

The result of all this is that I feel a little bit like Wile E Coyote right in that moment between stepping off the cliff and looking down. Between two months ago (when I was a single law student) and three months from now (when I will be a married associate) my life is changing completely and totally in every single dimension in ways that I can't entirely be confident I can handle and I would very very much like to skip this scary transition bit and skip to the new status quo, please.

The wedding was good, though. Everything about the wedding was good. Except for my grandmother trying to take naked pictures of me- could have done without that. But it felt very right and like everything I hoped for and like a ridiculous crazy experience I'll remember with my best friend and like a solid foundation and Big Life Transition. Which may be why the current feeling that nothing has changed is a bit unsettling.
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