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Dear Yulegoat,

You have found me. I'm not active online these days because OMG law school, but I still utterly love Yuletide and have looked forward to it all year. I will be crazy happy with absolutely anything you write for me. Optional details are optional. I read pretty much any genre, love dialog and banter, and have no huge squicks or triggers. Here are a bunch of different ideas that might help get you started.

Once Upon a Time
I have high hopes for this show. Because it's still so new, I'm not married to any pairing or very fixed in how I see characters. Go crazy!

If you want a starting place, I feel like Prince Charming and Snow White could use more character fleshing out, as could Mary, Snow White's modern world counterpart. The Evil Queen, both in fairy tale world and modern wold, could be awesome- you can do really fun things with her, whether you try to explain/humanize her or just go straight fairy tale villain. I'd love something written in the modern-day part or the fairy-tale part, and I would REALLY love something like the Cinderella episode, that tells a story in both.

You should note that I'm just about unsquickable (can you really be more horrifying than canon?) and I'm really all slash, all the time in this fandom. Vorenus/Pullo forever! I love them both so deeply, Vorenus strong but brittle, proud and tragic, and Pullo forming the loyal faithful heart of the show.

BUT I love the historical characters as well. I'm a bit of an ancient Rome geek, and I think all the historical men (I'm a little more ambivalent about the women) are beautifully written and beautifully cast. Antony in particular- he just drips sex, and I adore the way he uses it as a weapon (Antony/Vorenus? Antony/Octavian?). And the young Octavian was just genius.

Slings & Arrows
Geoffrey! The snark and the banter and the brilliance and the passion and the deep and abiding love of narrative and stage. Geoffrey Tenant is in a dead tie for the character I am most in love with in the entire world, simply because of the love and intensity and passion he brings to text.

Geoffrey is insane, Ellen is narcissistic, Oliver is snarky, Darren is insufferable, Richard is weak, Anna is lovable, Maria is bitchy, Nahum is quietly awesome, and I love single every minute of interaction between every single one of them.

Bonus more specific prompts, if you like: Future fic- what new home does Geoffrey make for himself and the people he loves? Geoffrey/Darren- I love the intensity of their love/hate relationship in college. After all, Geoffrey stormed the stage and they dueled... but I don't believe for a moment that they weren't tightly connected by their similar crazy levels of passion and engagement. Past fic- show us Ellen and Oliver and Geoffry and Darren together at the festival, maybe before Hamlet, as they start to learn each other and fall into their new lives, or later, during the crazy intense three-way power struggles and passion tangle during the Hamlet rehearsals. Het, slash, or gen.

I love these books. There's just so much to them and so many utterly amazing characters. Seriously, how many people are there to just adore here? Cordelia, Alys, Aral, Ivan, Gregor, Illyan, Bothari, Tara, Quinn, Bel, Mark, the Koudelkas... any characters who you really love, from Miles' generation or the older generation, would be great for a story. I would prefer something before Aral's death just because I'm still in denial.

If you want a specific request, I'd love Dono. I think Dono, By, and Olivia were by far the best part of Civil Campaign, and their story from an insider POV would be just fascinating. (I'm especially intrigued given that we have no indication that the sex change has to do with Donna's own inclinations or perception of her own gender rather than political/social forces, and no real confirmation that she ever identified as other than straight female. It makes me think that the three of them must have some very interesting and non-standard arrangement between them. I would love the story of By supporting Dono through the early stages and bringing Olivia in on this very tight friendship.)

Thank you again, lovely writer!


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